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Dynasty Warriors 4 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 27 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dynasty Warriors 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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New Outfits Go to the title screen and put ..

New Outfits

Go to the title screen and put in L1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, L2, Square, R2, Square

All Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R1, R2, L1, L2, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

All Shu Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle

All Wei Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Square, Triangle

All Wu Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R2, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square

Plenty of lvl 10 Weapons

Have a level nine weapon and want level ten here is how to get some.

To get these weapons

�Play on hard difficulty.

�Character must already have Level 9 weapon.

�Must play on characters kingdom.

�Works on free mode or muso mode (unless I say below it)


Guan Yu

Level = Battle of Fan Castle

How to get = After all ally generals defect (except for Guan Ping and Zhou Cang), defeat all three Wu back-up troop generals in any order.

Ma Chao

Level = Campaign for Cheng Du

How to get = Reach the left side of the map to trigger the enemy back-up troops appearance, defeat enemy back-up troop generals Pang De and Ma Dai.

Note = This weapon can only be earned in Musou Mode. If you play Free Mode, the back-up t..

Easy way to kill Lu bu

During the Dong Zhuo story line, on the last level: Lu bu's revolt, you have to kill Lu Bu, and his soldiers. It can be quite hard, and time consuming. An easier way to this, is to pick Diao Chan, for that level. When you go up to Lu Bu, you can fight him, and he won't hit you back, for a good while. So you can lower his health down half way, before he even hits you once.

Lu BU himself says he won't fight Diao Chan.

Two Qiao

Play Musou mode with the Wu Kingdom. Then first do the Yellow Turbans Fortress level. Then play the Yellow Turbans Rebellion level.

Then on the Stage two a level called the Two Qiaos will show do the level and you will have Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao. This level is tricky so make sure you have your bodyguards. Be careful and good luck unlocking Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao.

How You fight Lu bu Lu bu is one of the hardest..

How You fight Lu bu

Lu bu is one of the hardest bosses there

is in this game.First of,you need to have a faster character than him(Zhou tai,Xiahou Dun,)Then,you have to Accept

the duel with him.But,You should only accept if you are at level 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,or 1.Then, pummle him with continous square,square,triangle triangle,and triangle combos,DO NOT give him a apportunaty to attack!!!

Lu Bu's attacks

1.Impale. This attack is like his most lethal atack!When you see him pull back

his spear,HIT HIM!!If you don't he will impale you and hit you three times in a row,after that he'll slam you to the floor.


this is not so..

This Is Helpful!!!!

Do u know that bomb dude?

If u do heres a tip:

He Can Get Hurt By His Bombs But, He Can Never Get Killed By His Bombs!!!

Now Wasn't That Helpful?

With Help,


Get Lu Bu's Musou mode

To get Lu Bu's Musou mode beat Wu, Shu, or Wei's Musou mode to unlock his Musou mode.

To get the Hex Marx saddle you have to play the ..

To get the Hex Marx saddle you have to play the campaign against Liu Bei level with Lu Bu's forces and on MUSOU MODE ONLY.

The easiest way to beat this is to be Lu Bu with good stats and then beat Guan yu and Zhao Yun before reinforcments arrive.

Then get Liu Bei to half life and you should get the item message.

Get red hair

To get the horse red hair(lu bu's horse) when you fight on lu bu's side there is a lvl where the guy with the big green hat jumps on red hair.

Don't kill any genrals until this happens then go and kill him and he should drop the item with the red hair saddle....

For easy level up go to Lu Bu's offensive, becau..

For easy level up go to Lu Bu's offensive, because there are a good number of guys and it's pretty safe to go off on your own because it will be difficult for enemies to defeat Lu Bu by themselves and it doesn't take long either.

Ultimate mushoe anytime your gauage is full!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you do is when your mushoe guage is full, you push and HOLD down the circle button until he/she is finished. The best way for me is to get the dragon amulet to raise your mushoe, so you can use the mushoe attack longer.

Lubu's 10th lvl weapon

Welcome Dynasty warriors fans. If you are having problems getting Lubu's 10th level weapon, all you need to do is beat the mission where you have to kill your father, trying to rescue the princes, but before you kill your father, you have to make sure to have killed everyone in the castle. If you do this right, at the end of the mission, you will be able to get the 10th level weapon.

You think Lu Bu is hard?

Looking for a challenge? You think Lu bu is easy? If that's the case then I tell you, on the level where you fight Dong Zhuo, and Lu bu, or any other level where you fight Lu Bu. Go and kill the officer named Diao Chan. Then watch as Lu Bu gets very Angry, and begins to fight like a man possessed. Have fun.

Survival Guide: Get the Qiao girls level by be..

Survival Guide:

Get the Qiao girls level by beating Wu mousou once then doing it again but instead do yellow turban fort attack then yellow turban rebellion.That should take you to Wu Tales.Be sure to have a good General because it's only you Sun Ce Zhou yu and the 2 qiao sisters and none can die or you lose. Just rescue both girls by killing the guys around them. Then take them down the map and eventually a special item has apperaed will come, but be careful because Dong Zhuo comes to fight

To get the dim sum snack and musou whine in Batt..

To get the dim sum snack and musou whine in Battle Of Tong Gate go to the river part just north of the main camp aand there should be a crate.

Break it and you will get the musou whine.

To get the Dim Sum snack go to the very top gate captain on the left side and break all of the crates and 1 of them should be the Dim Sum.

Jaing Wei

I found a new person, his name is Jiang Wei, this is how you get him, do Shu Monsu get Shu tales then do one of them I can't remember which one it is but I think it is Tian Jain or something like that then do exactly what Zuigang liang do not go into the two castles then when he says so defeat all of Jiang Wei's sub officers then about a minute later (do not kill Jiang Wei) then a movie thing will come up and will have Jiang Wei and Zuigang Liang after that finish the level then you will unlock Jiang Wei.

How to kill Lu Bu with Dong zhuo

First you want to have dong zhuo on level 9 and you also want really good bodyguards, at the start of lu bu's revolt( the one when you have to kill lu bu) run and kill all of the bosses and sub bosses except for lu bu then seal of all the enemy strong holds eventually it will only be lu buleft to kill you will need as much help as you can so make sure that diao chan doesn't die because she is probably your best team player. When your team are attacking lu bu from the front you go behind him and hit him from behind and then keep hitting him and your team will keep hitting him from the front.( when lu bu uses his charge attack(triangle) jump and press triangle and he won''t touch you but you will have knocked him down. Do the same with diao chan

Some things

Cheats only work on the japanese version.

To get lv 10 weapons play on hard mode with a level 9 weapon.

Lu Bu: kill every unit (even ambush troops) then kill Dong Zhuo. You MUST kill every unit.

Jhang lioa (spelling): kill coa coa, sun jian, and lei bei on si shui gate and hu loa gate. They definatley work

I use these all the time.


In the yellow turban rebellion,in the place where you fight zhang jiao, go up the upper right part of the map. Get a horse and you can ride up the wall.if you are ma chao keep pushing triangle and you can kill people easy.


Just get dynasty warriors 4 and dynasty warriors 4 extreme legend then put in the extreme legend and go to load original it will tell you to put in dynasty warriors 4 then put it in after it is done loading put in the extreme legend and go to musou mode and you will have we,wei,shu,lu bu,dong zhuo, and yellow turbans ((led by zhang jiao))

Get red hare harness

Go to battle ok xia pi lu bu side any character and either mode. Go to the island with red hare and let guan yu take red hare. Then after the cutscene kill guan yu and it will say a valuable item has appeared find the item get it and finish level.

Easy completion for nanman campaign level

Ok this is so freaking easy:

All you have to do is train Zhuge Liang or Lu Xun untill they are really good and play the level with them its so easy see.



Use ZhaoYun's Charge6* attack (Normal attack 5 times, press triangle right after the fifth attack)

Use Lubu's Charge6*. compare ZhaoYun's to Lubu's

it's really similar...

so you can now use ZhaoYun instead of Lubu.

Don't use LuBu.. he's for n00bs

*you need Weapon Lvl.7 before you can use Charge6...

Two Qians

Defeat Yellow Turbans and you will get Wu Tales: The Two Qians.

The nanman campaign

Forget about killing Meng Huo 7 times. Just at the start kill Young Kai for deserters. Then kill meng Huo and run to the back base. Meng huo will be supised and nanman morale will lower. Rush in kill him and you are done.

Play yellow turban muosu mode

To play the yellow Turban storyline, you must beat every other storyline once, which are the following:




Lu Bu

Don Zhuo


Yuan Sho

Beating them unlocks it.

Zhang He's Level 10 weapon

To get Zhang He's level 10 weapon do this.

First you must be playing Jie Ting with Wei forces. Defeat all of Ma Su's sub-officers and then defeat Ma Su and every other general and sub-general to get the weapon. It is called Pheonix Talon.

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