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Final Fantasy X PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Want to know how to obtain the legendary Aeon animal or easily defeat Seymour Omnis? We've got the answers here plus plenty of others like trial treasures and defeating Lady Yunalesca.

More Final Fantasy X PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 216 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy X please send them in here.

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Helpful Stuff

While we don't think there are any codes for this game, which you can get infinite whatever, extra this and that etc...

We can offer you a few helpful hints which you can find below, don't forget to check out our user submitted cheats and hints sections for this game as well as walkthroughs for some more in-depth info on Final Fantasy X.


Airship Pass Codes:


Access hidden locations by by using the "Input" feature found in the airship command list. All pass codes are case-sensitive.

Pass No. 1: GODHAND

pass No. 2: VICTORIOUS

Pass No. 3: MURASAME


Al Bhed Primer Locations:


1. Al Bhed Salvage ship

2. B..

Final Fantasy X cheats

Extra Aeons


Complete Trials in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth


Collect all the items in each Cloister then Enter Baaj Temple

Aeon List

A list of every aeon in the game.

Aeon Name Temple Aquired at


Valefor Besaid Temple

Ifrit Kilika Temple

Ixion Djose Temple

Shiva Macalania Temple

Bahamut Bevelle Temple

Anima Baaj Temple

Yojimbo Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Cindy Magus Remiem Temple

Mandy Magus Remiem Temple

Mindy Magus Remiem Temple

How To Obtain The Legendary Aeon Anima!

Remember Anima, the Aeon you had to fight the first time you fought Seymour? I bet you said to yourself "I wish I had him" when you beat him. Guess waht! With this Cheat, YOU CAN!

First off, you have to be able to travel anywhere in the Airship. Talk to Cid and when the screen turns into the Map, Select "Search". Put in the Coordinates X:11-X:17 and Y:56-Y:63.

Once you do this, go back to the "List" selection and choose the place you just unlocked. T should be the Baaj Temple. Look familiar? Before entering the Temple, you will have to fight and kill the Skeleton Fish dude like you did in the begining accept now you have to kill him. He's easy becuase he has no Tolerances and is Weak against ALL Elements...Even Water! After you beat him you shouild know that you need to have g..

How To Obtain The Legendary Aeons The Magus Sisters!

The Magus sisters are a Three in One package. You get them all at one time and use them all at one time in battle. To get the Sisters, you will have to Obtain both Anima and Yojimbo you have to have Captured ALL the feinds in Mt. Gagazet... This includes the ones in the Cave. Now, back in the Calm Lands, go over to the Feind tamert dude and he will reward you with the Blossom Crown! Now, rent a Chocobo and go towards the Cave where the Entrance to the Calm Lands is. Go leftand you will notice a Chocobo Feather on the ground. Press X and the Chocobo will jump over the ledge. Now, go where the entrance is to the Remiem Temple. When inside the Remiem Temple, you will see Belgiem or whatever her name is. Fight all of her Aeons until you get the Flower Septer. Now, go over to the Shining Door..

Venus Sigil

To get the Venus Sigil for Lulu's Onion Knight you need to dodge 200 bolts in the lightning plains. Equip one of your front line characters with a "no encounters" weapon and go to the screen north of Rin's Agency (might not be called that). There will be a thin path on one side and a thick path on the other side, stand in the thick path and lightning comes very rapidly.

Get a piece of paper and a pen, and make sure your in a comfy chair (or bed)every 5 bolts pause the game and write "5" on the paper (5 10 15 20 etc) while the game's still paused, rest for about 30 seconds - 2 minutes to lower your heart rate, which will recharge your reaction time. Continue until 200, then get 10 more, this will make sure you didn't miscount. I got to 75 then got hit. Make sure you remember to..

Get levels fast without doing anything

All right, so what you need are the following things:

A rubber band

A time controller(this can be bought on ebay and on many japanese game sites)

Characters to level up with(obvious, lol)

Go to a corner where you know your character will never move.

Now what you need to do is to use the time controller. Put on record, then fight a monster. Now, put on stop when you are completly finished with the monster and have gotten experience and pressed the X button. Now, push rewind, and I think there should be a loop button on(it is on mine) and the you can sit back, relax and watch your characters getting over-leveled for the bosses and beat them with ease!

Super cheats

Password in the map screen(when you get the air ship)

Rikku's legendary weapon: GODHAND

Rikku's victorious armour: VICTORIOUS

mursame: MURSAME


Input these co-ordeninates in the map screen when you get the air ship to get to hidden areas

Omega Ruins X:74 Y:36

Sanubia Sand Dune X:15 Y:41

Besaid Rainbow Waterfall X:31 Y:73

Yevon Temple X:16 Y:57

Battle Site X42 Y:57

Mi'ihen Abovewater Ruins X:34 Y:58

Your Ronso Gardian

Your Ronso Gardian may seem like a horrible player and I have to admit that I wanted to never use him.but let me tell you people something, the Ronso can be your best character!

Start your Ronso off being in your party at all times ( Except for the accasional boss fight where you need a different party but let him get some hits anyway! ) . I know, seems wierd, but it works! Make sure he learns ALL of his moves!!! This is VERY important!!!

You then need to decide: Speed, power, or magic.

When he learns all of his moves, take him on Wakka or Auren's Path for power. For speed chose either Rikku ( Rikku is usualy a better choice for speed. ) or Tidus. For white magic use Yuna's path and for Black magic follow Lulu's path.

This works, my Ronso knows..

Crest and Sigil Locations

Mars Crest = south of Mihen Road

Mars Sigil = Capture 10 Monsters in 10 different species in 10 different regions

Jupiter Crest = found in stadium at Luca in Aurochs Locker

Jupiter Sigil = A prize in the Blitzball league but only if you have all of Wakka's Weels

Moon Crest = on the beach at besaid

Moon Sigil = you get it after you defeat every aeon at Remiem Temple

Venus Crest = found at farplane

Venus Sigil = evade two hundread lightning boltz continously at the Thunder Planes

Sun Crest = found at the dome in Zanarkand dome where you fought Yunalesca

Sun Sigil = race the chocobo trainer and win with a time of 0.0 in the Calm Lands

Saturn Crest = in the colums at mt. Gagazet where you fought Seymour



This is for all of you that don't know how to open the chest at the Monster Arena. You first have to have the celestial mirror. To get it go to the Chocobo Lady and get a Chocobo and go to the part of the Calm Lands you started at and go right.

There should be a little piece of land and a feather. Examine the feather and you'll jump to the cliff. Follow the path to the top-right and you'll be at Remiem Temple.

You can fight Belgemine's Aeons here and race Chocobos. Go left at the three way and examine the sphere but dont forget the al bhed primer! The sphere should say somthing about about riding the challenger. Now go all the way to the right. Get on the Chocobo and a race starts move your Chocobo around the course. If you win you'll get a cloudy mirror but you want the ce..

Level up easy

When you have the air ship, search the coordinates x:74 y:36 or there abouts, you should find the omega ruins, go there with your three best people, but make sure they can hit at least 8000.

Equip capture weapons and catch a master tonberry, now, fly to the calm lands and fight it, every time you kill it you gain 30000 ap!!.

If youve got people who can kill it in a hit, (its got 50000 odd life) then skip everones turn until they have all had one, then kill, tou will all get the ap.

I know this is not really a cheat but it is very useful, and now all my people can hit 99999 all the time. (you need break damage limit, ultimate weapon or 60 dark matters)

The Dark Aeons

Okay guys, here are the locations of the dark Aeons and the way to beat them.

Note: You can only get to these once you get the airship for the second time.

1. Dark Valefor: Go back to Besaid village on Besaid island.

2. Dark Ifrit: Go to Bikanel Island and head for where the Al Bhed home was destroyed.

Hint: Tell the lady near the pit where the two men are standing that you will help her. If you can't read Al Bhed, just say yes.

3. Dark Ixion: Head for the Thunder Plains (south) and talk to a man standing near a lightning tower.

Hint: He looks like a warrior monk. You also have to kill this aeon twice!

4. Dark Shiva: Go back to Macalania Temple and try to get into the temple. You will be encountered by a summon..

Quick overdrives for Aeons

It may depend on where your at, but go to any travel agency, and go to the thing that you can fight foes in your area, then have Yuna out.

Call any Aeon you need to have an overdrive with and fight with that Aeon. Fight it to its overdrive and there. Its good for any battles like the Crawlerand stuff.

How to get Anima

Well first you need all the destruction spheres of every temple then you need to go to Baaj temple go in the water and fight that fish make sure you have Wakka Tidus and Rikku well trained or else.

Then go inside and put all the spheres on the right statue then the door will open and then you got Anima enyoy peace out

Ultimate Final Fantasy bosses

This assuming you know what the dark aeons are. After you beat them all, go on you machina ship( I forgot the name) and go to the calm lands. It should show a small scene where a big thing comes up from the gorge, and starts to fight you.

That is Penence, the strongest boss out of all the games. He has 12 million hp. Even with all your character powered up, or with a game shark, this battle will STILL take over an hour.

Make sure your prepared.

Nothing really happens except you'll feel a big sense of accomplishment. Also, if you capture , and defeat every moster in the calm lands Capture game, you will fight nemisis, who has 10 million hp.

Have fun.

How to beat every boss near the end of the game easily!!!

First you need to past the calm lands as you need to cath monsters for this. Make 6 special monsters (capture one of each moster on 6 different lands). You will automatically unlock the monster catastrophe. This will give you 99 door to tomorrows. Now go up to the boss you need to beat (have all of your characters overdrives ready) and use Rikku's overdrive Mix. Mix two door to tomorrows and you will get trio of 9999. Now use someone elses overdrive (they have to be with Rikku when she mixes) that hits a lot (my favourite is Wakka and his attck reels as you can hit 12 times but Lulu and Tidus's Slice and Dice is just as good) and yoyu hit 9999 everytime. If you get 2 hit on all 3 of Wakka's attack reels (which is 12 hits) thats just under 120000 damage(which is the same hp as the 2nd Bra..

Lightning sucks!

Ok, for the noobs who don't even know how to dodge lightning in the thunder plains, you just push x when you're screen flashes. I know this is a stupid "cheat" but I was being a moron and forgot how to do this, hope I helped.

Kill Sin Super Fast

You must have out Auron, Tidus, and Kimahri when the battle begins and make sure they are on their overdrive. When the battle starts, have Tidus use Hastega so that you will have more turns. The key to killing Sin is to NOT USE AEONS. Just keep whacking Sin and he'll be dead in no time. Sin cannot kill you unless he uses his Giga-Graviton. It will also help to have a sensor on him too. Now, when Sin is about 18000 HP left, take out Bahamut and use Mega Flare. Thhats all there is to it.

Hope I Helped-1122andyozz33

Easily Beat Jecht


First before fighting him, I would suggest getting Auron's Celestial Weapon. First, go to the Calm Lands and go to the place where you faught the big Defender X dude. You will see thst part of the map fades, go to that spot. If you haven't been here yet, you might want to go into the cave to get a new Aeon Yojimbo. Go to the left outside the cave until you find a sword. Click X on it and you will have the Rusty Sword. Next, you have to catch all Fiends from 10 different places and you will get a Mars Crest or Mars Sigil.

Then go to the Mi'Hen Highroad and get on a Chocobo. When you see the gate that leads to to Mushroom Rock Road, go to the side of where you just came out of. You should now be in the Mi'Hen Oldroad. Go to the very end..

Trial Treasures

If you go back to the Cloister of Trials after you have beaten Sin, you will be able to obtain treasures. These treaures are found in the Chamber of the Fayth. You can find things such as Special Spheres which let you learnan Ally's Special and Accuracy Spherers which lets you turn an empty Node in the Sphere Grid into an Accuracy Node.


Finshing about Rusty Sword To get the Celes..

Finshing about Rusty Sword

To get the Celestial Mirror find the kid and his mom dad.When you find him the son will be missing.

Go to the Trail thats in mid air.Go through the path the lady was blocking.Power up the Cloudy Mirror.

Then use the mirror on the wall and you will get Aurons best weapon!

Fast HP/MP Restore: At the save spheres you ..

Fast HP/MP Restore:

At the save spheres you dont have to save the game to restore your HP/MP, you can just go to cancel, it is a lot faster and saves time.

Level up:

I advise you to level up (train up) every 5 hours of gameplay for 5-10 hours, this really helps a lot.

Easily defeat bosses:

This is quick and easy, while training up before fighting a boss you should make sure ALL of Yuna's aeons have their overdrives.When you fight a boss make someone in your party caste haste on yuna so she can use all of her aeons overdrives in a straight combo.

Machina cheat:

To easily defeat the Al Bhed machina, just make Rikku st..

Easy way to beat Seymour the first time

First have tidus, yuna, and Rikku in your party.

The use talk with yuna and tidus to increase their stat things. then with Yuna just use Nul Magic in this order.

NulFrost, NulShock, NulTide, NulBlaze. Have Rikku steal from the guado guardians 1 time and switch her out for auron.

Then nail the guardians. Now have tidus cast haste on everyone and have auron use magic break on seymour. now nail seymour until he summons anima. Now u can do it the easy way or the hard (fun way to me) way.

The easy way is summon ???? and diamond dust (her overdrive) and heal with blizzara. then if u havent killed anima when it uses oblivion just summon another aeon and use overdrive.

The hard way isn't really hard just attack anima with tidus and auro..

Hidden aeons

Are you getting stuck on trying to get all the hidden aeons well this will tell you exactly how to get them.


This is the most simple of them all to get. Go to the chamber of the stolen faith which is in the calm lands gorge. You CAN go there before you get the airship. After you beat defender x go in to the gorge. You will eventually have to fight a dead summoner who uses yojimbo. She is not very hard a few hits from your aeons and he will die. Next go on to a teleporter and go to the faith. You will be asked why you want to use yojimbo so answer "to defeat the most powerful of enemies." Next you will have to pay him. He says give me 250000 gil. You offer him 125001 gil and he will lower his price. Half the amount of gil he wants but add 1 until he wants 2..

Best ways

I find that my characters never really go the way they are ment to:

Yuna takes the black magic path after learning lancet

Lulu learns cure and then carries on in the black magic

Kimahri learns the middle block o the expert (dark shot, lancet, cure, blizzard Fire Water and Thunder) and then takes tidas' path OR rikku's (if I have a key)

Tidas takes Auron's way

Auron takes his own way

Rikku either takes her own OR the white magic path.

Wakka, who I hate, just goes with the flow :D

Zhen Ji Fan


Stupid Kid

I went to kilika and saw the kid running about in the place where you sleep. I talked to him and he said he wanted to be a BLITZBALL when he grew up. Well if you say so kid I'll believe you.

Dark Bahamut

Dark Bahamut can be found were you fought yunalesca.

He has about 3,000,000 hp.

Skills and Stats:

To beat him I used Tidus, Wakka and Auron. They all need Auto-Life, Above 200 stats except Luck, wakkas second Overdrive, entrust on all and Full overdrive.


You must have Cledistal weapon and a customised aromor with hp break, mp break and ribbon. The Battle:

Start the battle casting Auto-life on all then you must use Wakkas spining reels or somthing.Then Entrust your overdrive from Tidus and Auron to Wakka and repeat. Always cast auto-life when needed. If you get a spear turn with Tidus or Auron

Cast Cheer or somthing like that.

Unlimited Sphere's

Read first :

This cheat is a way to get unlimited sphere's like Strenth Spehere's, Agility Sphere's, etc.

At the arena in the calm lands (Species Conquest; but I have to tell you some things.

First is that for most of these fiends you have to be incrediblly strong to even have a chance.

Second is that you have to earn these fiends which is obvious if you need to know anymore just select chat when you talk to the man at the arena.

Lastly is that you will get the right item for the right fiend usualy but on occasion you will get a secondary item like door to tommorow.

Fenrir= Agility Spherex1

Ornitholestes= Dark Matter

Pteryx= Evasion Spherex2

Hornet= Accuracy Spherex2

Vidatu= MP Spherex2


Helping hand

Your aeons can heal themselves ifrit can cast fira on him self and hes hp is back right up same with shiva and the others there own element heals themselves remember that when you are in trouble

Rikku's Best Mix Attack SUNBURST

You know Rikku has the Overdrive MIX. Well, if you want a MIX attack that does over 9999 well here it is. Its call SUNBURST. Either MIX a Shining Gem with a Supreme Gem, or 2 Supreme Gems.

Its very helpful.

Evrea Altana easy win!

When you have to fight Evrea in zombie status in the Via Purifico, just throw him 2 or 3 Phoenix Downs, to finish the job quickly..

English to Al Behd




























When you are on the boat to kilika go down to lower part and go to the first door on the left and walk up the suitcase and press x

Ultimate Weapons

Ok, some people have been asking how to get the Ultimate Weapons, so listen up.

You need the Cloudy Mirror, you need this to be able to open the chests. The crest and sigil make the Ultimate Weapons stronger.

To get the Cloudy Mirror, go to the southwest part of Calm Lands on a chocobo. Press O on the feather and the chocobo will fly down below. Here, there will be an intersection. Go left and examine the sphere, you'll also see the champion chocobo. Now, go right at the intersection and ride the chocobo. The race will start, your goal is to get to the central platform ahead of the champion chocobo. You'll receive the Cloudy Mirror if you win.

You need the Celestial Mirror in order to acquire the ultimate weapons for each character but first you should ha..

Get ultima spell easy

If you want the ultima spell for lulu then listen kimahri starts of near ultimas spell so when you have enough lvl 4 key spheres use a return sphere to go back to that spot learn it and then have lulu use a black magic sphere and you get it fast thats it for now smell you later :-p

Restart Game

Every time youre playing, hold L1,L2,R1,R2,start and select, and you'll be at the main menu!

100.000 gil a battle

In the Omega Dungeons, there is a fiend called Mimic, which sometimes appears if you steal normally(not mug) from a treasure chest(if not you�ll get a mega-potion or a turbo-ether). It's pretty hard to defeat with 20.000 HP, but when you defeat it you�ll get 50.000 gil! If you have a character with a weapon with the ability gillionaire, you�ll get 100.000 gil in one battle!!! Rikkus celestial weapon have the ability, but you can add it to other weapons for the item "designers wallet". Treasure chests appear with the lizard enemies.

Fast Money

All you have to do is go to Mt.Gagazet and figh monsters there. When you defeat them, they will drop alot of money so theres really nothing to it. To make the battles even faster, use Auron, Tidus, and Kimahri becuse they are the strongest unless someone else is stronger than them. If So, use them.

Hope I Helped


Defeat Seymour Easily

This is really easy. First, Before the battle, make sure your dudes aare powered up and on their overdrive. Staart off by summoning Valefore and use his overdrive ( make sure all the aeons are on their overdrive as well ) and the two guys should die. Then keep whacking Seymour. He will now call Anima who is a total B&*$@ ( have to sensor to make Supercheats friendly . Now hears on thing DONT US TIDUS's OVERDRIVE, it's part of my master plan to killing Seymour. Always make sure you have three guys ALIVE or it will be harder to win. When Anima is about to use his overdrive, call an Aeon and use their overdrive. Before you know it, Anima will be almost dead. Jus keep throwing Rikku's bombs at him. Oh by the way DONT USE RIKKU'S OVERDRIVE EITHER. Now that Anima Should be dead, Use Tidus' ove..

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