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Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking Superhuman difficulty setting, unlocking Rewards, Soldier Medals and the Movie Player.

More Resistance: Fall of Man PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 30 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Resistance: Fall of Man please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Resistance: Fall of Man Questions & Answers page.

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Soldier Medals

COmplete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding medals in Online Multiplayer mode. Medals are viewed by pressing L1/R1 at the 'Character Stats' screen.

Unlock Elite Soldier Medal:

Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying.

Unlock Assassin Medal:

Kill 20 enemies in a row without dying.

Unlock Base Defender Medal:

Get 2000 defensive kills across ALL game modes.

Unlock Savant Medal:

Play 100 ranked matches and place first at least 30 times

Unlock Hero Medal:

Play 200 ranked matches and place first at least 60 times

Unlock Legend Medal:

Play 300 ranked matches and place first at least 100 times

Unlock BBQ Chef Medal:

Kill 100 enemies with the L11-2 Dragon.



Unlocka Black Ops with Skull Head Costume:

Complete the game on Superhuman and get ALL 'Skill Points'.

Unlock Cloven Skin:

Register for '' and then go to 'Profile' and the Online code is provided.

Weapon Locations

Beat the game once on any difficulty level to find these weapons at the following locations.

Backlash Grenade (Cathedral):

Inside the house on the first room on the left.

Reapers (Gauntlet):

Find it inside the house in front of the square.

Arc Charger (No Way Out):

At the end of the hallway near the officer's quarters.

L11-2 Dragon (Evacuation):

Inside the small bunker at the end of the Radial Mine path.

Splitter (A Desperate Gamble):

On the..

Hidden Cinematic

To view this funny outtake taken from a scene in the last battle of the game you have to first complete Campaign mode on any difficulty setting. When you have done that you go to the 'Main' menu and select 'Options'. Then at the 'Options' menu go to 'Cinematics' and it will be the last movie on the list and is called 'Stranger than Fission'.

Unlock Online Multi-Player Cloven Skin

At the 'Main' menu go to 'Multi-Player' and then 'Online' game. When you have passed the agreement and loading screens go to the 'Online Game' menu and select 'Options' followed by 'Soldier Loadout'. Then press 'Start' to bring up the 'Unlock Code' keypad and enter the following 16 digit codes to unlock the corresponding effect. The four blocks of four characters can be separated by spaces or dashes.

Unlock Cloven Bandana:

Enter 3e8c c3e1 d2b3 886f

Unlock Cloven Bearded Head:

Enter 16a5 f82b cfab 13ad

Unlock Cloven Helmet:

Enter af60 15e0 cc0d a30e

Unlock Cloven Skin:

Enter c479 1885 e001 e9df

Unlock Cloven Helmet with Bandana:

Enter 2309 75a1 c5bb 919b

Unlock Rewards

Get a certain amount of Skill Points or complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Concept Art Pack 1:

Get 10 Skill Points

Unlock Concept Art Pack 2:

Get 20 Skill Points

Unlock Wrench for Allies:

Get 40 Skill Points

Unlock Flip Levels:

Get 70 Skill Points

Unlock Clank Backpacks:

Get 100 Skill Points

Unlock Movie Player:

Beat the game

Unlock MP Mechanic Skin:

Get 126 Skill Points

Unlock MP Soldier Skin:

On Superhuman setting beat the game.

Unlock Superhuman Difficulty Setting

Beat the game on Hard difficulty setting

Unlock Movie Player

Successfully complete the game.

Using the backlash!

When using the backlash when you find one you have a very strong advantage of the stalker. What you do is don`t get shot but you take the backlash and throw it on the ground in front of the stalker. Then when it tries to shoot you it will take there fire and use it aganst them buy using the special power it will soon destroy it self. But there is one diadvantage the backlash does not return missles back to them because that is a bigger bullet to turn around. It is also a short 20 second sheild so as soon as it goes down throw one more f you have one or run if you don`t and wait for it to turn around to something els and shoot it`s power core in th back of the stalker. I hope thi will help you!

Gray Jacks

You may or may not know this, but the first time you see the Gray Jacks in Northern Command there is a soldier that dies. HOWEVER, you can save him. First switch to the Rossmore 236. Then as soon as the door opens to revealthe Gray Jack rush it. Yep. Rush it. The Gray Jack will pick the soldier up and try to snap his neck(I think thats what it does). Don't worry. Simply point the Rossmore at it's head, fire once or twice, then fire both barrels. The Gray Jack will die, the soldier won't, and then he'll help you kill the rest of 'em! When it's all over, he'll even follow you to continue helping you. Isn't that swell? Keep in mind, however, that the Gray Jacks will keep trying to snap his little tiny neck. When they do this, you only need to shoot them once to make them drop him.

Hard Difficulty- Complete the game on medium dif..

Hard Difficulty- Complete the game on medium difficulty.

Superhuman Difficulty- Complete the game on hard difficulty.

Skill Points- You can access the Skill Points and Rewards menus during gameplay by pressing START to access the Pause Menu, then selecting EXTRAS.

Happy gaming =)

Skill POints

Skill Points List!!!)MUST BE DONE IN CAMPAIGN, except intels)

Reading Is Fun! (2 points):Collect 10 Intelligence Reports.

Chicks Dig Eyestrain (3 points): Collect 20 Intelligence Reports.

Too Many Secrets (7 points): Collect all Intelligence Reports.

In For a Penny... (1 points): Kill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade.

Fetch (2 points): Kill a Howler with a grenade.

Acupuncture Is Cheaper (2 points): Kill 3 enemies at once with the Hedgehog.

Why Are These Candles Screaming? (3 points): Kill 8 Hybrids with fire in

Within 20 seconds.

Lovely Parting Gifts (2 points): Squat over 15 dead Hybrids.

Tag, You're It (2 points): Kill 5 enemies with the Bullseye within 30 seconds. Gasping For Air (3 points): Kill 2 Hybrids in a level only..

Fareye Shootout

I don't know Iif you noticed but you could use the slow down L1 on the Fareye to dodge bullets and such. You could also use it if you want to shoot around corners without getting shot at as bad.

Co-Op Hints

In Co-Op, Leapers, Menials, and Howlers don't grab onto you and attack you. For this, it has always been fun to just run up to a menial and melee them. You don't take damage, it kills them in one hit, and it sends them flying 10 feet back.

(ALSO, you can't get skill points in Co-Op)

Surviving Easier

Resistance : Fall Of Man can be a difficult game unless you keep something in mind. Light wounds you receive [less than 1 of the 4 bars of life] will automatically heal by themselves in a matter of seconds if you take cover and do not take any more damage. This does not take effect, however, until after the "Gauntlet" level [the very first level]. If you lose one whole health bar or more, the only thing that can recover those health bars are small yellow canisters you can find throughout the game [again, after the first level].

Hybrid Tactics

The best weapon in my opinion for the hybrids is the M5A2 Carbine.

Often when hybrids spot you from a distance, they will shoot at you from there. This is when they are easiest to kill off. Practice often the ability to keep your aim at a hybrid accurate while moving side to side. If you can get good at this skill, click R3 to zoom with the M5A2 and move side to side, dodging the hybrid's fire while shooting him. With this method you can kill off many hybrids while taking very minimum damage. But don't forget to take cover and let your health regenerate before you lose a full bar of health! If there are a certain amount of hybrids around, one may decide to charge you and fire while he gets closer and closer. Take cover and wait for him to get close when this happens. When the hybrid..

Leaper Tactics

The weapons I recommend for leapers are the M5A2 Carbine and any type of grenade [including the 40 MM Grenades used as secondary fire on the M5A2]Leapers can be annoying creatures, but they are fairly simple foes to defeat.

The first few encounters you have with the leapers will only number around 10 or 15 [which is not too many considering they are about the size of cats]. When there are only around 10 or 15 leapers, the best thing to do is fire two or three rounds at a time while continuously backing away from them. If the leapers get too close, they will leap at you and attack you, which can be a nuisance with more than a few attacking. If the leapers' numbers are greater [20-30] start by throwing a grenade a short - but not very short - distance ahead of them so that the g..

Menial Tactics

The menials appear to be halfbreed chimera and are not attack chimera. If they are walking slowly toward you, charge up into their face and bash them with your weapon quickly. Sometimes they will grab onto and bite you. If/when this happens, as quickly as you can respond, shake the controller up and down to knock them off, which should kill them. Overall, you do not need to use any ammo of any weapon for the menials, but be cautious when they come in higher numbers. Watch your sides and back carefully, if they bite you for too long, you can take alot of damage.

Kill all the graybacks in northern command without taking a hit

Ok to start graybacks are the chimera with the very long legs and arms.

You encounter them in the room in northern command where the big tubes come out of the group and open to release the graybacks. The room is right before the angle holding tank.

This task can be very challenging even for the seasoned player so the cheat is as follows

Once you get the the double doors before the room get out your fareye (sniper).

Next ready the focus power, as the door opens get ready to shoot the gray back in the room in the head. This wayyou can save the soldiers life and he will fight for you.

Now walk on to the spot where the door was (it will close again if you enter the room so dont).

Next walk back and forth in and out of the room just..

Multiplayer tip

Certain statuses inflicted upon you by weapons in mutiplayer mode can be removed by shaking the sixaxis controller up and down. Two I'm completely sure of are when you are set on fire by a dragon flamethrower, and when you are tagged by a bullseye. If you do not shake off the fire from a dragon flamethrower, it will continue burning you until you die. And if you shake off a bullseye tag, the bullets won't be able to home in on you [although it is still difficult to escape with your life unless you kill your enemy first]. A third status, which I am unsure if you can "shake off" is the radioactivity from the arc charger. Nevertheless, be sure to shake off when you are lit on fire by the dragon flamethrower, it puts out the fire pretty quick. These work in both offline and online multiplayer.

Multiplayer tip #2

Ever find it difficult when you're playing online and your team is human while the other is chimera? Here's a tip for you. The chimera have a heat meter in multiplayer mode that fills up when they use rage mode, and slowly damages them if it completely fills up. As a human, you can take advantage of this by using a dragon flamethrower. When a chimera is lit on fire by the dragon in multiplayer, their heat meter fills up faster and when their heat mills fills completely, they take damage from being lit on fire and their heat meter. This can kill them pretty quickly, but is recommended for a kill from behind.

Multiplayer tip #3

Having difficulty as a chimera against humans? There are several things to keep in mind as a chimera. 1: Using rage mode [press L2 to activate, press again to deactivate] increases a chimera's speed and makes them a little tougher to kill. Unfortunately, it will also hurt the chimera if you let the heat bar [the bar above your health bar, which will slowly rise during rage mode] fill all the way up, it will slowly burn away your health. Also keep in mind, from full health, your health will not burn lower than 50%. If you wish, you can use rage mode for a speed boost over a long period of time, at the cost of half your health. Health regenerates for a chimera a few seconds after your heat bar depletes when you deactivate rage mode. Lighter wounds will heal faster. 2: Chimeran vison during..

Missing something?

Ok you can shake off fire, bullseye tracers, radioactivity (arc), and ALSO you can shake off the noobish air fuel grenades if they stick to you, if you don't this does the most damage, as it may also incinerate you're team mates if they are close. I'm to sick to type more but I will wen I'm better


Unlockables! How To Unlock!

20th Sentry Don't get hit by a laser mine

A New Kind of Sourdough Kill every enemy in the cafeteria using the Sapper in Bristol Mission, Evacuation.

Acupuncture Is Cheaper Kill 3 enemies at once with the hedgehog

Break'in The Law Destory the Reactor in the Tower level without using the L209 LAARK

Chicks Dig Eyestrain 20 Intelligence reports

Chimera Pate Run over 10 enemies with the tank in York

Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered Break Chimeran Box in level 30

Fast Like The Tortoise Take no damage from Slipskulls in the outskirts of London.

Fetch Kill a Howler with a grenade

Gasping for Air Kill 2 Hybrids in a level only after severing all of their hoses

Homing Beacons Tag 4 Hybrids with the Bulls..

Multiplayer Medals

Medals! How To Unlock!

Assassin Kill 20 enemies in a row without dying

Auger Marksman Kill 100 enemies with the auger

Base Defender Get 2000 defensive kills across all game modes

BBQ Chef Kill 100 enemies with the L11-2 Dragon

Elite Soldier Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying

Fanatic Compete in 1000 online matches

Fry Cook Kill 100 enemies with the arc charger

Ghost Get 100 stealth kills

Going Commando Get 100 node or flag captures

Grenadier Kill 100 enemies with grenades

Heavy Weapons Expert Kill 100 enemies with rockets

Helping Hand Get 100 assist kills

Hero P lay 200 ranked matches and place first at least 60 times

Insomniac Compete in 5000 online matches

Legend Play 300 ranked matches and place..

Infinite checkpoint

Many parts of this game you can beat very easy. Just choose cooperative, and leave player two at a safe place, and you can just go Rambo on the chimeras and if you die, just continue from where you were killed! (you might want to move player 2 a bit ahead sometimes so you don't have to go so far all the time)

Leapers/ Leaper Pods

Ok Im subbmitting this hint because leapers and leaper pods bug me alot alot alot so here is an easy way to defeat them

1)Equip your XR-003 Sapper (you should have it by the Chimeran Tunnels in the game maby sooner)

2)Make sure you have ammo (it takes about 1 or 2 rounds for pods more depending on swarm)

3)Shoot the orgainic orbs (whetever) a little ahead of the pods or swarm(they stick to the celling too!)

4)Walk twards the pods (step not required for swarms)and when they hatch or reach the orbs "SPLAT!!" you pretty much see a bunch of green pops and then see body parts laying everywhere!

I thought this was pretty hillarious to watch but hey

I like explosions!! Lol

Online Play

Here I am telling you some BASICS on Resistance:Fall of Man ONLINE PLAY:

If you tap L2, you sprint.

When a guy with a mic says"Change to Tango" or "Change to Whiskey"...he means you press start, change squad, and choose the squad requested. The number in brackets shows the guys in that squad. This is usefull in team objective to respawn near each other AND so that you can speak with others in a more deliberite way!

Whilst staging a can press down the left analog stick and talk to ALL the game participants! This is conveniant to see who has a microphone!

When you capture nodes in team objective and you die, you can move the circle that is on the team base and it goes on Alpha, Bravo and then press triangle. You will respawn there!

Old And New Cloven Skins

New Unlocks:

Cloven Bloody Uniform f030 d0c8 1b40 181f

Cloven Bloody Head ab51 951d 309c 7867

Cloven Radio Backpack 7888 80f8 e02c 07e5

Cloven Fannypack 025e d158 4c3a b025

Cloven Grenade Pouch 51ac 6902 33f8 146e

Cloven Knife 28b2 da70 2042 ca77

Cloven Binoculars 1d37 43a1 874a dc6f

Cloven Shovel 254e 5264 7ff4 dd1c

Cloven Canteen a4f7 c26b 524d 7bd1

Cloven Pouches a4de 765e 6950 1b91

Cloven Skulls a4d8 82fb 4593 c513

Cloven Jawbones eb18 b298 88da f65b

Previous Unlocks:

Cloven Skin

(Body,Standard Uniform,

Standard Head) fe5c 0400 c699 0620

Cloven Bearded Head d396 39c8 5de7 46d4

Cloven Helmet 3f70 448d c46b 0a4a

Cloven Bandana 5009 1356 fbea 5bcf

Cloven Helmet w/ Bandana ae68 3f57..

The Cloven Code Help

First I would like to point out that the codes for the Cloven skin is not FOR your accounts. Each person is given diffrent codes to get the Cloven skin. To get yours, go to myresistancenet and register. Then go to the "my profile" tab and link your Resistance account with your PSN account. You will need to know your PlayStationNetwork account name and your PS3's MAC address. I hope I helped people that's been having trouble trying to get the cloven skin.


There have been rumors out that you can get the map pack for free. Well they are true, but the only way to get it free is by someone sharing it with you. The curveball is that in order for them to share it with you, they must give you some personal infromation. Meaning their email adress(log in name) and the password. I know this because I've obtained the map pack by doing so(a clan member gave me the info and next thing you know I am playing the map pack.) WARNING: If you choose to do this make sure the person is trustworthy.

Resistance: Fall of Man FAQs

Resistance: Fall of Man Walkthroughs