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God of War Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for God of War

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We've got a batch of cheats including how to unlock extra costumes and get infinite Orbs. We'll also tell you how to unlock hidden trailers and deleted levels.

More God of War Cheats and Tips

We have 40 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for God of War please send them in here.

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God of War cheats

Unlock God Mode:
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock Credits:
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock Deleted Levels:
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'In-Game Movies'
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'Heroic Possibilities':
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'Monsters of Myth':
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'Challenge of the Gods':
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'The Birth of the Beast'
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'Visions of Ancient Greece'
Beat the game on any difficulty
Unlock 'A Secret Revealed':
Beat the game on God Mode difficulty
Unlock 'The Fate of the Titans'
Beat the ga..

God of War cheats

Unlock Making of God of War:
Unlocked from beginning.
Unlock Trailers (Teaser and Magic Teaser):
Unlocked from beginning.
Secret Message:
To get the secret message, complete Spartan mode.
Secret Message 2:
To unlock the second secret message, complete the God of War Challenges. Infinite Ammunition:
Pause the game and enter the following code: Select, Select, Circle, Circle, R1, R1, Start.
Move Faster:
Press Right Analog-stick Forward to roll forward, then press R1 to execute a Hermes Rush shoulder charge before the roll ends. Repeat this to move faster.
Unlock Additional Costumes
When you have beaten God of War's Challenge of the Gods five new costumes will be unlocked for Kratos. Not only do they l..

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny voice recording on phone

Voice recording: 1-888-447-5594
Featuring:Kratos & David Jaffy
Rated F:funny

infinate orbs

I learned this from alex on game faqs. During the atlas challenge. After the saw room you go up the steps. Kill the first 2 harpies, but not the one below the tower you are bout to enter. Go inside you have to pin him between you and the ladder and kill him with [] [] triangle move so he dies just above the ladder and get caught in the fall. He will bounce for 15 ,20 minutes and give you oooohhh soooooo many orbs..allowing you to get all upgrades.

Red Orbs All Around!!!

This is a very easy thing to do, altough it can take a while.
In Athens, when you are about to win Meduza's Gaze, u'l notice that when Aphodite tells you to freeze the minotaurs you have temporary infinite magic (with or without the Dairy Bastard costume). There is a way to take this into you're advantage: instead of using meduza's gaze use poseidon's rage to kill the minotaurs. The first few kills will render some red orbs (dunno how many) but after a while u'll notice that they'll stop giving you these after they die. DON'T STOP KILLING THEM AT THIS POINT! Just keep on using the same thing and level up poseidon's rage until it's max. After it is position urself at the center of the room and keep using it (never forgetting to press the CIRCLE button). You will receive 1490 red orbs..

Unlock extra costumes

Beat he game at least once in any diffuculty to unlock the challenge of the gods
Defeat all challenges to unlock the following costumes :
Ares armor
Chef of war (Note: every enemy you defeat his apron gets bloodier)
Dairy bastard (Note: In this costume Kratos has unlimited magic)

Use advanced move at low level

With the blades of chaos keep pressing square until kratos moves the blades really quickly and then quickly press triangle and everything will go in slow mo for about a second and your blades will glow yellow really strongly and smash down on the ground and it sends out a big shock wave and you don't need to be a high level to do it, you even do it on the first level. Hope this helped.

To move faster

Push Right Analog-stick Forward to roll forward, then press R1 to execute a Hermes Rush shoulder charge before the roll ends. Repeat this to move faster.

Weapons You Have

Poseidon's Rage
Medusa's Gaze
Zeus' Fury
Army of Hades
Blade of Artemis

Upgrade Order

Here is the best order to upgrade your weapons/magic:
1. Blades of Chaos to level 2
2. Poseidon's Rage to level 2
3. Blades of Chaos to level 3
4. Zeus' Thunderbolts to level 2
5. Poseidon's Rage to max
6. Zeus' Thunderbolts to max
7. Blades of Chaos to level 4 and then max
8. At this point, start saving your magic, do not upgrade. When you get Army of Hades upgrade that to max immediately.
9. Blade of Artemis or Medusa's Gaze to max
10. Same as 8
The reason I say Medusa's Gaze should be one of the last is because all of the other ones are much stronger. You'll need to new moves with Blades of Chaos, the larger radius of Poseidon's Rage, the power-up Thunderbolts for long distance, and the all-powerful Army of Hades at ma..

Unlimited magic

After defeating Madusa go to the exit door where you collected your magic power for Madusa's head. DO NOT FREEZE THE BEASTS!!!! Keep the beasts away from you with the electricity. At the exit door, double jump, use your electricity at the highest point. As SOON as your electric charge runs out double tap X (This gives you a slightly higher jump). (There is a ledge at the doorway) The ledge can be a pain to grasp but with a few tries you'll get it. You have unlimited magic during this point so feel free to use it to keep the beasts away as well as helping your jump...When you get onto the ledge, do the high jump I just explained again until you leap OVER the doorway. This will take SEVERAL tries for a newbie, but it definately works with some patience and effort.
Because you ne..

Move faster

To move faster to the following:
Blades of chaos lvl 2+ : evade forwards then press R1, repeat this to travel much faster than normal speed.
Blade of artemis : keep the right analog stick pressed in the direction you want to go ( don't keep pressing it, press it once and hold it) and at the end of evry roll, press R1 whilst you still have right analoq stick pressed down) and youll go faster .


When fighting the hydra it's a good idea to save after every time you take out a bit of it's life because the constant button pressing can hurt your hands, and fingers alot so you would be tired and wouldn't last that long. But a positive is they're is a save portal near it so you don't like have to go the beggining or something just because your hands hurt.
P.S If you do a 5 or higher combo you can get magic and health orbs from it.
P.P.S Using the poseidon ability when it's coming gives you a small amount of upgrade orbs so slowly you could if you wanted waste like a few hours and slowly but surely upgrade your sword.

Raise the Level of Your Weapons Faster

To raise your weapons level faster, You need more orbs, and to get alot more orbs you need big combos, so the bigger the combo the more orbs you can spend on your weapons growth.

Madusa's quest

When she starts to freeze you, hit the rage to stun her. Next attack her and then follow the arrow direction to rip her head off.

Secret message 2

To unlock the 2nd secret message destroy the statues in your throne room on Olympus, both the minitore skeleton and the Ares statue.

Four cyclopes at pandoras temple

Hi, I'm here to tell you on god mode four cyclopeses pissed me off. I know on what every first mode you did it usaully straight up button mashing, ass kicking goodness felling like nothing was going to killyou so you try god mode and then you get you're ass kicked. If you made it this far you know your close to the end and that blocking is important.and if you made it this far you know that you can't block a cyclops so you roll. Now all you do is get two cyclops together and use square sqaure triangle to hit both but wait they also stumble so you roll then hit that combo.
There you go good luck!

Lance of The Gods

Instead of double jumping and then holding L1 and Circle to charge up, do lance of the gods asy ou would but instead of holding circle, tap it quickly 3 times and it will strike with the same force as it would with a regularly charged thingy by holding circle. But, unfortunately, it still makes Kratos' blades stuck in the ground for a few precious seconds. This is good to use in the 8th challenge of the gods.

easter egg

Once you beat Ares for the last time, you can go into mount Olympus. Once there, save and go to the throne. Next to it are two statues of Ares and the Minotaur King. Smash these and a phone number will appear with the numbers in order. The statues will take A LOT to smash, but they CAN be destroyed. Call it to hear a secret message!!

Birth of the beast

Beat the game once in any difficulty.

The Gods


God of War Unlockables

The Making of God of War
Deleted Levels
God Mode
God of War Trialers

Hades Army

To get Hades Army you need to complete the hades maze and other stuff stored in hades little doom room. Then you will return to a room that will have a monster on the oppisite side of the door as you, it's a huge door, all you need to do is walk near it after you beat him the door will be blocked by a red shield talk to it and you reiceve Hades Army.

Deleted levels

To get the deleted levels beat the game on any difficulty.

Free Experience Orbs

Free Experience Orbs
After defeating the Hydra and beating the first level, you'll appear inside a large ship with two topless girls nearby. Jump onto the bed and press CIRCLE to start a sex mini-game. If you complete the mini-game you'll be rewarded with red orbs.
Submitted by MTX

In-game movies

To unlock the in-game movies beat the game on any difficulty.

What the making of the game is about

It is about how they made the game and how they would love to make another.

What Visions of ancient greece are about

You get to see how they made the levels and envioronments.

Beasts that are in the Game

Undead Legionnaires
Cerberus Dogs

Move Stuff Faster

To move stuff faster press R2 on a moveable object and then press X while also holding R2, As soon as you hear him stop making a sound release the buttons and he will kick the object really far.

Moving The Box Without Out Getting It Destroyed!

At the part when you have to move the box to the end of the wall and jump up and kill the Undead Archers at the begining of the game, you can do something that can be affective when used correctly. Grad hold of the box, using R2, and DON'T CHARGE!! Just keep pushing foreward, while going right to left right to left...and so on and so forth. The Undead Archers will not be able to keep a good target on you if you keep this up! So, just keep doing this motion until you get in the back of a big crate for protection. And, do it till' you get to the end of the wall, and jump up and killl them!!

Making of god of war

To view the Making Of God Of War go to the extras and you get this at the beginning of the game.

What challange of the gods is about

You have to beat all of the challanges and you unlock some other prize.

What the additional costumes are about

You get to use other costumes in any difficulty besides god mode.

Block stack

You know that place in god of war where you have to save that girl and you can't reach that ledge you stack the 2 statues off the side of the place where you got them and there just the right size to get you up to the ledge

Extra Orbs

To get extra orbs the main thing to do is get bigger combos, the bigger the combo the more red orbs you recieve.

Hidden chests in the Hades Challenge

When you get to the room where the big statue comes up and shines a light into the dark cave entrance-there are two huge statues on either side of the stairway leading up to that cave. Jump up on either side of the sides of the stairway and then onto the statue's bowl of lava of the statues. Shimmy around the lava bowl and to the right of the right side statue is a chest and to the left of the left side statue, there's another chest.
The jump onto the ledge with the chest is tricky and so far have not been able to do it with the L3 + X jump onto the ledge of the chest where the window is. If someone can figure out how to get onto these ledges, please let me know.
Also, there's a chest filled with red orbs above the platform you com out of and you step on the button thing and it..

The gate of athens

Snake head cut in use evade. But I use in keyboard. So I skip the snake cutting scenes

Hidden chests Challenge of Hades fix

Sorry, that last entry I submitted about the chest with the red orbs above the big button was wrong. It's not above the big button, it's above where that wall asks you to make the sacrafice by fighting those guys in the blue circles. You jump on the ledge above that entry way and break the wall and the chest is behind the wall. Sorry about that.

Rage mode

Press both l3 and r3 at the same time wile playing

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