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Follow the dark path or use the light

Manhunt Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Manhunt


We have 8 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2.If you have any cheats or tips for Manhunt please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

Ways to live longer.

1) Hide in the shadows.
2) Don't face anyone has a baseball bat infront of you. REASON: they will hit you and they will repeat.
3) Execute the hunter.
4) Get Head Shots (this will not work for the nail gun and the tran. Rifle.)
5) Don't use the sniper rifle unless it is required.
6) When you will or execute a hunter, hide there bodies in the shadows.
7) Make some noise to get hunters to come over where you are.
8) When a hunter is right next to you and you are in the shadows, DON'T make any noise, they will be alerted and will beat you up.
9) Use this type of combos to help you.
[],[], X
10) Don't Kill more than two hunter in fist-to-fist, weapon-to-fist, fist-to-weapon, gun-to-fist
Fist-to-gun, weapon-to-gun, weapon-to-weapon, gun-to-gun. The only levels that will allow you to kill more than two are: VIEW OF INNOCENCE, GRAVEYARD SHIFT, MOUTH OF MADNESS, DOING TIME, KILL THE RABBIT, DIVIDED THEY FALL, PRESS COVERAGE, WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS, TRAINED TO KILL, BORDER PATROL, KEY PERSONNEL, and DELIVERANCE.
11) Don't get in a cornor of three to five hunters on you. REASON: they will kill you.
12) Use lures to make one hunter split away with the rest of his party.
13) Never use guns for locks, they make to much noise. It is okay to use them if you DON'T have a crowbar.
14) If you do use a gun on a lock, DON't use the SMG. The Police and SWAT modified it to shot two bullets in one shot.
15) Be silent
16) Walk on gravel when there is no hunter nearby. If there is a hunter nearby, it is not good to walk on it.
17) When you get to the blue and red weapon for executes (Guns will not do any executions) make sure that there is no other hunter nearby or he will hear it.
18) Runaway when you come up to two hunters that pop out of nowhere.
19) Use cover when you have a gun.
20) Make sure that you put a hunter's head somewhere than the open. Put it in the shadows.
21) When you hear a hunter speaking, to another on, make some noise.
22) Don't let the hunters catch you by surpirse.
23) All ways reload when you are near half a clip or shells.
24) Let the hunters move frist so you can watch where he goes.
25) If a hunter sees you and you hide in the shadows. You will not be able to hide there until that hunter is dead or you run way.
26) Watch for painkillers, they are a good help
27) Use the baseball bat on a dead hunter's head to boost your rating.
28) When you are in the level with Pissgy, and you don't know where he is. Get on a wall and move slowly to the door egde. If you don't see him. Move slowly back and hit the wall. (make sure that you are off the wall and you look in the room to see if Pissgy went by or is in the room. If he is in the room DON'T hit the wall.
29)Don't run all the time. You will not able to run, you will be a the hunters' speed.

Bum on view of innocence level

On the level view of Innocence( I think that's it, or this might be the level with his family.) Anyway, on the level with bum following you, your objective is to get to the other side of the graveyard with the bum alive. Throughout the level there are various gates placed by starkweather that will prevent you from going through them. To get through the gate all the hunters in the area must be killed, and the bum must be right behind you.
Only then will starkweather open the gate, and let you pass to the next area of the level.
Oh, and when you tell the bum to stay, watch and make sure he goes into the shadows, not near them like he usually does. He's nothing like the journalist on the level press coverage(who loves to walk into gunfire, and fall to the ground and start shaking like Ashley from Re4.) But he will go stand somewhere, and there will be a shadow right behind him. Then people will shoot him/stab him, and he'll stand there, drunk as ever.
If he does happen to stand near a shadow you can fix this problem for him. Either walk as far as possible into the shadow, and tell him to follow you, then tell him to stop when he's in the shadow. Or, run up against him, till cash manages to push the fool fully into the shadow, that way he'll be safe, and you won't get a game over.

The journalist

On the level cover the press( something like that.) You have to protect the journalist till she gets to her apartment. Before confronting the police, make sure she is in a safe place, in the shadows. And make sure you tell her to stay there, because if you don't she will run out and go up to the police, and get herself shot.
Also, watch out for the timer in the top right of the screen. When that reaches 0 she will run to you, and if your trying to sneak up to someone then they will hear her, and mess up your plans.
Just make sure you tell her to stay, and don't leave her to far behind.

Piggsy + starkweather.

Piggsy is the boss on the last level Deliverance. He is a big guy wearing a pig's face, and is learning the art of killing people with a chainsaw. To hurt him, you have to run around the building finding glass shards, or wooden stakes to stab him with. Now to kill him, you have to lose him, so go find a dark area, and hide in it. When he comes around, wait till he turns his back then do an execution move. Do this process 2 more times, and he should cut through a locked door with his chainsaw.
Follow him, and go through the door. Now he should be facing a door, crouching down. Throw the brick that you should have, in the opposite direction. He should go running after it, if not run. When he's a ways away, run through the door, and head up the stairs. Piggsy should now be following you. At the top of the stairs will be a door, and a hole covered by a fence on the ground. Lead piggsy over to the hole so he's standing on it. The fence should shake, and he'll run back down the stairs. Get him to follow you again, and go back to the hole, and lure him to the fence/hole. He'll stand on it, and it'll break, and he will fall all the way to the bottom. Thus, killing him.
Then After you get his chainsaw, go over to the door, and activate the chainsaw by holding X. IT should show some soldiers, and Starkweather, on the other side of the door. The soldiers will come out so run back down the stairs to the area where you first met Piggsy. Corner one of the soldiers, and kill him, then take his gun. Then bust some caps into the other soldiers until there all dead.
Then get the Chainsaw again, and go back up the stairs to the door. Hold X and chop the door down, and go to face Starkweather.
The man is so easy that it's laughable. Just hold X to activate the chainsaw, and run up to him, to kill him. It will show a scene with Cash slicing Starkweather's guts out, stabbing him through the face with the chainsaw, then planting it in his back. A job well done.
Now sit back and watch the ending. And give your self a pat on the back, you just massacred a crap load of people, and you stabbed someone through the face with a chainsaw. Then after watching the credits, go out and rent Manhunt 2.
Hope the strategy helps.

God mode!

Finish the game on the fetish difficulty, now press:
down,down,circle,up,square,triangle,square,R2,up,up,L1,triangle.... at the title screen.

A Free Shotgun

In grounds for assault, the zoo level against the Wardogs, just before you enter the park there is a toilet block you have to go through.
Inside is a door that is easily passed without being seen and it is locked with a chain.
Later on in the level, you get a crowbar to get to the last part of the level but if you go all the way back to the toilet block.
Open the door in the middle of the toilet block with the crowbar, inside is the shotgun, and it certainly helps in the last part of the level :D


Hiding in the dark will make enemies walk away from you so you can sneak up behind them and kill them....


Unlock the cheats:
You need to earn a 3-star rating on any level... This will unlock a bonus piece of artwork.
As well as being visually stimulating Smile, you will see a code on it, you need to combine the left code with the right code to get a cheat which you can enter on the the main title menu.

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