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Hitman: Contracts PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Several cheats for you to check out including codes for selecting levels, weapons, missions and Silent Assassin Rating.

More Hitman: Contracts PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Hitman: Contracts please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC

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Unlock Cardboard Tube Weapon

When you complete Training with the Silent Assassin rating this lethal paper weapon made from 6mm ultra dense, hand forged Musashi cardboard will become available. This melee weapon is used like a sword and has the ability to kill enemies with one hit and throw them long distances.


Unlock Level Select:

To be able to choose what level you want to play in the game go to the 'Main' menu and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2.

Unlock Level Skip with a Silent Assassin Rank and Special Weapons:

During gameplay when a level is about to begin press R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L3, Circle, X, Circle, X.

Unlock ALL Weapons in Training Level:

This sneaky little code will unlock ALL the weapons in the game which are at the weapons storage area. What you have to do is start the Training level and enter the 'Level Skip' code so you complete it with a 'Silent Assassin' rank. Select the Training level again and the weapons will ALL be unlocked.

Second Chance when Killed:

To get this reprieve you have to quickly g..

Starfleet Inteligence

At the main menu input the following cheats.

Every Mission:


During Game Play Input the following.

Silent Assassin Rating:




R2 L2 up down X up Square X

Level select

At the main menu press the follewing combination:

square, triangle, circle, left, up, right, L2, R2

The Pipe

First of all go to the main menu then click training and once you are in the level put in the silent assasin cheat R2,L2,UP,DOWN,X,L3,O,X,O,X you will need to type it in fast and it may take a few trys , but once you have done it correctly it will come up the ranks skip that then it will say you have unlocked a bonus weapon.Save it and then in training you will have all the weapons , and in a real mission such as asylum aftermath when you get to select your weapons at the very top it will say tube take it with you and it will give you more starting ammo and more syringes !!. ENJOY!!

By progamerkevin.

Help on The Meat King's Party

Ditch both of your guns(but don't worry about the meat hook)and steal the clobber off the dead butcher at your feet.Walk to the club, stopping to be searched at the door.

Once you get inside take the first right and walk along this corridor,again to the right,towards the Points of Interest(check your map for the ! sign) just before the small single door on the left,which hides the toilets(you'll need this later).

Instead,go into this room and get changed into the waiter's uniform lying on the floor.

Wait around the corner for the real waiter and syringe him without being sen.Now conceal his body in the showers and walk to the bar,which is the near the target on your map.

Collect the opium pipe and walk over to the prone lawyer,placing the pipe ..

Mini Gun

Okay this isn't really a cheat but I figured out how to get the mini gun. Go to the Wang Fou mission and go to Lee Hongs mansion. On the top floor there is a desk and on the desk is a key card. The key card unlocks the door in the asylum that the crazy is in that has the mini gun. Pick up the key card from Lee Hongs desk and then do the level skip cheat. Then go to the asylum(you don't have to epuip the key card at the beginning it is automatically equiped for you). Go to the door and kill the guy with the mini gun and take it. Then do the level skip cheat again and save your game. Now you have the mini gun.

Level Select

On the main menu, enter square, triangle, circle, left, up, right, L2, R2.

Level Cheat

During gameplay press R2, L2, up, down, X, L3, circle, X, circle, X. You must then complete the mission you are on, and you must get a Silent Assasin rating.

Getting your sniper suitcase into the Hotel.

When you start the game you have to pick up the conferance ID card and drop all weapons (silverballers etc.) Go to the main enterance and a security officer will ask for ID he will let you pass if you have got the ID card. Then in front of you is a metal detector with two guards next to it. Go upto the metal detector and stand side-on and drop the suitcase down as close as you can without setting the alarm off then go through the metal detector (with the suitcase still on the floor) now your on the otherside you should be able to pick the sniper suitcase up without the alrm going off and you can then continue on with the mission. - it may take a few attempts,but it's well worth it.

Kill people

To kill people with ease sneak up on them then use fiber wire


If you go on the first floor on the right theres a set of double doors go through them.

You will see another set of double doors, that says hotel wing closed.

Go in there and in room 106 or turn to your immediate left and there go to the mirror, turn to first person view do this by pressing the right analog stick look in the mirror and you will see a ghost

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