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Champions: Return to Arms Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Champions: Return to Arms

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We have a selection of cheats that includes getting easy money, dual items and infinite Stat points. We'll aslo tell you how to get a quick Gate Scroll, level 20 character and The Sword in the Stone.

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We have 24 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Champions: Return to Arms please send them in here.

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Quick Gate Scroll

This can be done by holding Square and then pressing Select instead of pressing Start and going to 'Gate Scroll'.

Infinate stat points

You have to level up first but don't press select then go the first level select there and use the stat points on your guy. Then let the horse man kill you. Keep on repeating this. The stat points that you upgrated should still be there.

Hope it helps!

How to beat bosses fast

When you are fighting Mithaniel Marr or the faceless guy and you think you did damage to them just click exit this mission on pause menu heal your character check point it then go back and he will be at the same health keep doing this until he is dead oh ya and if you did damage to him and he is about to kill you just click exit mission to save your life.Enjoy.

Easiest level up

Granted this first step is the most difficult part of the game, however, it is definately worth it.
Get all the champions medallions from the areas that have bonus levels and all the bloodstones. This will ensure that you have some extra skill and stat points. Then, on the plain of nightmares bonus level, enter the area with the five special bosses.
Once you have defeated Innoruk, leave the "twisted nightmare" and, without leaving the level, enter it again. The bosses will be there and so will any items you dropped whilst in there, unfortunately. However, these guys do give you a massive amount of experience. And So they should!
Incidentally, the bonus levels that you complete to get the extra bonus levels in which the Bloodstones are remain completed onc..

The Sword

The Sword:
To unlock the Sword in the Sone, you have to beat a series of 5 bosses in the last bonus round, have collected all 11 Bloodstones, to be able to get into the extra area in the last bonus round. When you have defeated Innoruuk you can then go back and get the sword from the stone. The sword has a level minimum of 33.

Fast Iksar Shaman

If you use the Shaman´s growing Magic raly is a great thing. Sadly it doesn´t increase the Range of melee Weapons, but it increases the Damage the Shaman deals and it´s moving speed.
If you max up this ability it can be extremly useful especially if you use it for a cheat!
All you´ve got to do is activate the growing magic and save the game as long as the Shaman is huge.
The Shaman should keep it´s increased speed after the spell´s time is up. It happened to me when I finished off Mithaniel Marr (the final Boss if you play on the evil side). I took him down with some melee attacks and used the portal while my Shaman was still huge. I always save the game after the final battle.
The increased speed will be very useful if you try to get the Meda..

Easy money or dual items

First you go through the game as far as you want. The farther you go the better. What you do is start a new game with two players. Import your character both times. When you get to the plane of TRanquility, look at your inventory. Drop all the items you waqnt to double in you are other inventory. So when you drop the item pick it up and you will have two of that item. Save with the character that picked up the items. Then exit and do it again. If this doea not work for you, either tell me about it or you did it wrong. Hope it works.

Level 20 Character and The Sword in the Stone

Level 20 Character:
If you begin a new game in 'Champions: Return to Arms: with a 'Champions of Norath' game file that has a level 20 character on it that character will be at level 20 in the new game and have 999 Skill Points. To do this hold L1 + R2 + R3 + Triangle and save the 'Champions of Norath' game before importing it to 'Champions Return to Arms'.
The Sword in the Stone:
Collect ALL 11 Bloodstones to access the extra area in the last bonus round where you have to beat a series of 5 bosses. When you have defeated the boss Innoruuk you can return to the sword and draw it out of the stone. Although the sword has a level minimum of 33 there is no requirement to draw it out.

Barbairan combo

Ok first you have to get to a levle 7 or somthing and use points to get critcil hits and it shoud make a red cicle around you then get cyclone an you spin hitting multabl targets then use critcle then cyclone and it does alot of damege thx bye Smile


Is the plain of torment bonus level, you come across a vampire lady locked in one of the rooms. If you have done what is necessary to release her, she will give you a bag and ask you to retrive a plant of specific nature. This plant is on a secret level via Gnome's Island. You must defeat all the sea monsters without any casualties (not easy since the gnomes are morons and run towards them and out of your screen). You then return to the Dwarf near the boat, whatever his name is, and he takes you to a hidden island. Here is where you will find the plant. Capture it, then take it back to the vampiress who will thank you in a most sexy manner, almost as sexy as the mermaid's, and she will give you the ability to wear more than one earring. (the first time).

How do I find the mermaid in kerriel's cave?

How do I find the mermaid in kerriel's cave?

Ant Queen

An esier way to beat the ant queen is once you have started the battle, quickly run to the back and go to one of the sides of the egg sack and go to the very back of it, this way only the smaller ants can get to you whitch gives you a chance to survive.

King Penguin in Plane of Torment

If you look very carefully, you will find a king penguin in the game on a floating castle down below. It is near the dark elf that talks about the crystals.


Remember, when you are playing on co-op, that when you pass a checpoint that it will revive your fallen team-mate.

Saving the Gnomes

As everybody knows Gnomes are stupid beings who tend to commit suicide attacks against far stronger enemies instead of staying together in a group easy to defend.
It got even worse to me when I tryed it in singe player mode with an Iksar Shaman. My Shaman was rather weak in close combat and it´s Magic wasn´t powerful enough to kill the Monsters in time.
So I tryed another strategy: the Shaman and the Cleric are able to learn a healing spell which heals allies as well. Guess what ... Gnomes are allies, so the healing spell works on them as well, Ha!
So have fun beating the monsters and heal the foolish ancle biters from time to time.

Easiest level up

The easiest way to level up is once you beat the final boss for the first time DO NOT go through the planar gateway but pause the game go down to exit mission.....
Then sell everything that you got that you don't want then go to plane of nightmares then hit pause then exit mission then go to the final battle again you will be able to fight him again repeat as wanted.

Quick way to gain levels on your character :)

When you get to the last level on the game, you'll face either the bad guy boss or the good guy boss. After you kill him you'll get a bunch of armor, weapons, etc. Well what I do is kill him then save it over that game and start new game on the difficulty level I had it on and go to the portal after it loads a new game and i'll have that option of going to that boss level again, I keep doing it over and over and get new armor, weapons, and exp! It helps you should try it

Easiest way to level up fast

To start you need 2 people to do this and your friend has to be able to beat the final boss while you stand back and shoot him with magic or arrows or something like that.Well that kinda explains it, just get your friend to go to the last boss and repeate the procedure above. I went all the way to level 50 or 60 after a short time.

Bomb or Gold?

An easy way to figure out if there is gold or a bomb in your chest is to hit the square button to open it, then rapidly press the square button again. If you see gold come out, then you are safe to stay there and wait for the other itmes to come out if any. If there is no gold, get out of there before the bomb blows up.

"Easy Made Character"

If you played this games prequel then you most likely have certain gemstones that improce your weapons and armor(s) if you attach it. If you beat that game (Champions of Norrath) on the champion difficulty then you will have a few of the more powerful attachments. You can copy these by importing that character with a new one, giving those attachments and whatever other equipment you want them to have (take note that your character has a weight limit) and save it. Start another new game and import your newly made character and the original copy of your "Norrath" character and do it again, over and over again.

The instand lvl 20 cheat

Everyone knows in the first champions you can get and instant lvl 20 by pressing l-1 r-2 l-3 triangle but it doesnt work in this champions so what you do is use the cheat in the first game and then import the character to the second game.this doesnt work if you don't have the first game Champions of norrath.

Boss Battles

If you are stuck on a boss battle try buying lots of expolding potions because they do 50 damage each.

Infinite Levels

To get infinite lvls you need to have 2 things done you have to defeat the dragon boss and have done the champions madalion for it and then go to the extra lvl witch is pretty herd but there is 2 bosses there is one that you can kill from a distince if you kill him then exit then save you can start a new game because this is the only way to do this cheat then you keep doing it over and over as many times as you want but it only gives you half experience

How to get rich fast

On the last boss have two players whoever is lower level will block first then have a strong player go behind him and start to attack the boss then you will get his attention start to block have lower player hit as many times as posible befor blocking do it over and over till he dies pick the stuff up sell and save and do it over inport then do it over and over

Hope this helps

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