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Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Underground


We have 63 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Underground please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : GameCube : Gameboy Advance

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Perfect Rail Balance:

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter letitslide as a code

Unlock Kiss Concert FMV Sequence

In the 'Hotter Than Hell' level collect ALL the letters that spell K-I-S-S to unlock the Kiss FMV sequence. Then, collect the K-I-S-S letters again to start the KISS Concert.

Perfect manuals

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter keepitsteady as a code

Unlock Create-A-Deck Mode

This feature becomes available when you complete Slamma Jamma in Story mode.

Cheat Codes and Unlockables

Cheat Codes
To input these cheats go to options on the title menu then find the cheats section.
letitslide = perfect rail
keepitsteady = perfect manual
rearrirer = perfect skitch
getitup = moon gravity

Complete all 129 story mode goals unlocks quite a lot of stuff!
Like these:
Cool Specials
Kid Mode
Roller skates
Always Special
Perfect Rail
Perfect Manual
Perfect Skitch
Moon Gravity
You can also unlock the following skaters in story mode by completing the corresponding taks:
Iron Man:
Beat beginner mode
Gene Simmons(KISS):
Beat normal mode
Beat sick mode
20 Pedestrian Skater..

Unlock Hidden Level

Go to Hawaii on story mode . In the back by the big bridge there is a flaming Tiki. Get some speed and jump in it's mouth you will be in this tunnel going downhill. When the end of the tunnel comes jump and get the floating object. It might take a while.. (jump in the Tikis mouth WITHOUT moon gravity...once your inside put moon gravity on and it will help you get the floating object)


Well when you get 1st place on the MTX demo, the code it gives you is holeshot, the get the code and go to and put the code in, then it should give you the code for a cheat for Underground. Hope this helps.

Climb buildings

The way to climb a building is first you must enable moon-gravity.
If you do not have the cheat in, go to the the main options, the go to cheat codes, then enter in "getitup" after you have done this select a level and the go to a building and press "x". Consantly or hold it and you should be able to climb a building.

MTX cheat

The cheat you get when you beat the MTX demo is HOLESHOT. You have to enter it at

Hidden skaters

At the create a skater menu type these as your name:

3rd secret level

In moscow turn the first corner and then get onto the orange building. Get onto the side and then grind and then ollie and then you will smash through the window.
Jump off your board, walk up to the higher level and then there it is!

hulk jumps

Okay I thought this was pretty cool...First enter the moon gravity cheat (getitup) and then go anywere of choice and turn it on (pause,options,cheats). Next go up to any building- preferibly a tall one- and jump on the wall. Continue to press X and eventually you will reach the top.... Try it....

Perfect manual balance

To get perfect manual balance enter "dontfall" as a cheat and get high scores,if you didn't know "space walk is left right square."

Perfect rail balance, perfect manual balance and moon physics

Perfect rail Balance: Type in 'letitslide' at the cheat codes screen.
Perfect manual balance: Type in 'keepitsteady' at the cheat codes screen.
Moon physics: Type in 'getitup' at the cheat codes screen.

Great hiding spots

If you were playing t.h.u.g. with your friend(s) you could play 'HIDE AND SEEK'.. hear are some great spots that you will never be found in...
Tampa: go down past the bank to the wet bevers boat and hide behind the ramp beside the hut...
Hawaii: go behind the littel market and find the EVIL TIKIE.jump into the mouth and you end up in another dimention.(dosent work first time).
Vancover: put on moon gravity go to the out side of the hotel and keep yer finger on x until you go through the roof youll land on a platform then walk down you should go through the floor and then put on kid mode.(if you have it).
Slam City Jam: last but not least....Agen put on moon gravity then go up to any section.beside the grind rail there is a set of stars. go down 2 or ..

new skaters

Hey people! Use these names under create-a-skater name to unlock alot of new skaters! Here they are: 1337, akira2s, alan flores, alex garcia, andy marchel, arrr, bailey, big tex, chauwa steel, chris rausch, chrisp, crom, daddy mac, dan nelson, dave stohl, ddt, deadendroad, frogham, geiger, greenie, grjost, guilt ladle, hammer, henry ji, jason uyeda, jeremy andesen, joel jewett, johnny ow, leedsleedsleeds, marcos xk8r, mike ward, moreuberthaned, m'yak, noly, nsjeff, pooper, skillzombie, stacey d, tao zheng, the kraken, the swink, thedoc, todd wahoske, topbloke, tsuenami!, woodchuck, y2kj, yawgurt, and zig. it doesn't matter what kind of letters their in, either lower case or capital.

Jump over buildings and past invisible walls!!!!!

Ok I erik90000 have descovered the coolest glitch ever! Don't copy this because I've never seen it on any site before ok enough with all that here it is:
Go to new jersey then go to the end of the bridge there as soon as you step of the bridge walk left along the river until you hit a forcefield or can't walk any further now holld up or whatever button makes you walk into the invisible wall now start pressing x keep pressing it and soon you will start jumping up the invisible wall keep going remember to press into the wall while you do this soon you will go forward a little when you jump if you do stop holding or pressing everything you should come down alittle and stand in mid air! Go right and you will walk a little or go forward and you will fall off the wall andland on the..

Kind of cool glitch

First go to Slam City Jam and go to the seats. Now go to seat section P, now jump on top of the stairs to the high seats and BOOM! you now go to the crowd seats. Warning, if you exit out of the crowd seatsand go back you will be out of bounds.


For perfect manual, you can type keepitsteady at the cheats menu
For perfect rail, you can type letitslide at the cheats menu
For perfect skitch, you can type rearrrirer at the cheats menu
For moon gravity, you can type getitup at the cheats menu

funny thing

In N.J.(New Jersey) theres a fence right by the drainage ditch.put in Moon gravity(getitup)and jump up and up and up until your stuck than release up which
You need to be holding in order to do soon as you release it press X.
Than at the top of your jump press up and repeat unti you go forward and begin
To fall. Let him fall and now you should be able to run around out of bounds.
Enjoi! Smile ;) :0 ;0 (.)(.) :+) :-) >) XD X) X( X-O B) BD :~)

Cheat Codes

Perfect rail balance:"letitslide"
Perfect manual balance:"keepitsteady"
Moon gravity:"getitup"

perfect rail

at the cheat menu type LETITSLIDE

Hidden Characters

Enter all of these names how they are at the create a skater options.
The Kraken

Get the secret level named The Hangar

Start between the bleachers and Lenin's Tomb and wallride up into a grind on the edge of the tomb in the direction of the red building. Ollie out of the grind and crash through the window into the building. Hop off the board and walk up the slope inside the building to find the Old Skool Icon to unlock The Hangar level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

Evil Tiki

Somewere In Hawaii there is a secret. There will be a Tiki with its mouth open, but you cant see anything inside.
Go to that TiKi and go Inside, there will be a secret area full of lava and crap, and there is also a secret THPS2 level in there as well.
I hope this helps you alot becasue inside of the tiki there is another tiki, I think you must get to the other tiki, but its hard to get to that one.
Since its called Evil Tiki there must be a Good tiki..

hit eric

if you beat the story mode once next time, if you play as the same charecter
when eric offers 'once around winner gets the tape' you hit him and take the tape without having to do the goal
'have some a that
i don't know if it work every time but it worked with me

How to get all of the gaps in New Jersey

On the pipe again: Grind the pipe on the sidewalk next to the drug dealer's house.
Factory Rail Lip: Cross the river and skate all the way to the end of the road. Leap into a lip trick on the rail on the front of the brick factory.
Hidden Factory Lip: Air up to the three-quarter pool atop the factory and lip trick on the rooftop edge nearest to the green bridge.
Hotfoot!: Head through the overhanging area of the factory and transfer a grind between any two rails or ledges.
Low house lip: Use the ramps at the ghetto half pipe to leap into a lip trick on the roof of the one-story sections of the house. It works for either house.
On the high wire: Leap into a grind on any of the telephone wires around town. Use the kickers on the sidewa..

How to get the secret tape in Vancouver

Skitch down the road from the museum towards the arena to get plenty of speed. Let go of the car and Spine Transfer the center of the pagoda on the right, infront of the hotel. Boneless off the otherside of the pagoda to air over the dome to pluck the Secret Tape out of the air above.


Look up!!!!


For this cheat you need to have completed the game and have the cheats. Put on the cheat "cool specials". Then get enough air and do a special AIR move( e.g. McTwist) and half way through the move pause the game and take off "cool specials". When you land you should be in slo-mo. To get out of slo-mo all you have to do is bail.

How to get millions of points in one trick

To get millions of points in one trick less than 5 minutes (you have to be patient) you have to enter a cheat at the options. The cheat is for perfect rail and the cheat is: letitslide. After you enter this cheat, activate it in gameplay (in options,cheats) and go up to a ramp and press TRIANGLE. Just triangle. You wont have to move the arrow and just keep clicking Circles,Squares and triangles to get double points and more points. By doing that you will get so much points in no time, and it's useful when beating eric :D.


New jersy: climb on to the roof of the hospital by the train station go around the corner and there it is.
Vancover: go to the roof of the stage look by the ramp on top there it is.

The Hangar

At start of Moscow level there is in arch in front of you.
Turn around and to the left you will see a dome- go towards it.
Next to this there is a building. At the fifth window from the left, jump through the window.
Skate up the ramps until you see a box and jump into it.
It will tell you that you've found old skool level The Hangar.

Easier way to raise Ollie stats on sick mode

In Hawaii after you do the "Holy Hotel Gap" when get to Vancover go back to Hawaii.
Where you drain the pool next to the candy machine, there should be a door there ollie into it and you should get that stat pop up.

How to get on the roof of the hotel

(On the Hawwien level)
After you complete all the goals but the climb up the hotel, well this is how you climb it.
First you get on to the bus and then jump on to the hotel, then you turn left and walk around the ledge, jump the gap and climb the ladder, when you get to the top of the ladder you will see a long black rope.
Stay off your board and jump towards the rope and press r1 and hang on the rope. Go to the left and when you get to the end you jump again and press r1 to hang on the lege and then you climb up and you have made it!

Round up the gang

Four of the guys are easy to find but its difficult to find the 5th guy.
Go around the outside of the place where you skate the demo. You'll find him around there in the bush.


On new jersey go over the bridge and to the end of the road get yourself on top of it.
Walk around on the ledge and there should be an object floating get this and you get school 2 off thps2.
On Hawaii there is a statue of a tiki thing jump at it and you should go to 'evil tiki' at the end of the tunnel jump and you get Venice.
On moscow where you start turn around and go towards the dome there is a big red building the 5th window from the left is brakeable, jump through and DON'T grind the rail.
Get off your board if you havnt already then go up to the top not out the other window and you get the hanger mullet falls...!

Good way to get a high score

I haven't tried this in Tampa but in the park editor, if place down that boat thing like at Tampa where you do those tricks Bam Margera calls out.
Well in the park editor put it down and have a Quater pipe on the opposite side so there would be a spine there.
Get on it go where the little awning is don't get alot of speed do a spine transfer and you should go and get stuck, You can do spins tricks even specials just press L1 & R1 to get out of it.

2 messed up things

In the park editor make a rail at least the lenth of a block of ground and turn it into a area selection peice and save it.
Put the park size as small as possible and get a huge peice and earase the fence.
"This won't ruin your game" and put the rail against the blank wall and grind it when you fall off you're balance meter should be on forever until you ollie or something.
The the other is do a wall push against a wall and switch like a revert but on flat ground and that would stay on to.

Secrets at the end of the game

At the beginning of THUG when you start story mode you have a choice of which difficulty level you want to do.
Don't do too easy mode because it's way too easy and not as fun to do. When you do normal mode you have some different goals. After you beat the game in normal you unlock Iron Man.
His stats are at full. In medium when you beat the game you unlock Iron Man and Gene Simmons, the guitarist in the band KISS with the Ax guitar. Now sick mode is very hard. You have to be very good at the game to beat this one. If you do beat it you unlock Iron Man, Gene Simmons, and the THUG Monster that you see at the beginning of the game. The sick mode is very hard to beat.

Secret Hint:
You can also unlock levels from THPS2. You have to find the hidden ticket..

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