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Final Fantasy VII Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Guide
Final Fantasy VII Guide
The definitive ad ultimate guide to Final Fantasy VII by Absolue Steve. Ehanced only on SuperCheats with over 60 videos showing you his gamelay and ..
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Check out our huge collection of cheats that includes getting all the characters ultimate weapon, stamina recovery during races and easy victories in boss battles.

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We have 198 cheats and tips on PlayStation.If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy VII please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 4

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All Enemy Skills

Star/Enemy Skill/Learnt from/location
01/Frog Song/Touch Me/Gongaga
02/L4 Suicide/MU/Chocobo Farm Area
03/Magic Hammer/Razor Weed/Western Continent
04/White Wind/Zemzelett/Junon District
05/Big Guard/Beach Plug/Costa Del Sol Beach
06/Angel Whisper/Pollen SAlitas?North Crater
07/Dragon Force/Dark Dragon/North Crater
08/Death Force/Adamantaimai/West Continent
09Flame Thrower/Ark Dragon//Mythril Mine
10/Laser/Death Claw/Coral Posin
That is all from me today see ya.
More tommorow

Shinra mansion safe code.

The combination is:
Right 36
Left 10
Right 59
Right 97
Don't go past any of these numbers while entering this code.
Good luck.

Defeating Emerald Weapon

Hi everybody!Are you tired of repeatedly dying against Emerald Weapon?Well,I have the solution!!
First,choose your characters.I chose Cloud (obviously),Barret and Red XIII.
Second,equip these characters with their Ultimate Weapons and make sure they have their final limit breaks.
Third,equip materia:
Give Cloud Elemental-Lightning in a joined slot and also give him mime and a mastered HP plus.
Give one of your other characters (I chose Barret) Knights of the Round linked with MP Turbo and also give them W-summon and a mastered/4 star HP plus.You can give him mime ONLY if you have three of them.
Give your third character Mime and a mastered/4 star HP plus.Also give them a mastered Restore linked with All.
NOTE:If you use my tactic then you do not n..

Knights of the Round Materia

To get it breed chocobos until you have a gold and go to the NE island cave with the gold chocobo to get it.

Increased item trick

1. equip a character in your party with a W-item command materia.
2.when your party enters a battle, select the W-command by pressing the circle when it is his/her turn to fight.
3. now choose the item you wish to increase by pressing the circle again.
4. select the character you want to use the item on by pressing the circle.
5.when you return to the item screen, choose a different item than the one you selected before by pressing the circle.
6. press X (to cancel), circle (to activate), X, circle, X, circle.
7. by pressing these buttons continuously, you should see the number of the first item you initally selected increase steadily.

A decent sword before you leave

When you are in the "Shinra Building" after you have been caught and you broken out of the cell, you will be able to encounter a variaty of enemys the one you should look for is a soldier it's name is "SOLDIER 3rd class." you can steel a very strong sword from them it's called the "Hardedge." the next sword in the game is the "Forcesteeler" and you get that if you imprees Headiegger just befe you boad the Cargo Ship to Costa Del Sol.

Alexander Materia

I noticed that a guy said you couldn't get Alexander Materia, and that you could only use it with "master summon" Materia, well that isn't true.
To get Alexander summon, you go into the great glacier area, and find the hot spring, touch this and then find snow's cave, fight her, beat her, then you can pick up the Materia from in the cave.

Defeating Emerald Weapon

To defeat the Emarald Weapon you will need these things
Quadra Magic
Knights Of Round
Bahamut ZERO
First cast Knights Of Round then cast Bahamut ZERO with the Quadra Magic Materia with it. After have another character mime it. This will allow Bahamut ZERO to be cast 8 times. Then the Emarald Weapon will try to kill one of your party members. If he does, use phoenix to bring that character back to life. After start the combination all over again.
NOTE: Make sure your party members are at least at level 75.

Master Materia

Once you have mastered every materia of one type (Command, Magic, Summon, Support, Independant) go to Bugenhagen's Observetory in Cosmo Canyon. Examine the Huge materia that is the same coulour as the group you,ve mastered.
You will be given the Mastered materia of that Type.

chocobo classes

Ok here is the list of area of where to find a chocobo and what classes they will be:
Chocobo ranch area - poor,weak
Junon area - fair poor
Gold saucer area - good,average
Rocket town area - mediocre
Wutai area - average,fair
Icicle inn area - wonderful,weak
Mideel area - great,fair

better your odds of gold chocobo

Ok to get higher odds of gold chocobo fead the chocobos you are breading greens untill the speed,intellect and stamina is as high as it will go now race them at the gold saucer untill they reach 'S' class this will instantly highten your chances of breading the correct chocobos hope this helped

destroy cosmo canyon boss in one move

When you go to cosmo canyon in the first disc you will encounter a monster near the end of your visit I forget his name but to kill him in one move simply give him an x-potion and he will die straight away

Enemy Skill Materia modifier

I was messing around with the MASTER materia code to see if I could personalize my Enemy Skill materia so that I wasn't overpowered and also to compensate for missed skills, after a short while I discovered a pattern in the MASTER materia code and added a third line "3009CE63" since the previous two were "3009CE61" and "3009CE62", I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt to try. Well it had an affect:
3009CE61 00gh
3009CE62 00ij
3009CE63 00kl
H=1 "Frog Song"
H=2 "L4 Suicide"
H=3 "Frog Song" & "L4 Suicide"
H=4 "Magic Hammer"
H=5 "Frog Song" & "Magic Hammer"
H=6 "L4 Suicide" & "Magic Hammer"
H=7 "Frog Song", "L4 Suicide", & "Magic Hammer"
H=8 "White Wind"
H=9 "Frog Song" & "White Wind"
H=A "L4 Suicide" & "White Wind"

While racing the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R..

While racing the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your speed. To increase their stamina, hold R1 + R2.

While choosing a chocobo to race, press L1, L2, R1, R2 or any direction to pan, zoom and rotate the chocobo you're viewing.

In the begining (before the first boss) get Bolt..

In the begining (before the first boss) get Bolt
2.You will have a ton of money and EXP.Then the boss will be really easy
and the new charactors you get will be just as powerfull.The EXP. will
make future bosses easy and you can buy lots of potions etc.Tip don't
attack the first boss while his tail is up.
In the train grave yard press the ok button by the trash cans.

To get the contain materia get a mimett greens a..

To get the contain materia get a mimett greens and go to
Mideel and talk to the white chocobo and scratch behind its ears and voila
the chocobo will give you the contain materia.

The saved game picture changes according to slot..

The saved game picture changes according to slot saved in.
File 1 : cloud

File 2 : BARRET

File 3 : AERIS

File 4 : CAIT SITH

File 5 : RED XIII

File 6 : CID

File 7 : TIFA

File 8 : VINCENT

File 9 : YUFFIE

File 10: RUFUS

File 11: TSENG


File 13: RUDE

File 14: DAIN


Cloud's flashbackWhen Meteor has been summond, g..

Cloud's flashback

When Meteor has been summond, go to niblehem and go to the shinra mansion and go to the basment and cloud will have a flashback and remember how he became a mercernary! Trust me it's real cooooool!

P.S. it is not fake nether is my gost cheat.

When you fight Ruby Weapon, go in with two of yo..

When you fight Ruby Weapon, go in with two of you characters dead and then destory his stalks. It then won't suck away your other two people and you can revive them then for an easy win! you can then just pound away on Ruby until it's dead!

Feeding sources and enemy skill materia

Ok to get your party members to be stronger just keep feeding them sources like power, speed, vitality and they will be stronger and much hard to kill in battle. I also have a question about the enemy skill materia does anyone have it mastered and if you do could you tell me what one i'm missing cause I have all but one of them.

Broken drinks machine

The first time you visit the shinra tower you may have felt conned if you put gil into the drink machine and didn't get anything from it.
You know the machine in the gym? yes, no? well its the machine you repeatedly bashed hoping you would recieve somthing. ring any bells?
Anyway if you go to the machine when you vist the tower the second time in disc 2, you will get a couple of sources to build up your stats well worth the 200 gil no?

You lose mateira!!!!!

Right listen if you don't want to lose materia you will lisen to me right now after you obtain the highwind go downwards to the island (near the bottom right) and their a a town in a forest go their and tifa will over hear a conversation that a spikey-haried person with a big sword (cloud) was washed up they will tell you where to go to see him, when you see him he is totally parayzed he can't talk, walk nothing hes like a lifeless pupet then you wil see tifa talking to cloud and at the end you hear her say "i...(i think she says I love you but we don't get to hear the ove you :( ) wanyway back to the point after you collected 2 pieces of the huge materia go back to see cloud and tifa (she stays behind to look after cloud) and then you'll find weapon is attacking.
I hope you g..

Beat Jenova birth so easy (the one at forgotten city)

On your way to ancient city there should be a box before you get in the city it's under a log.
It has water ring, when you fight Jenova equip cloud with water ring then fight as you will see Jenova can't harm cloud any more.
His attacks keep curing cloud, keep attacking Jenova birth, its like cloud is invincible because jenova can't harm cloud.
Trust me this works, and leave your other team mate dead becasue it's just waste of magic.
Anymore tips or cheats, ask me by posting here!
Bye, Goodluck!

Super easy final fight

Simply beat Jenova by using physical attacks at the main target. Next you you split into 2 groups. Irecomond using Cid, Tifa and of couse Cloud.
equip there final limits (if not done before)and weapons.
I recomend giving 1x mastered Hp plus and 4x cut,destruct as well as typhoon to Cloud also give him sprint shoes.
Tifa: since her Hp is no where near Clouds give her2x Hp plus, and sense (usefull for bizzaro)
Cid:1x near mastered hp plus slash all and e-skill
(white wind and big guard just incase your weak)
1.just attack the target A and don't use the other party!
Since Cloud has haste make him use 4x cut,Sephiroth /should use wall and make someone use destruct,Cloud should be read..

How to get masamune blade

To get the masamune blade you must get 3000 points on the roller coaster ride.

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