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Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide



Stalingrad, Russia

September 17th, 1942

Co-op: No

We're turning back the clock now as we take control of Private Petrenko. With his allies overrun in the crucial battle of Stalingrad, fortunately the Nazi soldiers assumed he was dead and have moved on.

The scene of a Nazi massacre of your allies

Crawl to the right at the start and you will see Sergeant Reznov, a character who will guide you through the rest of the game (and voiced by Gary Oldman…). Get close enough so that he moves into a prone position and begins crawling away. Follow him until he stops by the wall. Crouch on his right hand side as he gives you his rifle.

You need to eliminate the Nazi soldiers in the street without alerting their entire force. Take out the two by the yellow car, one crouched and the other standing, once prompted by Reznov. The others in the street should not react to this if you time it correctly with the noise of the bombers flying overhead. Adjust your aim to look right. Headshot the soldier standing in the centre of the street. Any misses will alert the enemy and make escape all the more difficult.

Aim for the head of the third Nazi soldier

As he falls to the ground, his colleague, crouched next to him, will investigate before swivelling to aim at you. Despatch him before he gets the chance to fire.

TIP: It is possible, and fun, to use a single shot to take out a pair of enemies if lined up correctly.

Even further right by the steps leading up to one of the houses is another pair of soldiers. It is advisable to shoot the one on the steps that is facing you first, then as the other turns round to investigate, hit him between the eyes.

TIP: Make sure you have plenty of bullets in your gun before starting on a new target, as having to reload as one turns round can be crucially detrimental to your success.

With that, a guard and his German Shepard dog will come to investigate the corpses. Though the dog is arguably more of a risk, it is an easy target to hit even while un-scoped if you just back off from the hole in the wall of your hideout and wait for it to come through the gap. Take them both out in whichever order you prefer (the dogs can be pretty frightening!). Reznov will then lead you out into the street. A German tank has stumbled upon the bodies, so wait for his prompt before following into the burning buildings to the right.

DEATH CARD: Five of Diamonds (Cold Dead Hands)

 - Once Reznov leads you to the first building and opens the bar hatch to let you through, head to the left behind the bar rather than out of the door to collect the card.

Follow him through the insides and then out onto the street again. As he investigates the window of the building a sniper opens fire, so jump in after the Sergeant. Head upstairs after him and into the room with its external wall blown off. Take cover behind the pale chair in the middle of the room so you are protected from the sniper, who is in the building overlooking from across the street. Reznov will attempt to draw the sniper's fire, so watch carefully for where the muzzle flash comes from as the enemy takes the bait.

Make sure you spot the sniper as Reznov lures him out

If you miss this opportunity, you'll have to carefully edge around the room to get a line of sight on different parts of the building until you can see the enemy.

TIP: On easier difficulties, Reznov will lure the sniper more than once, as well as giving you hints on where he is.

He will use a decoy helmet to fool you on at least one occasion, so don't expose yourself even once you have the shot (though you don't lose much by returning to the checkpoint if you die). He seems to enjoy the right hand side of the building, on the third floor in particular. If you ensure you can only be hit from one side as you look for him, this narrows down his options in terms of positioning.

TIP: If you fire and miss, relocate to different cover.

Take him out, and follow Reznov out of the building.

Go prone by the window once you reach the ground floor and be prepared for a shock! The Nazi soldiers unleash their dogs on you, forcing a retreat through the building as they set it alight. Stay prone and crawl underneath the burning rafters. Shoot any soldiers in windows you can see, but don't go out of your way to do so. Once Reznov stands up, follow him further until the interactive scene where you need to jump out of the window.

Luckily we have some allies in the area. We now need to give them some sniper cover, so head up the ladder with Reznov.

Head up the ladder with Reznov

Once in place at the window and scanning the area with your sniper scope, target the backpack of a flamethrower soldier and fire a bullet into it to make it explode and wreak havoc amongst the enemy.

TIP: Wait for the flamethrower unit you are targeting to walk next to his comrades for massive damage!

Finish off the rest under the cover of the confusion, in particular a machine gun nest in the building opposite your position. There are also enemy snipers on the fire escapes and balconies of the surrounding buildings.

With the enemies thinning out, Reznov will lead you up higher into a bottleneck walkway which is soon to be overrun with enemies. Hang back in the room just before it opens up to the outside as enemies will appear and a pair of dogs will be unleashed. Once you hear them barking, back up as far as you can and hit them with an automatic weapon as they come through the door.

Stay in this room until the dog attacks have passed

With those nasty dogs defeated, move out into the open with Reznov. Fire down on the enemies below to help out your allies. Once the square is clear a checkpoint will be triggered as the enemy retreats below.

Clear the walkway of enemies.

An APC will then come rumbling into the square below, so use your sniper rifle to pick off the gunner before he has a chance to spot you. Another will come in from the left, so do the same (this one may well know you are here, so stay prone for a while so it can find a new target before continuing). Your allies will be working their way up to the top of the building, so watch your fire! Once you and they have co-operated to eliminate the majority of enemies, the checkpoint will clear.

Follow Reznov and clear the corridor when he halts. Turn left with him to emerge in another scene overlooking a grand square.

The main square which hosts the epic finale to this mission

The task is to kill General Amsel, which is easier said than done as he boasts a team of bodyguards particularly adept at killing opposition snipers!

They emerge from the hole in the wall of the large yellowish building adorned with banners to the left of the area. Take as many potshots at the group as you can while they run for cover. Take cover yourself however once they have time to steady their aim or you'll be on the end of a headshot bullet. Once they pass beyond the burned out tank you should be behind cover for the next shot, ideally relocated to a different section of the room. Do this for each enemy in his entourage that you kill. The General, if you have not yet killed him, will climb into a jeep allowing an easy shot. Steady your aim and take him out.

TIP: On the harder difficulties a sniper-bullet is a one-hit-kill for the player. The General's soldiers helpfully point at you once they know where you are, so either take them out quickly or relocate before they get the shot off.

Take out the General

This will trigger a series of grenades and explosives around your room. Follow Reznov running out the door, up the stairs, into the loft and then out of the window to complete the level.

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i think this level is based on the movie "enemy at the gates"
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how do you get vendetta on world at war on play station 3 bebause i don' have it.
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Great guide, really like the "Tips"!
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Nice guide thanks
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