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Black Cats

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide

Black Cats


South of Okinawa

April 3rd, 1945

Co-op: No

Now comes the only mission where we play as Petty Officer Locke. This is the second and final vehicular mission in the game.

This time we're flying.

We need to destroy the Japanese merchant ships as well as the PT Boats protecting them. Push the action button to switch turrets (when you are prompted to do this, you probably should – though the game will do it automatically after a while). Switch to the bow turret and take out the boats below. There should be three large boats (the merchant ships) and a number of smaller ones (the PT Boats) patrolling alongside them. They will fire at you, so make sure you don’t dawdle in taking them out.

Focus on the merchant ships for the main objective

Switch to the ventral (bottom) turret as you fly overhead and are prompted to do so to get some more hits on them. This is the perfect opportunity to take them out, as you are directly above them and can deal some real damage. Focus on hitting the main deck of the ship. Move to the right turret when prompted and keep the fire coming. To begin with this section is at long range, but eventually the pilot will pull up alongside the merchant ships and allow you to take them out. Aim for explosives and fuel canisters on the decks.

Move to the left turret to do the same on the other side. Once you're back on the right, focus on taking out the spotlights on the ships. Back on the bow you should now be able to finish them off.

Take out the merchant fleet

Your craft receives a distress call from the friendly fleet. We need to head in and deal with some Japanese planes that are terrorising them. There are too many to make a real impact on, but just try and blanket them with fire to take out as many as possible.

TIP: Firing a few metres in front of each plane allows time for the shots to reach them accurately.

After the initial moment of quiet, they will turn to attack you. Try to land as many vital hits on the front craft as possible.

Our allied plane is shot down, but at least the Zeros are gone for now. The team are making an impromptu landing to try to rescue and protect survivors from the fleet. Once you near the water, the enemy fighters begin attacking again, so keep that gunfire on them. Press the action button when prompted to rescue any survivors that manage to swim to the plane and haul them aboard. Keeping yourself alive should still be the priority however.

Rescue as many survivors as possible.

PT Boats will come in to try and disrupt the rescue operation, so make sure you take them out as quickly as possible (they are the smaller boats with the spotlights on). Switch turrets when prompted and keep the process going. Defend against the Zeros for one last time and allied craft come in to assist, making us clear for take-off and a remarkable escape.

Sit back as the escape is made.

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The level black cats isnt on WII
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