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Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide



September 16th, 1944


Co-op: Yes

Back in Call of Duty tradition, we are in a tank convoy, and this one is not as well-fated as the last.

Wait patiently for the incoming doom

Your pleasant sojourn through the forest is interrupted by anti-tank positions raining down fire on your convoy. Press the action button to hop off the tank and take cover. Move up to the log on the left where your allies are also taking cover and use the beastly machine-gun the game generously provides you with to suppress the enemy.

Move to the log on the right hand side to find targets once they thin out on the other side, and repeat this process until the area is clear. You will have to throw back more than your fair share of grenades too. Use the BAR to pick off enemies at range, though it has to be said that the machine-gun is probably the way to go here for the mostpart. Once your allies begin to fall you should be able to pick up a Garand if you want a more tactical approach.

Try to pick up a Garand to take out the more distant enemies

Begin to force your way up on the left, taking out the enemies amongst the undergrowth. Many will be difficult to spot, but if you move slowly, especially if prone, you should be able to make progress. Once you reach a certain trigger your allies will push up too.

TIP: As tempting as sprinting to cover is, in this section you may accidentally step on Banzai soldiers!

Climb up the bank of the river and use the height and bushes to mask your movement, though it should be said that you may step on at least one Banzai attacker hiding in the grass! A decent tactic is to sprint for good cover (there are a few rocky outcrops which are nearly impenetrable) and then wait for the Banzai's to come to you.

You will eventually come up on the anti-tank locations with a good flanking position and your team now in support. Grenade them out of their holes and finish off the rest with gunfire. Clear the front sandbag position then use it as cover to take out the remainder.

Fight your way up the riverbed to take out the anti-tank position

Head into the bunker at the top of the hill to get a Garand and Trench Gun if you want them, before moving on to the right with the rest of the squad. Clear the decks below the hill, then move down the slope. Once you have killed enough enemies, the tanks will roll in and squash the rest. Move past the AA emplacement to the next piece of cover heading roughly south. Clear the area of enemies, bearing in mind that these Japanese in particular have a penchant for throwing grenades at you with nastily short fuses. You will come in range of a shanty village (the last anti-tank position), so use a rifle to take out any threats.

Clear the collection of run-down shacks

Head up the hill now, jump over the log, and you can flank a few enemy soldiers. Your squad will join you, allowing the push forwards. Run down into the trench to use its wall for cover at the earliest opportunity. Shoot through the barbed wire at any foes in sight as your friendly flame tanks move in to finish the job. Follow the tanks as they push on, assisting by taking out the enemies around them.

You need to fight your way into the cave at the far end of the area. Use the sandbags as cover to push into the cavern. Head on through the narrow cave with the biggest and noisiest gun you can to keep the enemy suppressed. Once it opens up into a larger room, get behind the first row of cover and pick off the targets.

Assault the large room

Take the left hand path as the caves narrow again, stopping to turn right into the hallway half-way to get the Death Card.

DEATH CARD: Nine of Diamonds (Flak Jacket)

 - Turn right half-way between the two large rooms in the caves to find it.

Return to the corridor and fight your way through until it widens once more. Take cover with the squad at the earliest opportunity inside the room so you can clear it more easily. Clear the enemies off the artillery guns and regroup with your squad when prompted as they gaze at the scenery outside the caves to complete another level.

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Jul 22nd 2013 Guest
I got rid of the lmg ass quickly as I could. love the fire speed but hate the reload
ID #299394
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
Yeh i am real stuck there.
ID #112358
Feb 26th 2011 Guest
me too. Stuck in the Artillery room with the level complete because my squad won't regroup? Help!
ID #30578
Jan 25th 2011 Guest
ya so i clear out the artillery room and stand at the window but wtf it wont"complete" ive done this a dozen times and still nothing
can anyone help me??
ID #26756
Oct 27th 2010 Guest
hi guys i complete the level and get to the artillery room, clear it out and my squad looks out over the beach, but the level won't `'complete`' i've been through it numerous times and the same thing happens- any help????
ID #16427