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Burn 'em Out

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide

Burn 'em Out


September 15th, 1944


Co-op: Yes

This is a relatively straightforward level. We are continuing the push towards the airfield on Peleliu, this time assisted with a flamethrower to burn out the Japanese soldiers from their hiding places.

The flamethrower makes this level a relative doddle

Move through the initial trenches, clearing a path with your flamethrower.

TIP: The flamethrower has surprisingly good range, so use it to kill enemies both in the trenches and above them.

The mission is to take out the three enemy mortar pits. Throw some smoke grenades to cover your path before moving out of the first area. Once round the corner, turn on the flames to cook the enemy in their trenches.

Take out all the early enemies using the flamethrower

Follow the trench north and use a combination of grenades and flames to take out the enemies in the first mortar pit. Watch out for Japanese soldiers on the side of the trenches however, as they can pick you off quickly if you don't switch to your Garand. Take it slow as you move into the open area, picking off any enemies in the way. Use the cover behind the barrels at the entrance to the pit to clear the vicinity.

For the bunker beyond the open area just run in with your flamethrower activated and you should be able to burn out all the enemies within. Head back out and in the direction of the next mortar pit with this done. Stay aware of the numerous enemies that are sure to be lining the sides of the trenches, particularly as the trench turns from earth walls to wooden supports. As you round the corner and the trench-walls become earth again, watch for snipers in the trees and Banzai attackers on the ground.

Watch for enemies in the trees as well as down low

Follow the path through, relying on your flamethrower until the trench opens out again. Clear the area (it will be something of a battle of attrition) and then either head into the bunker on the left for the Death Card, or up the slope to the right to head to the next mortar pit.

DEATH CARD: Queen of Hearts (Vampire)

 - It's in the bunker to the left as the trench slopes up into an open field on the right.

Once up the slope, loose some grenades into the pit to easily take out the mortar crew and its defenders.

Move straight through the pit and out the other side once the objective has been checked off. It won't be long before you need to use a gun with good range, such as the Arisaka, to pick off the distant enemies at the trench walls. Watch also for Banzai attacks. With the ranged targets eliminated, switch back to the flamethrower and continue through the tight trenches, burning out any enemies within.

You will come to a trench with a bunker entrance on the right and an open area with camouflaged snipers at its end straight ahead. Throw a smoke grenade and clear the bunker, then emerge back in the trench and clear the area. Flame the next bunker before heading through the narrow passage which leads towards the final mortar pit.

The bunker on the left is a dead end, but still needs to be cleared. The one on the right heads towards our objective

Move into the narrow corridor, using fire to clear the initial area. Take cover behind the barrels once it opens up and pick off the enemies at the end of the room. This may take some time on higher difficulties, with attrition being the way to go.

TIP: While the flamethrower is great at close quarters, be careful not to use it next to any explosive red barrels!

Getting through the bunker

With that done, follow the slope out and into the final mortar pit, which boasts numerous enemies and a couple of Banzai runners. Clear the area and the mission is complete once your allies have regrouped.

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Comments for Burn 'em Out

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Mar 20th 2015 Guest
Anyone figured out why the don't regroup yet?
ID #530837
Oct 24th 2013 Guest
Lost my flamethrower what can I do now??
ID #316127
Jan 12th 2013 Guest
same as last mortal pit and nothing doin
ID #241833
Jan 8th 2012 Guest
You didnt kill all enimies
ID #103931
Dec 31st 2011 Guest
i know! it took me 3 days to complete that mission all because my men just stand outsisde its as if im superman or sumthing
ID #101162
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
Same Here I cant get mine to regroup
ID #88800
Oct 9th 2011 Guest
i am stuck with two troops still in the tunnel, why is no one answering this?
ID #79369
Aug 17th 2010 cowhorse
how do i get my guys regroup help me please
ID #9265
Aug 9th 2010 Angelo 74
I cannot get my soldier to regroup, Two remain down in the trench and wont come up into the mortar pit, I went all the way back and see if i left someone else but no, how can i make them to regroup?
ID #8170
Aug 4th 2010 Guest
Mine will not regroup either. What do I do?
ID #7503
Jul 9th 2010 Guest
I got the same problem :(
ID #3724