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Makin Map

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War - Multiplayer Guide

Makin Map

The only night time map in the game (which has since also had a free day version released, entitled Makin Day [see below]) provides numerous opportunities to be sneaky, helped by a high tide from the sea which allows players to camouflage themselves against and in the black water. Despite this, the map is frantic and tough to get kill-streaks on. By far the best place for this is in the centre of the walkways that jut out over the water. At the dead end (which also has a ladder down to the sea) where there is a tower, you and one or two others should be able to hold the portion from the three directional threat.

Enemies will attack from the sea, up the ladder and along the walkway. Unless they have Deep Impact, you should be able to hold out here and rack up the kills. Other proficient tactics come from using Deep Impact to fire into the round houses, which generally should be skirted around unless you are confident in your reflexes or the power and fire rate of your gun. The walkways are also pretty much death-traps, but if you are quick enough along them you can use them to get the jump on the enemy and get some quick kills together.

It's always advisable to lob a grenade into any of the roundhouses before entering or passing through, as most players regularly use these easily-flankable buildings for ill-advised respite throughout a match. One must be very careful when navigating Makin, as potentially you can be shot from all sides and above/below. Only with your back facing the sea or the edge of the level can you be truly safe from one side (and even then a dog attack may be activated!).

The tower in Makin

Gun Selection: The open areas to the back of the map and around the edges make sniping possible, but machine guns are by far the modus operandi of Makin. Shotgunners can have some fun on the walkways, but won't get much of a streak going due to the extreme likelihood that they will be shot from below or the sides. The BAR or any Light-Machine Gun is a good recommendation here, though it should be said that the pay-off between higher visibility (clearly crucial on such a dark map) and power needs to be carefully considered, and you may find yourself preferring an MP40 or Thompson-esque weapon.

Rifles can be employed in the areas away from the centre of the map, firing upon the walkways and buildings, or stationed in the tower and firing out.

Perk Selection: The stealth perks come highly recommended for Makin, flanking the enemy in the dark to unleash a torrent of bullets upon them is very satisfying indeed. Explosives don't have too much of a role on this map, largely due to the multitude of routes through each area, so those perks are only really down to personal favourites. Deep Impact is probably the most useful perk on Makin, to splinter through the wooden cover, buildings and walkways on the map.

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