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Castle Map

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War - Multiplayer Guide

Castle Map

Castle is made up of two large, and important, main buildings, and another one which doesn't have a lot of impact on the gameplay. The first is made up of a large room, dotted with various pillars and nooks to hide behind, as well as a tower which is accessible from both sides of the building. This gives great views over the courtyard but is exposed to blind grenades. On the other hand, it is worth chucking an explosive through the window in the wall from the courtyard end (south) as there is very frequently an enemy in there.

The second building is set low in the pit of the level. It features internal areas and steps leading up to a balconied walkway, a high tower and another room which overlooks the courtyard to the east. This is a hotspot of activity and is a good section of the map to hold. The tower provides good views of the level and is only accessible from the walkway. Planting Bouncing Betties on the stairs going down to the lowest section of the level (the gardens of the castle) will reward you with a couple of kills, but it's also an idea to regularly check these steps to get the jump on enemies clambering up them.

The courtyard and garden with steps leading up to the castle should be avoided where possible, as the snipers from both towers will be able to pick you off with ease. Generally the map's main encounters take place in close quarters with one team attempting to siege one of the towers.

The castle

Gun Selection:

The pair of towers in this map makes a sniper rifle a viable option. Just be sure your whole team doesn't follow suit or you'll be ripped apart by enemy SMGs. An alternative to this, but still making use of the towers, is to take a gun with a bipod attachment. You can then mount this up high and rain down bullets upon the enemy with impressive accuracy. For those that don't fancy staying in one place for the whole game however, the map supports a variety of weapon types. While the gunplay is largely at close quarters, a bolt action rifle which allows you to pick off snipers and take on medium range enemies is a nice option to have.

In the buildings however, you will feel inept without a gun with a relatively fast rate of fire. As is often the case, the BAR is a good choice for its multi-functionality, and anyone who goes for their favourite machine gun won't be disappointed. Unless you are looking for a bipod weapon, the smaller the gun the better, as it's quite important to have a good view of all angles while defending or rushing the main areas.

Due to the close quarters play Tabun Gas as special grenades deserves a mention, though Bouncing Betties may be too hard to resist on such a predictable map.

Perk Selection:

Primary Grenades x2 is a cracking choice in slot one for this map. The two clear areas of activity mean throwing a relatively random grenade can often reward you with many kills if you just get it in a good position. Bouncing Betties can get you a few kills, again due to the hotspots in the map where you can generally guarantee enemies – snipers in particular will want to pick this perk.

In slot two, apart from Stopping Power or Juggernaut, Fireworks matches up well with taking an extra primary grenade, Double Tap may give you a bit of help in the rooms if you choose to take a rifle or slow firing weapon, and finally Overkill allows you to take both a sniper or rifle and a machine gun for those packed rooms.

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