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Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide



The Reichstag, Berlin

April 30th, 1945

The final level in the game – clearing out the Reichstag.

Reznov is leading us for one final push

Follow the team through the winding corridors until they open up into a large room with staircases on either side. Stay in cover behind the main barricade and pick off the nearest enemies. Move to the left and take that side of the room, underneath the arches in the dark.

Get rid of all the Germans in this section of the room

Look back into the centre of the room and shoot the Germans off the short scaffolding platform if you haven't already done so. Move back towards the centre of the room and you should find yourself at the bottom of the stairs. Work your way up, clearing them of enemies as you go.

Follow Reznov up the next lot of steps, through the corridors and stop with him at the next stairs. Lob a grenade through the open door to stir up the Nazis and continue through the corridors, stopping to enter the next door on the right to get the Death Card.

DEATH CARD: Two of Spades (Victory)

 - In the corner of the room where a Russian and German were struggling – you can enter through the next door along to the one you first see.

Continue down the corridors and head up the stairs to the balcony once you come in sight of the German eagle.

Directly in front of you once you reach the top of the stairs is another PTRS-41 sniper rifle, so pick it up and get cracking! Lie prone and snipe through the banisters for greatest effect, though in reality you really shouldn't come under any fire. Once the flamethrower troops come in be sure to whack them in the fuel tank so they cause splash damage as well. Once the objective complete notice comes up and you are told to clear the ground floor, move to the right around the gallery to find Reznov. Wait for him to open the door and follow him through.

Down the steps you will find yourself a few metres above the ground level.

Assaulting the ground floor

Deal with the flamethrower troops who follow after the regular soldiers have been wiped out. Step out into the floor of the parliament yourself with the area clear. Collect the Panzershreck awaiting you in the centre of the room by Reznov, and fire a rocket at the German eagle above the stage. Once it falls to the ground, switch away the Panzershreck for a more appropriate weapon and regroup with your allies by the door leading out of the area.

Follow Reznov as he bursts the door down and climbs the stairs to another gallery area. Take cover behind one of the wooden outcrops and lay down some fire to the right. Use a combination of grenades and rifle fire to begin clearing the right hand side of the room of enemies.

Use whatever means necessary to clear the right hand side of the room

Move through along the gallery, using the wooden-but-stable items of furniture as cover.

Fight through the Reichstag gallery

Turn right when you get the opportunity and you will find yourself in a grey-lit set of corridors. Follow them until you get to some steps and a massive glass-roofed building. Use the steps as cover and pick off the enemies in the distance. Get behind the large concrete rubble for cover, and then move to the items of rubbish providing cover just in front of the large central cavity.

Clear a route heading left and dash into the door on the far left hand side, dealing with any enemies inside.

TIP: Move up on the left through the dark rooms for the easiest route.

Emerge out of the other door and focus on the Germans by the wooden scaffolding at the head of the area. Move forward and enter the next passage on the left to get nearer the scaffolding with no risk. Once it's clear your squad will move up. Follow them through the gap underneath the scaffolding and onto the roof for the finale. Pick up the flag as the building transitions onto the balcony with the action button.

Get the flag on your way out onto the roof

With the flag in hand walk towards the Nazi one flying on the balcony. Jump over the wall, let the scene play out, then place the flag on the stand with the action button.

With that, the game is complete. Your reward? Cheats for all the Death Cards you discovered for co-op mode, as well as the fantastic Nazi Zombies game mode.


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