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Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide



April 24th, 1945

Berlin, Germany

Co-op: Yes

The Nazi army is on its last legs and down to the last soldiers defending Berlin. That's not to say it's going to be an easy fight however!

The battle has reached Berlin.

Head down the water-logged corridor to meet Reznov. Follow him to see some fellow Russians terrorising a Nazi soldier. Follow them out, across the roof and then back inside the building. Go down the staircase and through the rooms until you get to some allies covering before the next area. Take cover yourself behind the seat in the middle of the room to get a great view of the Germans in position ahead.

Use this chair for cover before opening fire on the Germans.

Lob a couple of grenades in there to flush them out and then pick them off. You should be able to move in fairly quickly after first contact. Watch out as you round the next corner however, as there are Nazis stationed in the corridor waiting to get some heavy hits on you. Head down the stairs cautiously, taking out the enemies on the way.

At the bottom, fire to the right through the hole and into the room beyond to eliminate the first few targets. Move through, hugging the left hand wall, and get into cover behind the furniture in the corner. Take out as many of the Germans at the other end of the room as you can, before moving up on the right, through the doorway, to partially flank the rest. There are very few ranged weapons on this level, so take your time to search any bodies for a rifle. If you are stuck with short ranged guns, use grenades to take out those clustered at the other end of the room and move on.

DEATH CARD: Ace of Spades (Undead Soldier)

 - Rather than head onto the first floor of the balconies ahead, turn right and drop through the hole into the fire-filled room below. The Death Card is behind the ramp you land on.

TIP: By taking the Death Card route through the gap in the ceiling, you come out on the ground floor of the balconied room. From here, you can go into one of the corridors leading off and miss all the Nazis in the horrible room – your AI squad-mates will push up and deal with them instantly for you!

If you don't fancy the Death Card route and want to kill all the enemies yourself, stay on the upper level as it opens up into the balconied area, and a rifle becomes essential. There are enemies with Panzershrecks stationed directly opposite where you emerge, so as soon as you are on the balcony sprint to the left and go prone behind the sandbags. Here, the explosives will not kill you (throw back any grenades), and you can edge out and pick off the Germans while they are focusing on your allies.

See off the Panzershreck units

Once your team move forwards and the enemies on the opposite balcony have been taken out, move across the top of the stairs and round the other side, watching out for a machine-gunner who is likely to be stationed in the first corridor. Pass by it and enter the one next to it, the farthest to the left and in the corner of the room. Move down to the end of the corridor and out into the room at the back, watching for enemies who may flank you from the other corridors.

Head down the steps where you shouldn't see any enemies to meet up with Reznov. Once the area darkens, crouch to stay under the level of the smoke which otherwise clouds your vision. Once you get to the flaming wall on the left, get up close to the gaps in it and pick off the Germans you can see walking about on the other side. They'll run around like headless chickens but shouldn't know where you are. Once they run off or are killed, continue to follow the corridor as it moves out of the flames.

When you get to some steps, make sure the left entrance is clear before crossing into the door ahead.

The cost of not looking both ways

In the next room use the set of windows to clear the area outside. There are a lot of Germans in not-very-good cover, so you should have no trouble dealing with them. Vault directly out of one of the windows and into the small piece of cover on the other side. Clear any remaining enemies in the room and move through stealthily; you should be able to catch a few Germans off-guard and looking the wrong way.

The next room is much harder to break into. Enemies are positioned in the windows so you have to use attrition tactics to take them out. Use a rifle and hit them one at a time until the room is clear for entry.

Use your rifle to clear the next area

Push up to the windows and then around the corner through the derelict part of the building. Shooting anyone in your way, move to the gap in the outside wall on the right. We have now flanked the enemy, so lob a grenade at the two Nazis by the sandbags closest to your position.

Use a grenade to make the flank count

Finishing off the rest shouldn't be difficult with their attention diverted elsewhere. Sprint down into the street and behind the sandbags. Make sure you are facing left (in relation to the building we just exited) as that is where the next enemies are. Fight along the street, using the tanks to draw enemy fire and then picking them off in the windows and doorways of the buildings. Move up using the sandbag points on the right hand side as the squad push up with you.

TIP: Hang back from entering the square until the tank takes out the machine gunners or you will be taken out quickly. Ignore the advice to stand next to the tank when it flashes up on screen too, as it will shortly be destroyed.

Head past the smoking tank and you will come upon the entrance to the Metro. Feel free to execute the Germans in the entrance if you wish, or let your squad do it.

A moral choice, but one with little effect.

With that, rockets will begin hurtling down, so enter the Metro system yourself.

Move through the corridors, across the walkway over the platform and down the other side. Eventually you will come to a right hand turn with the first enemies of the Metro in sight. Stay on the left-hand platform and move up, clearing any Germans in sight. When the lights go off you can feel free to carry on as normal, despite Reznov's fears. When you get to the doorway on the left, enter it and clear the room. This will give you an easy flank of any enemies still outside. Bear in mind also that another Russian team is moving up on the right hand platform. The Germans that they are fighting can also shoot at you!

You will soon get to a barbed-wire barricade just ahead of a train carriage, complete with mounted machine gun. Take it out, and then you need to switch sides and join up with your friends on the right using the concrete slope allowing you to climb out of the water-logged tracks. Use the same tactics as before to move up and take out enemies both ahead and to the left in the train carriage. Enemies will be triggered to appear as you move up.

TIP: A good tactic is to move up and trigger the enemies, then drop back into better cover.

Stay in cover and push up slowly

There are more carriages and side-rooms to the left and right as you move further on, so make sure you check all sides before rushing in anywhere. Follow your squad into the carriage once the dead end in the tunnel is reached. Assist them in clearing the area immediately after it. Go and wait near (but not too near) the barricade, as enemies will shortly be bearing down on you. Use the central item of rubble for the best cover, and attack the enemy until the grand finale takes matters out of your hands to complete the level.

This is good cover right at the end of the level

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Comments for Eviction

16 comments, latest first.
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Mar 15th 2014 Guest
I absulutly completely hated this mission . u have to restart the whole level if reznov gets stuck on the damn door
ID #364447
Jun 24th 2013 mknipes79
If Reznov is not with you at the end, then you are going to have to restart the level. It did the same to me several times. Unfortunately, restarting the level is the only way to get past this glitch.
ID #292572
Sep 15th 2012 Guest
im stuck how do you trigger finale
ID #186383
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
This has to be the stupidest COD I've played. How the hell are you supposed to get past this?
ID #164801
Oct 13th 2011 Badgerpaul
When you enter the subway, make sure the man who opens the gate leaves befor you do he is the one who opens the door at the end which starts the water flood.
ID #80007
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
is there some way to fix this problem because if i cant finish this mission i wont be able to go further. and ive tried to wipeout the enemy soldiers but they keep respawning out of nowhere. maybe you are supposed to not shoot them and let them come at u so the rockets can take them out. i just might try that. well i hope someone finds the answer to the problem.
ID #72025
Aug 14th 2011 Guest
Eviction / "Quickly, Follow Me to the Metro"
I Died Just before the rockets started falling & keep coming back to life
at a point where someone is yelling quickly follow Me into the Metro, if I attempt to Follow they get Killed & then the Narrow hallway is blocked & will not allow me to enter, If I quickly Run to the Metro Entrance Marked
"U" I get into the tunnel & then Im abrubtly not allowed to proceed any further... I have been at this for over an hour & its getting Frustrating to say the least.. do I need to Re-play the entire Level ??????
Has this happened to anyone else ?? Im thinking that its a timing issue
& that I just cant get to the Tunnel fast enough from the Checkpoint, Any thoughts
ID #67028
Jul 23rd 2011 Guest
I'm with everyone this sucks :P i've died like 30 times trying to figure out how to trigger the final thing.
ID #60550
Jun 30th 2011 Guest
does any one know what you got to do
ID #53645
May 7th 2011 Guest
Ok so I've been sitting here and nothing is working
ID #41924
Apr 24th 2011 Guest
me to that crazy freakn glitch
ID #39416
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
same thing here
ID #36975
Feb 13th 2011 Guest
same thing i keep doin it and more and more just keep comin out
ID #29105
Dec 28th 2010 Guest
I second the motion, the stupid grand finale wont trigger!
ID #22906
Nov 30th 2010 Guest
im at the end of this and yet i have done everything to get past the level but yet its been 30min and still nothing can u help ??
ID #19785