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Hangar Map

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War - Multiplayer Guide

Hangar Map

This is a frantic, medium sized map that focuses on, you guessed it, a large hangar. While generally there is not much space on this map for long range combat, the hangar is sufficiently large that scoped weapons can be used very effectively, and indeed can provide a critical advantage here.

The outside areas are neither particularly noteworthy nor important, though the most-travelled route into the hangar, a pile of rubble leading to the upper floor, is easily defended. Said defenders will crowd around the small hole, so a rifle grenade or RPG into there can cause carnage. Some killing does admittedly take place around this area, as people seek to take the offensive. Inside the small hole is a tough-to-defend room, with walkways then spreading out to the rest of the hangar. These walkways are great locations for rifle-based players, but can be easily suppressed from below.

On the lower level players make use of the abundance of cover and sweeping views of the upper area.

The hangar supports many different play-styles

Gun Selection: While machine-guns are certainly the most consistently effective weapon on this map, rifles should not be ignored as they can be crucial in defending the hangar. Staking out the lower level and using a rifle to take out incoming enemies, both above you and in your vicinity is crucially important in all game modes. Defending the hole is also helped greatly by a rifleman. Snipers won't find much joy on Hangar, except in the hangar itself, and then they will be easy targets for virtually any gamer. Shotguns are not terribly useful, despite the map's closeness in places. For defending the hole room they can be effective. Tabun Gas grenades are a great way to storm the entry points to the hangar, while Bouncing Betties and Satchel Charges are great ways to defend them.

Perk Selection: The explosive perks which have already been overly-mentioned can help gain entry to the hangar. Bomb Squad can eliminate the proliferation of Bouncing Betties and their risk to your team that litter this map after just a few minutes. Deep Impact is very useful for getting through the hole in the building, as well as for shooting through the walkways and generally raining bullets on the more populated areas of the map.

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