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Multiplayer Hints and Tips

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War - Multiplayer Guide

Multiplayer Hints and Tips

Anti-Tank Strategy:

Most Call of Duty gamers will not be fans of the tanks, though they can get players a serious number of kills due to their massive firepower and ridiculous armour. To take them out, Satchel Charges are the best bet. Either use them as remote-detonation mines (place them in the road and then detonate them as a tank comes past), or use smoke or sheer daring to plant them right next to the tank. Don't bother putting them on the shell of the tank as the weakest point of the vehicle is its underside. Failing that, put one on the back section. Anti-Tank Grenades are, as the name suggests, pretty effective in that they stick to the first thing they hit, making them ideal for long-range attacks on tanks from cover.

[video-to-go-here=codwawmpm2.wmv title=Taking on a tank with a RPG is a recipe for death]

If you use these inaccurately you will have no chance of destroying a tank, as most players will only have a complement of one grenade. Stick it on the back of the tank or underneath it (you should be able to throw it pretty close to the underside) and you can get it in conjunction with a satchel charge nearby. Surprisingly, RPGs are not that effective and you will usually exhaust your ammunition for one life before the tank is destroyed. Having said that, aiming at the rear of the tank will dramatically increase your chances, but if you're going for any anti-tank class, Satchel Charges and Anti-Tank Grenades are the way to go.

If the tank is producing black smoke, one shot from any explosive weapon or grenade should then be enough to finish it off. A very good tactic if you have an Artillery Strike spare is to use it on the tanks. With plenty of warning most infantry can find shelter by the time your strike hits, but getting out of a tank (many gamers are very possessive of their vehicles) takes time and you should be able to get a guaranteed kill if you target an active tank specifically.

If there is a gunner on the tank then you have a great opportunity for an easy kill. Just make sure the tank hasn't spotted you (preferably only attempt this when there is no Recon Plane in the sky) and pick off the target.

[video-to-go-here=codwawmpm3.wmv title=Killing a tank turret enemy]

Kill Streaks:

Upon achieving 3, 5 and 7 kills in a row without dying, you are able to activate a series of special moves. The Recon Plane, Artillery Strike and Dogs respectively. It is probably worth using them as quickly as possible, as once you get to 5 or 7 kills it wipes out the previous special move if you haven't yet used it. Once you get to 5 kills, call in a strike and stay out of the way in case you get two kills to boost you up to a dog attack. Once you get 7 kills, depending on whether you are trying to get a new streak record for your profile, it's almost worth dying as the dogs will likely get you at least 5 kills and thus another artillery strike. Once at 7 kills, the moves don't reset, so a 14 kill streak won't get you two sets of dogs over that period, rather you have to die to be able to really make use of your dog attack's kills.

Recon Plane: Activated after 3 kills, this shows all the enemies on the map unless they're using the Class 2 Camouflage perk. It lasts for 30 seconds, showing enemies as red dots on your radar. You can then follow and seek out enemies – especially useful if they don't have a recon plane active. They become indispensable if you're hoping to win a Team Deathmatch game. It's not a bad tactic to wait for a friendly to get an artillery strike, though obviously it's wise not to use it while someone else has currently got one active!

Artillery Strike: Following a 5 kill streak, this acts similarly to the air strike in Modern Warfare, but blanket bombs an area in a rough circle rather than a line. It's wise not to use it where friendlies may be if friendly fire is on, and remember that you can be killed by your own strike, so watch where you put it! When you activate it you call up a map and pick the spot you want it to hit. With a recon plane active you can physically see where the enemy are, but it's an idea to put it where you envisage your team meeting the enemy if they're not already engaged. Targeting a specific enemy is unlikely to yield kills due to the delay from calling the strike to it actually hitting.

Calling in an artillery strike

Dogs: 7 kills in a row without dying will earn you the ability to call in a Dog Attack. This unleashes a pack of dogs on your enemies for 60 seconds. Any dogs that are killed in this time will respawn until either the kill limit or time limit is reached. Dogs have 100 health and do a whopping 90 damage, so are a great weapon to use. As well as giving you a full 10 for every person they kill, with an average of around 5 kills per attack, they reveal a lot about enemy positions. Most people will use either their primary or secondary weapon at some point against the dogs, meaning that they act as a basic Recon Plane. Few players on the map should escape them, as they are trained to seek out anyone, anywhere, and when they fire, they will appear on the Radar for your team to hunt down. As well as this, you can physically follow the dogs and kill whoever they find – while the enemy may choose to fire at you for the maximum points, you shouldn't have any trouble taking them out with the dogs mauling their legs. If you don't mind stealing kills, following another team-mate's dogs is a good way to find enemies and shoot the targets while they are under attack from the hounds.

Dog Defence:

It is important to listen to your team's spokesman as well as your team-mates in your headset to learn when the dogs are coming. Unlike the artillery, there is no indicator on the RADAR as to whether the dogs are on your team or not. The first sign you have after it is announced over the radio is you or your team-mates being attacked! The best strategy whenever there is a dog attack is to find a room with very few entrances (upstairs in a detached building is always good) and hunker down. Watch the entrance from a distance and use a quick-fire weapon to take out any dogs that come and get you. Rather than reloading, either switch to a pistol, or, if the dogs are right up close, use your knife or bayonet. You should be able to survive one bite before you'll be overwhelmed and killed.

A crucial point to note is that regardless of how many you kill, they will continue to respawn for 60 seconds or until the kill limit is reached. Once this happens, any not engaged will leave the map. While this may make it sound like a fruitless endeavour to pursue and seek out the dogs, like some players did in Call of Duty 4 with the helicopter, you now get 3 points for each one you kill. If you're struggling for points in the game, it's not a bad idea to lure the dogs to you and rack up the points.

Dogs have 100 health in regular games and 30 in Hardcore. Yes, that's the same as human players, meaning that you will probably need to get at least two direct hits on it (or one melee strike) before they die. Clearly they are not as lethal as human players due to the fact that they can't attack you from distance, but in packs they are a definite force to be reckoned with.

Nazi Zombies:

Everyone's favourite new game mode, Nazi Zombies asks you to team up with friends against hordes of zombies. Nazi Zombies. The mode takes place in the main building of the Airfield level, but with the lights out and windows boarded up. Points are awarded for kills, headshots and repairing the barricades as the zombies try to climb them. You can then use these points to purchase new weapons or ammunition with which to fight the horde.

It's not as simple as that however. Additional rooms are provided to lure you away from the starting point. These cost points to access, but boast better weaponry than the initial room. Once opened however, they provide a torrent of new access points for the zombies to get through, and essentially make keeping the barricades in good repair impossible.

The best tactic is debatable, but purchasing better weapons is essential, and good teamwork even more-so. More levels have been confirmed for downloadable content. Enjoy.

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Comments for Multiplayer Hints and Tips

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Jul 28th 2015 Guest
ID #590654
Jan 31st 2013 Guest
nightmare2 its not hard at all i got to round 17 solo by staying in a corner with a mg42 and a double barrel sawn off with grip.
ID #248203
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
the text i think should be broken down into smaller paragraphs orbullet points to make to easier to read.
ID #156296
Oct 9th 2010 nightmare2
Nazi Zombies are the best.

The first map is the hardest because it is so small. Best thing to do is either not go upstairs or clear both staircases but don't open the door.

ID #14751
Jul 28th 2015 Guest
ID #590655