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Upheaval Map

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War - Multiplayer Guide

Upheaval Map

Upheaval is very similar to Outskirts in environment, but there are no vehicles and it is far more sniping orientated. There are tonnes of houses on the map, all of which make decent sniping spots. Of course, the very fact that you can get kills from these windows suggest that there is also something to be said for the rest of the map, the open sections. The train tracks and carriages provide cover for close and medium-range players, and the network of buildings make sneaking up on snipers nice and easy. Just watch out for Bouncing Betties!

Upheaval's holey buildings are a haven for enemy snipers.

The small alleyways and fences mean if you stay crouched and using the correct perks you can effectively move through the map, taking out enemy snipers, all the while hidden from view.

Gun Selection: This is very much down to personal preference. Even the shotguns have a role as guaranteed one-hit-kills when clearing sniper buildings. Snipers will want to take Bouncing Betties with them, and cooked explosive grenades are probably the best for clearing rooms before entering.

Perk Selection: Upheaval is a great stealth map. A particular favourite is a combination of Bomb Squad in slot one, Camouflage in slot two, and Dead Silence in slot three. This allows you to see snipers' Bouncing Betties, ensure they can't see you sneaking up on them using a UAV plane, and also that they can't hear you as you trundle up the stairs to their position. Pick a silenced gun or do the dirty using a knife and you'll be in heaven. Snipers will want to stick to their usual perks, though bear in mind that using Fireworks gives Bouncing Betties more oomph too. For everyone else, Stopping Power, Juggernaut or Double Tap should be the perks of choice.

[video-to-go-here=codwawmpm8.wmv title=Watch out for camouflaged campers in the grass!]

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