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Heart of the Reich

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide

Heart of the Reich


The Reichstag, Berlin

April 30th, 1945

Co-op: Yes

We have been pulled out of the flooded Metro system by Reznov and are now ready to begin our final assault on the German Parliament, the Reichstag.

Reznov saves us yet again

DEATH CARD: Six of Clubs (Paintball)

The location of the Six of Clubs

 - Turn left to cross the street and descend the steps into the other metro entrance at the start of the game to find the death card within.

Follow Reznov the short distance down the road to the tank and regroup with the squad there to listen to the Commissar's speech on top of the tank. Head down the alley to the left after your team. Once the area opens up get behind the sandbags by the artillery gun. There are enemies on the first level and more in the blown-out sections of the building and its windows.

Use the artillery's sandbags for cover to pick off the first Germans

Grenades and Molotovs behind the enemy barricade have a good effect here. Once the majority of them have been thinned out, move up to the wall to get different shooting angles on any others. Head round to the left and sprint to the very left corner of the building, chucking a Molotov at any enemies remaining on the platform as shown below.

Cover at the corner of the building but make sure you take out the enemies outside first!

From here you should be able to get an angle to shoot inside the hole in the wall, while your team will also move up to draw fire and generally make life easier. Force your way inside to cover behind the furniture directly inside the hole on the right and you should hit a welcome checkpoint. There are enemies on the level directly above you as well as on the ground floor. Clear the bottom without moving too far using grenades and Molotovs, and then move around while aiming at the ceiling to spot and destroy those up high. Don't be fooled into thinking that it's safe when your allies are standing in the open - the enemy AI frequently fire at you and ignore easier targets.

Move forward through the room and to the large hole at the other end. Use the wall for cover and fire into the next building and clear the initial area.

Cover against the wall and fire into the building ahead.

Move into the street and then push on into the building itself. As you walk down the corridors in the library, be sure to look both ways wherever you go. Use the bookcases for cover until you and Reznov have cleared the room. Follow the mini-maze of bookcase-corridors until you get to the large window and a room full of Nazis. Flush them out with grenades and then move through the window and back outside. Follow the path until it heads underground and you will be held up behind the Commissar and two soldiers.

Wait for the artillery strike to hit the Reichstag and the whistle to blow, then count to five and sprint towards the action!

TIP: Make sure you wait about five seconds as the tank on the right is scripted to explode each time.

Move to the right and cover by the small concrete wall by the tank remains and pick off initial enemies in the grounds of the Reichstag. After the initial commotion has died down somewhat, sprint to the right hand corner of the walls of the grounds.

Head for this corner on the right as a great cover point. Sprint and don't look back!

Peek over the top of the wall and mow down the legs of any Germans in sight, then climb up and stay crouched behind the rubble. Use a rifle to pick off the guards by the first Flak 88, then run up to it and plant the charge with the action button before retreating behind cover. We need two of these Flak 88's taken out to trigger a checkpoint, so hang in there!

Use the Panzershreck leaning against the tank nearby to take out the next Flak 88 (to the south) – one direct hit should do it. You may want to clear the area a little first just to make sure you don’t undo all your good work so far. The main danger is grenades really and the only way to avoid them is not to attract too much attention.

Use this Panzershreck to make taking out the second Flak 88 a breeze.

You will then reach a checkpoint and can feel free to die a few times with no risk to your level progression! You need to try and move up on the right now (the right hand side of the left channel at least). You should see a building with a terrace on top – that is where we need to head. Take the route to the right of the blown up tank for the easiest way. Move forward slowly taking out one enemy at a time and ignoring the other Flak 88s for now (you can of course go for more aggressive tactics on lower difficulties).

Head for this building!

Run round the crates, up the steps and cover against the wall of the building (you may want to make sure there are no Germans directly inside the door). Clear a path along the bottom of the next set of steps up to the Reichstag, and run along the bottom. When you come round the corner you will see the Flak 88. Take cover by the sandbags surrounding it. Inquisitive Germans should stick their heads up to look at you – shoot them. Stand up and deal with the rest, then run to the right and round the barricade and plant the charge. Jump off and head to the right as it blows up. Climb up the steps to the terraces and up to the highest point with the statue to the right. Look towards the Reichstag off the north-western corner of the terrace and shoot as many of the enemies below as you can. Grenades are good here.

Use the height advantage on the enemy soldiers in the distance

Jump down to join your allies with the area clear. You are now right next to the final Flak 88, so stick a charge on it and blow it to smithereens. Clear the vicinity of enemies around the building ahead, then head down the right hand side of it and through the door. Clear the bottom floor; any soldiers in the area should all be caught unawares by your expert flanking manoeuvre. Climb up the ladder and do the same to those on the upper floor. There is a cracking sniper rifle (the PTRS-41) by the western end of the building, propped up against the wall, just underneath where an enemy sniper is stationed.

Get within shot of the Reichstag

Use the sniper station itself to get another height advantage over the enemy. Watch out to the south however, as there is another building like ours which may still have enemy snipers in. As well as grenades, simply use the sniper to pick off the legions of enemies running down the steps out of the Reichstag. You will undoubtedly run out of ammo, so go back down and swap guns until the torrent of Germans eventually stops coming.

At this point, drop down so that you are on the Reichstag steps. Watch out for snipers and Panzershreck units on top of the building itself, but concentrate on pushing up those steps. Once Reznov mourns over Chernov, you know you're through this area. Follow the Sergeant into the Reichstag to end the level.

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Comments for Heart of the Reich

9 comments, latest first.
Nov 27th 2013 Guest
I killed every enemies including sniper guy and pazensrtich guy from the building I got a sniper and reznov is right behind me and refuse to get donwstairs and chernov is still alive and we can't enter the building
ID #322510
Oct 13th 2012 Guest
How do I get out of the Metro system ? I have killed every german behind the barricade but nothing happens . I tried opening the door on the left . Nothing . I tried jumping over or blowing up the barricade . Nothing . I heard Reznov is suppose to open the door on the left but he remains back at the entrance . I also heard the Germans were suppose to flood it out but I remain in knee high water throughout my journey . Please help . T.Y.
ID #195728
Aug 27th 2011 Guest
ID #70614
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
Tried on veteran, didn't work
ID #64757
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
If any of you get stuck at the reichstag steps where you've cleared all the soldiers outside the reichstag but cant get in because of the barricadess dw its a glitch in the game. REznov shuld be standing on one of the buildings just go and push him off by walking into him. When yu push him off your squad shuld start running. One of the pillars should explode and fall down, and a flamethrower shuld come out and burn chernov. thats when yu can enter the reichstag and finish the mission.
ID #20825
Oct 19th 2010 Guest
wow. youtube definitely a wayyyy better source for a walkthrough of this.
ID #15659
Sep 1st 2010 Guest
course not he got hit so many time
ID #11089
Aug 16th 2010 Guest
2 things to say that was DEFINITELY NOT ON VETERAN coz if it was u would've had 50grenades raping u for every step u took.........and if only the player could get into the tank then this level would've been a little fun
ID #9041
Jun 28th 2010 Guest
there is no way that was on Veteran!
ID #2268