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Roundhouse Map

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War - Multiplayer Guide

Roundhouse Map

Another large, vehicle map, Roundhouse is nonetheless a relatively simple engagement. An open area, dominated by a central walkway and round structure in the centre of the map, hence the name, Roundhouse is one of the few vehicle maps that is not completely dominated by them. It is very possible to play the map, completely ignoring the tanks, and never even be fired upon by them. A number of pillars and items of debris littering the map allows for relatively safe travel across its open areas.

Watch out for snipers on Roundhouse

There are also side buildings, which accommodate more run and gun players. The upper walkway allows for heavily restricted firing out of the windows, but more usefully, for camping and surprising enemies as they use the building for cover. The fact that there are only two tanks means you should rarely have to worry about them that much in Team Deathmatch, as there movement is not that free across the map. On objective based modes however they become crucial, and a team seeking to succeed on Roundhouse in such modes should employ anti-tank classes.

The central building, the Rounhouse, is frequently littered with Bouncing Betties but provides access to the sniper walkway. This is a relatively straightforward target for any soldier with a rifle, but you can lay prone on it and get heaps of kills. Anyone seeking to destroy a sniper up there will also leave themselves terribly vulnerable to the behemothic tanks.

Gun Selection: Snipers can enjoy a good time of it on Roundhouse, both from the central walkway, if your team controls it (though it is frequently in dispute) and across the open plain. Tanks provide the most emphatic threat to snipers, but if you nestle yourself in some of the debris that scatters the map, you should have the best of it. Sticking to the outskirts of the map and slinking through the rubble, machine-gunners can also get a high number of kills with relatively few deaths. Shotguns are too short-range to work on Roundhouse, and rifles are probably the best bet. Light Machine Guns provide the extra range however, and with the map being so open, the lack of vision is not such a problem. Bouncing Betties are useful in the Roundhouse itself, and Anti-Tank Grenades and Satchel Charges are best saved for those planning on taking on the enemy tanks.

[video-to-go-here=codwawmpm6.wmv title=A tour of the open spaces on Roundhouse]

Perk Selection: Apart from the anti-tank perks, it is advisable to at least use Camouflage if you are attempting to skirt around the edge of the map. It is likely that, particularly with regards to those in tanks, kill streaks will be regularly hit and thus your position will be frequently beamed back to the enemy. The edge of the map is fantastic for flanking and sneaking up on enemies, so to keeping yourself off their radar is no small mercy. Snipers will obviously want Stopping Power, and the same applies if you plan on using a general purpose rifle. Second Chance is useful on this map due to its size and likelihood that an ally may get to you in time to save your life.

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