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Call of Duty: World at War PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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Check out these cheats which include unlocking extra custom classes, unlocking Nazi Zombies mini-game and unlocking multiplayer weapons and challenges.

More Call of Duty: World at War PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 62 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: World at War please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : PC : Wii : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 2

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Ray Gun

Jump into the four craters that are in a row in the mission 'Little Resistance'. Then wait in the last crater for four statues to come out of the ground, each statue will be holding a ray gun you can take.

Watch the video

Multiplayer Kill Streak Bonuses

When you reach the indicated number of kills without dying you will receive the corresponding kill streak bonuses.

Recon Plane:

Kill 3 enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in a recon plane to mark enemies temporarily on your radar map. The only enemies that won't appear are ones using the Reconnaissance perk.

Artillery Strike:

Kill 5 enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in an artillery strike. The area you select for the drop is completely obliterated.

Unleash the Dogs:

Kill 7 enemies without dying to enable the ability to call in attack dogs which will sniff out any enemies on the map.

Unlock Online Multiplayer Weapons

Reach the indicated rank on Online Multiplayer to get the corresponding weapon.

Unlock Walther:

Reach Level 2.

Unlock Trench Gun (Shotgun):

Reach Level 2.

Unlock Springfield (Sniper):

Reach Level 3.

Unlock 1911 Colt:

Reach Level 3.

Unlock Arisaka:

Reach Level 4.

Unlock BAR:

Reach Level 4.

Unlock Gewehr 47 Level 6

Unlock Molotov Cocktail:

Reach Level 10.

Unlock MP40:

Reach Level 10.

Unlock Clan Tag:

Reach Level 11.

Unlock DP-28:

Reach Level 13.

Unlock M1 Garand:

Reach Level 17.

Unlock Mosin-Nagant:

Reach Level 21.

Unlock Type 100:

Reach Level 25.


Clan Tag

When you type the following codes (without the quotes) in the barracks your clan tag will appear in the corresponding colour. These codes only work for games that are version 1.04.

Green Clan Tag:

Enter the code 'Grn'

Red Clan Tag:

Enter the code 'Red'

Blue Clan Tag:

Enter the code 'Blue'

Cyan Clan Tag:

Enter the code 'Cyan'

Codes that Change your Name Online

If you want the following effects on your name when you play Online then enter the corresponding case-sensitive code (without the quotes) as your Clan Tag.

Your Name Bounces from Left to Right:

Enter the code 'MOVE'

An 'o' Bounces from Left to Right in your Clan Tag:

Enter the code '....'

A Red Stripe goes Back and Forth through your Letters:

Enter the code 'cyln'

Your Name Flashes different Colours and Directions:

Enter the code 'Cycl'

A Rainbow Scrolls through your Name:

Enter the code 'RAIN'

Unlock Modes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding feature.

Unlock Veteran Mode:

Veteran mode becomes unlocked when you reach Level 32. This feature is a Co-Op mode with enemies that are harder to defeat.

Unlock Zombie Mode:

Complete Campaign mode to unlock this feature which is a 4-Player Co-Op mode that has endless waves of Nazi zombies attacking you.

Nazi Zombies Mini-Game

When you have completed the game you unlock the mini-game called 'Nazi Zombies' where you have to try and survive as many rounds as you can.

Unlock Bonus Weapons

The following arsenal of weapons can be unlocked by completing the corresponding task.


Unlock SVT-40:

Reach Level 4.

Unlock Gewehr 43:

Reach Level 7.

Unlock M1 Garand:

Reach Level 17.

Unlock STG-44:

Reach Level 37.

Unlock M1A1 Carbine:

Reach Level 65.

Unlock Flash Hider:

Complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).

Unlock Suppressor:

Complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).

Unlock Aperture Sight:

Complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).

Unlock Telescopic Sight:

Complete Marksman Challenge 3 (e..

Online Multiplayer Challenges

Complete the following challenges Online to recieve the corresponding bonus item for the indicated weapon.

Unlock Aperture Sight for Gewehr 43:

Get 75 kills with the Gewehr 43.

Unlock Aperture Sight for M1A1 Carbine:

Get 75 kills with the M1A1 Carbine.

Unlock Aperture Sight for MP40:

Get 75 kills with the MP40.

Unlock Aperture Sight for PPSh-41:

Get 25 kills with the PPSh-41.

Unlock Aperture Sight for STG-44:

Get 75 kills with the STG-44.

Unlock Aperture Sight for SVT-40:

Get 75 kills with the SVT-40.

Unlock Aperture Sight for Thompson:

Get 75 kills with the Thompson.

Unlock Aperture Sight for Type 100:

Get 25 kills with the Type 100.

Unlock B..

Need more guns for Nazi Zombes?

Online only on co-op Nazi Zombes go to the random weapons case, kneel down by it and blow yourself up and open it at the same time.

Perk Slots

The following become available for the indicated Perk slot when the corresponding task has been completed.

Perk Slot 1

Unlock Satchel Charge x2:

Reach Level 4 (2 remote detonation explosives).

Unlock Special Grenade x3:

Reach Level 4 (3 special grenades, no smoke).

Unlock M9A1 Bazooka x2:

Reach Level 4 (bazooka with 2 rockets).

Unlock Bomb Squad:

Reach Level 16.

Unlock Bouncing Betty x2:

Reach Level 24.

Unlock Bandolier:

Reach Level 40.

Unlock Primary Grenade x2:

Reach Level 44.

Unlock M2 Flamethrower:

Reach Level 65.

Perk Slot 2

Unlock Juggernaut:

Reach Level 4 (increased health).

Unlock Stopping Po..

How to get the ray gun in story mode

Please not that this cheat only works on the second mission, Little Resistance. OK, here's what you do. Fist start the mission, then watch the 1 minute cutscene. Now, after you have been pulled out of the water, call in the artillery strike. Once it has blown up the embankment, head onto the beach. From here go to the very right of the beach, you should see a small puddle. Stand in it for 3 seconds. Now go to the middle of the beach, there should be a small puddle here too. Again, stand in it for 3 seconds. Finaly, go to the right side of the beach, where, again, you should see a small puddle. Keep standing in it until the ground starts to shake and a strange voice starts to speak. And, 4 lions with ray guns in their mouths will rise out of the ground. You canpick up the ray guns and sho..

How to have more than 2 weapons in new Nazi Zombies

You need to buy bouncing betties then you have to get rid of one making sure you have enough points for a perk and a weapon may it be from the wall or from the box now that you have one bouncing bettie go and crouch down in front of a perk and drop the bouncing bettie but before your weapon comes back buy the perk and you should have no weapon in your hand. Now go buy a weapon and you should have 3 weapons and when you run out of perks to buy make sure there are two of you so you can cook a grenade and kill yourself and let your friend revive you and do it again.

Any gun you whant

You can get any gun you whant in nazi zombie

Very Good online class (20-50 kills per match)

I have used this on my old psn. It kicks butt. My new psn is iLiKeSoAp1995. Add me. I play everything except Team deathmatch.

PPSH-41 with round drum (unlockat at level 53)(round drum-complete marksman 2)

Perk 1: bandiloder(unlocked at level 40)or M2 Flamethrower(unlocked at level 65)

Perk 2: camoflague(unlocked at level 12)or overkill (unlocked at level 56)

Perk 3: steady aim(unlocked at level 4)or Martyrdom (unlocked at level 20)

Overkill wepon- PTRS-41 with scope (unlocked at level 57)

Super mega easter egg

On the mission vedetta or however it's spelled when your in that 2 story building where the germans shoot flamethrowers at you theres a stair case blocked by junk so you go over to it jump on the bottom of the coat rack thats on the stairs jump on the railing go over jump on the support beam and then theres a wall straight in front of you jump on and go up the half invisible stairs and theres a giant hole in the celling don't worry you can walk across it and once you do go to your right and jump off the building and boom your in the area were you shoot general hamsel and 1 other thing if you keep going straight a random truck will spawn full of nazis and you can kill them to but ya thats all there really is to it enjoy

All wepons and upgrated wepons

Having all the wepons and upgraeted wepens

The Flamethrower

Even as a unlimited ammo weapon, it has a nasty effect of blocking your vision with it's flamethrowing along with your teammates. Plus it doesn't put out as much damage as the Browning or other Light Machine Guns, but that doesn't make it useless. Keep this flamethrower as your secondary incase if a Instant Kill shows up, with this flamethrower you can easily take out hordes of zombies and save alot of ammo for your teammates. But without the Instant Kill, you are better off using another weapon instead of the flamethrower.

Infinate Ammo On Zombies(Does NOT Do Damage)

1. You Start On Zombies

2. You Shoot Till It Say's Reload

3. Hold Square, Or X And Then Press Triangle

There You Go Infinite Ammo... Enjoy!

Shi no numa more than 2 weapons

You can only do this in the rooms where the box is close enough to a perk so that you can walk to it while you drink the perk and reach the box before you finish ok so first you have to go to an area where the box is close enough to a perk so that you can walk to it while you drink the perk and reach the box before you finish then save enough money for a perk and the weapon box (can only do on the box not wall weapons) open the box run over buy the perk then run back and before you finish drinking the perk grab the weapon and now you can get 3 or more weapons can only do in storage and doctors quarters if you are still having trouble then add me on psn murtagb no caps or underscores

Map pack 1 Zombies

When you have enough go up the stairs and get to the box tur nthe electricity on. Then once you have about 4500 buy some bouncing betties. Place one anywhere. Then place one near a perk-a-cola machine, if done correctly when you buy the perk you should have no weapons. Then go buy a weapon, or go to the mystery Box, you should have 3 weapons now. But this cannot be done at the end of the level. So when there is one zombie left blow his legs of with a grenade then do this cheat. This cheat is not the easiest to do so it may take a few tries.

Unlock Extra Custom Classes

Reach the indicated Prestige and the corresponding Custom class will become available.

Unlock Custom Class 6:

Reach 1st Prestige.

Unlock Custom Class 7:

Reach 2nd Prestige.

Unlock Custom Class 8:

Reach 4th Prestige.

Unlock Custom Class 9:

Reach 7th Prestige.

Unlock Custom Class 10:

Reach 10th Prestige.

Hangar glitch

In the south-east (bottom-left) corner is a building.

On the south-east porch is a lamb.

Jump towards it and crouch then jump in mid air.

You can jump onto the metal bits, but not the roof.

How to get more than 2 weapons on the new nazi zombies

So you need to buy bouncing betties then you have to get rid of one then make sure you have enough points for a perk and a weapon may it be from the wall or from the box now that you have one bouncing bettie go and crouch down I front of a perk and drop the bouncing bettie but before your weapon comes back buy the perk and you should have no weapon in your hand now go buy a weapon and now you should have 3 weapons and when you run out of perks to buy make sure there are two of you so you can cook a grenade and kill your self and let your friend revive you and do it again if you are still having trouble then add me on P.S.N. And all show you my name is murtagb

Map pack 2 Zombies

I have found out that if you go to the building with the zipline (when the box is there) open the door now get about 3500 points so you can buy the box and the Perk. First of all go to the box open it, then go to the perk and buy it. Once that has been done, go bak to the box while still drinking the soda thne pick up the weapon and you will now have 3 weapons. You can do this as many times as you want by blowing yourself up and getting a firend to revive you.

Hope I helped!

Nazi Zombies Glitch!

Yep,that's right.There's a glitch. That's how some people have made it to totally insane levels. With a glitch. However, it is a bit hard to explain.But I'll try as hard as I can. If your still a bit confused, add me and I'll show you. My name is CHIKABLAM. Well, here goes:

1) When the game starts, start killing zombies. You'll need at least 1,250 points. I suggest the pistol, as it takes a lot of rounds to kill a zombie, and you get 10 points per hit.

2)Once you have 1,250 points, unlock upstairs and buy grenades. (You might want a few more points for a good gun, like the BAR or Trench Gun. You'll need it)

3)Take a running jump at the grenades on the wall. In mid-jump, crouch. Eventually, you'll be crouching under the grenades. It should say "stand block..

Rough Economy Trophy

First: To Crazy Cheats, I was just trying to be helpful and I didn't mean to upset you.

Not sure if everyone knows this or not, but you can get the Rough Economy Trophy (3 kills with one bullet) in the Nazi Zombie Mode which makes it easier to do than in the regular game mode.

Nazi zombies tip

When you are playing nazi zombies and you have lots of broken barierswait until there is one more zombie left in the level.when you see him cook off a grenade so that when you throw it at him it will explode instantly.make shure you throw it at his legs so they get blown off and he is crawling. Now he will be moving to slow to catch you so you can fix all the window and buy all the ammo and guns you like. Just make sure it doesnt sneak up on you and kill you!

Hope this helps!

Sardines easter egg

K so in the mission called Their land their blood after you are saved by reznov and burn the german fields, pro cede to the river where you can go left or right. On the far side of the river there is a can of german sardines now you go left and when you enter the trench the are two alcoves, one on the left one on the right there is one other can. If you go back to the river and go right look along the right side of the first set of trenches there should be another sardines can. If you have any trouble email me at [email protected]

Easy "Purple Heart" trophy

Die. A lot. I was trying to do the last mission on veteran and I died about 15 times and it just popped up. It figures though... Purple heart is for getting injured in combsat.

Raygun on little resistence

Hey there's this glitch I found out out when the boat chrash's call in airstrike near the shoreline (close to the water) theres a big puddle to the right (it's big) stand in that puddle for 3 second then thers a smaller puddle again for 3 second thwn theres a small dry crater do the same thing then a really big puddle wait there the screen will shake you will hear voices 4 lion statues will pop up 4 rayguns will be in the mouth there you go you have a ragun

Easy "Profesional" trophie

You might have had a bit of trouble with this, taking out seven armed guards and an attack dog with just six bullets. Well you might have know that you have a KNIFE as well.

1) Line up your sights so that the crosshairs are over a part where one enemy is between you and another and shoot (this only works with the two by the stairs, and the two by the burning car. One will be smoking)

2) Repeat so that there's only two enemys left. You can't kill these two with one round. Because of this, take them out with seperate rounds. Next, a seventh enemy with an attack dog appear out of no-where. Hide back, wait for the dog, knife him then shoot the last guy.

Congragulations on your new,SILVER,trophy.

Quicker Reloading

When you are reloading, once the bullets are inside the gun, just Melee or double tap Reload and there you go, one reloaded weapon.

(E.G. The Browning M1919: When the chain of bullets are in, do either one of these and you're reloaded in about half the time)

Have Fun Smile

"Professional" Trophy

Crazy Cheats submitted a hint for the "Professional" trophy and I wanted to clarify one point of his HAVE to knife the dog BEFORE you shoot the last guy or it doesn't count because you're reloading before you killed the dog.

The Glowing Box

Homin8er:That's quite alright

Also, that's how I got my trophy.

Anyway, this doesn't help you, and has absolutely no real significance, whatsoever.

Still weird though.

In Castle, go to the courtyard. Go into the entrance on the right. Follow the path into a small storage room. Near the top, on the right, is a small, wooden box. Look at it. It's bright. Move to the right, and look away from it, but keep it in your sight. IT TURNS DULL!


The Duck-Run

Like the Box, doesn't help, but hilarious to watch.

Note: Works with all guns, but funniest with a pistol

1) Lie Down

2) Empty your magazine

3) While your reloading, sprint

Get your friend to do it, and watch what happens!

Try this weapon

If you go upstairs there is this gun at the far side right called m1897.

Online clan names

I'm Back!

When playing online, put these as your clan and watch:

Move Your name moves side-to-side

Rain Name has alternating and flashing colours

.... A line of 0's moves across your clan tag

Laser in Story.

This a very little known about secret.

On little resistance, do everything until you start going into trenches.

Then turn around and go back to the beach.

You need to do this in a specific puddle of water.

All I can tell you is that it's near the end of the beach.

You simply jump into the puddle and kneel down.

You should hear a deep rumbling and strange voices.

Four stone lions rise from the sand.

In each of their mouths is a blaster.

Use the action button to exchange it.

You can go back and get as much ammo as you want, as it's unlimited.

This definitely works in Co-O, and probably works in single.

Can't find the puddle?

Add me,CHIKABLAM,and I'll show you.

Ray gun correction

Made a mistake heres how:

When you land, go right towards a stack of rocks in the ocean and go to the beach.

Jump into the crater filled with water.

Go left, going into all the craters.

When you get to the last one, crouch in it.

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