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Ring of Steel

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide

Ring of Steel


April 23rd, 1945

Pankow, Germany

Co-op: Yes

Following the tank-based push into German territory, we are now part of a ground attack into the heart of Germany.

Out of the tanks now and into the heart of Germany

Disembark from the carriage of the train and follow the squad up the bank. As the artillery rains down on the building ahead, sprint across and get behind the tank which begins forging its way into the town. Once it stops, crouch-walk to the ruined building in the middle of the area. Take cover against the outside wall, as being any further forward will cause the soldiers in the second floor of the houses of the town to pick you off.

Take cover behind this wall to pick off the enemy

Once the tanks, artillery and your own fire take out the initial threats, move up to the couch in the middle of the ruin and use it as cover. The furniture doesn't take grenades too well, so if any land near you, make sure you're fully away from them to avoid getting killed. Once the gunfire has been subdued a little, jump over the couch and cover behind the overturned black car just ahead. Clear the area in front and, once the objective flashes up telling you to destroy the Panzershreck soldiers and MG emplacements, sprint for the building on the right with the large hole in the side. Head up the stairs.

TIP: As soon as you enter this building your team will move up, so it's not a bad tactic to get in there even when the area is not fully clear.

Crouch near the top of the stairs to cover from the enemies in the windows outside and pick them off to make the upper floor of your building safe. Use it to remove all the machine-gunners and Panzershreck soldiers you can.

Use the stairs and upper-floor of this building to clear the area

There is also a Panzershreck you can use yourself leaning against one of the windows. The vast majority of the enemies are all in windows opposite the western side of the building. Once the objective is completed, head downstairs and out of the front of the building. Cross the street with your squadmates and enter the building you were just firing at via the damaged area on the right hand side. Move through the corridors (you shouldn't meet any enemies) and cross the fire escape to the next building. Descend the stairs to emerge back on street-level.

As a fellow-Russian executes some Germans a tank will come trundling indiscreetly over the top of them and create a hole in the left-hand wall for you to move through. Our task is to break into 'The Asylum'. Take cover behind the barricades as soon as you enter the street as there is a serious conflict taking place.

Take cover upon entering the street outside the Asylum

Take out the Panzershreck soldiers on top of the Asylum building as well as any enemies within range. Your squad will push up and create a bit of a diversion to allow you to move up along the right hand wall of the street, into a house, then (after clearing the area in front) out of the window and into the street. Use the stairs of the next house along as cover from the Germans in the street and doorways ahead.

You can climb the stairs and enter the building for even better cover. Continue to move towards the building on the right with the hole in, while covering your flank on the left from long range attacks by enemies in the Asylum building. Once you reach the aforementioned building, bear left to look at the Asylum. Ignore the path going through the wall into the courtyard and set up position against the wall to the right of this gap. Look over it to get a great flanking position on the enemy.

Use the gap in the fence to flank the enemy.

Use Molotovs and grenades to thin out the enemy and then pick off the rest with a rifle. Once your allies move up, head down the path into the garden of the Asylum to join them.

Enter through the arch into the courtyard.

DEATH CARD: Jack of Spades (Body Armour)

 - Head under the arch and turn left, following the wall until you come to the corner. The card is just over the other side of the balcony.

Move through the rubble on the right rather than the arch to enter the Asylum. Hop over the barricade in the middle of the corridor and move up the hall. Once you come to the stairs you can pick up a shotgun halfway up, or ignore it and proceed into the corridor above.

TIP: The double-barrelled shotgun is great fun, but is one of the weakest weapons in the game on higher difficulties due to its short range.

As Reznov and the others take cover carefully outside a room with an overturned bath inside the door, lob a grenade through the gap in the top right hand corner and move round to the left. Stay in cover though, or you won't last long.

Continue to spam the room with grenades, but get in the left corner of the first section of the room and pick off enemies with your weapon of choice. By sprinting back over to the right you should be able to pick up nearly infinite supplies of grenades from your continuously falling comrades.

Clear the 'bathroom' of enemies

Once you are able to safely round the corner and shotgun or otherwise obliterate the last few enemies, move into the next room. Head left upon entering and mount the machine gun there. Mow down the Nazis that will insist on reoccupying the building directly ahead until they simply stop coming. Move around the top floor and clear any enemies in sight with your rifle. Head along the left side of the balcony and through the hole in the wall when prompted. Follow the corridor until you get to a sandbagged machine gun emplacement. Take out the gunner with grenades or gunfire and sprint up to the sandbags and cover there. Now you can shotgun and Molotov all those beyond.

You have to be brave, but this is the best way to take out those at the gun emplacement.

Go back out and through the corridor to the right with this area clear. Follow it round as it bends behind the machine gun area and take out any Nazis en route. Keep pushing forwards and you will come to be outside the building. Chase and shoot the retreating Germans as they flee the area.

Chase down the enemy as they try to flee the city.

The most serious threats are in the windows of the buildings around the street. Catch up with the tanks as the road ends to complete the mission.

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