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Call of Duty: World at War Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats that include how to unlock bonus weapons, extra custom classes and modes. There's also a cheat for getting a ray gun on the second campaign.

More Call of Duty: World at War Cheats and Tips

We have 63 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: World at War please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : PC : PlayStation 3 : Wii : PlayStation 2

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ultimate mod :) HOW TO FLOAT WORKS EVERY TIME!!! and more

Just get to level 35 on any map then everyone needs to go down and then the game will end but you all need to die at the same time and then when it comes up with the score everyone holds x then it will get you back onto the same game and it will give you all the guns upgraded and you will float, not be able to die, infinte ammo, all the achievements, level 11th prestiege a modded name all the guns on xbox live all the perks on xbox live all the gamer pics.
but if it doesnt work when you press x then go on private match get to level 40 ( u have to) then press Y 15 times and die then do the same where when the score comes up press x then it will put u on xbox live nazi zombies and it will mod it like MAD!!!..

Unlock Sergeant Roebuck Gamer Picture

Reach 1st Prestige to unlock a gamer picture of this character who is an American squad leader of the United States Marine Corps.

Unlock Zombie Mode via Co-Op

When you are invited to play a co-op Zombie Mode game this feature will be unlocked on your profile afterwards.

LMG Infinte Ammo

To be able to get this you must first complete the marksman challange for any LMG to unlock the bipod. When you have the bipod go to a good spot on any map, lie down and deploy the bipod. (hold x). Then tap the left stick to the left once (if you move that stick again, it wont work). you now have infinte ammo for your LMG. you can move the right stick and shoot, just dont touch the left one, stand up, or take the bipod off after you have tapped it left. it only works if you have the bipod deployed.

Unlock Sgt. Reznow Gamer Pic

To obtain a gamer pic of this character you must reach the 10th Prestige.

Unlock Bonus Weapons

The following weapon or weapon attachment can be unlocked by completing the indicated task.
Unlock SVT-40:
Reach Level 4.
Unlock Gewehr 43:
Reach Level 7.
Unlock M1 Garand:
Reach Level 17.
Unlock STG-44:
Reach Level 37.
Unlock M1A1 Carbine:
Reach Level 65.
Unlock Flash Hider:
Complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Unlock Suppressor:
Complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Unlock Aperture Sight:
Complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Unlock Telescopic Sight:
Complete Marksman Challenge..

Unlock Modes

These features become available options when the indicated task has been successfully completed.
Unlock Veteran Mode:
Veteran mode becomes unlocked when you reach Level 32. This feature is a Co-Op mode with enemies that are harder to defeat.
Unlock Zombie Mode:
Complete Campaign mode to unlock this feature which is a 4-Player Co-Op mode that has endless waves of Nazi zombies attacking you.

Online Multiplayer Challenges

When you complete the following challenges Online you will be rewarded with the corresponding bonus item.
Unlock Aperture Sight for Gewehr 43:
Get 75 kills with the Gewehr 43.
Unlock Aperture Sight for M1A1 Carbine:
Get 75 kills with the M1A1 Carbine.
Unlock Aperture Sight for MP40:
Get 75 kills with the MP40.
Unlock Aperture Sight for PPSh-41:
Get 25 kills with the PPSh-41.
Unlock Aperture Sight for STG-44:
Get 75 kills with the STG-44.
Unlock Aperture Sight for SVT-40:
Get 75 kills with the SVT-40.
Unlock Aperture Sight for Thompson:
Get 75 kills with the Thompson.
Unlock Aperture Sight for Type 100:
Get 25 kills with the Type 100.
Unlock Ba..

Hidden Spots

Below is a list of hidden places in Multiplayer and Single Player.
Upheaval (The house next to the burning house):
Stand on a windowsill and face the side and you will fall onto a ledge below.
Upheaval (The burning house):
Go up the steps and out the window in the same way to hit a ledge below.
Courtyard (At the end of the courtyard):
Go into the shack and turn right then use the jutting out portion of wall to hop into the tree.
Hanger (The porch outside the hanger entrance)
Near the hanger there is a large white carved stone which if you jump on and try and hop over the fence you will instead land on it.

Unlock 1st-10th Prestige Gamer Pictures

These are obtained as you rise up through the Prestige ranks and they will match each Prestige symbol.

Ray Gun

Play the mission 'Little Resistance' and jump into the four craters that are in a row. Then wait in the last crater for four statues to come out of the ground, each statue will be holding a ray gun you can take.
Watch the video

Multiplayer Kill Streak Bonuses

Kill streak bonuses are awarded when you reach the indicated number of kills without dying.
Recon Plane:
Kill 3 enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in a recon plane to mark enemies temporarily on your radar map. The only enemies that won't appear are ones using the Reconnaissance perk.
Artillery Strike:
Kill 5 enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in an artillery strike. The area you select for the drop is completely obliterated.
Unleash the Dogs:
Kill 7 enemies without dying to enable the ability to call in attack dogs which will sniff out any enemies on the map.

Coloured Clan Tags

When you type the following codes (without the quotes) in the barracks your clan tag will appear in the corresponding colour. These codes only work for games that are version 1.04.
Green Clan Tag:
Enter the code 'grn'
Red Clan Tag:
Enter the code 'red'
Blue Clan Tag:
Enter the code 'blue'
Cyan Clan Tag:
Enter the code 'cyan'
Yellow Clan Tag:
Enter the code 'yelw'

Alien ray gun

On the second level of multiplayer or campain and on the beach you go all the way to the right and there will be a puddle and go in it then you get out then go to the second puddle and do the same and there will be another puddle and do the same thing.then you will hear stuff and the and the ground will shake and lion statues will pop up and there will be ray guns and you get it and you can go back and get ammo...thank you

How to beat Nazi Zombies (Glitch / Cheat)

There is a way to beat Nazi zombies by yourself, it will work 100% of the time. Here are the steps to your victory:
1: Fight zombies, buy the M1A1
2: Unlock Hell/Help door at level 5.
3: Continue to buy from the random weapon case until you get the flamethrower or Ray gun (Preferably the ray gun)
4: After you get one of those weapons, open up the upstairs by clearing the debris/couch.
NOTE: If you are extremely unlucky and are unable to get a ray gun or flamethrower to the point of which the zombies will soon kill you, then just try and take the most powerful weapon you can get and clear the debris anyway.
5: Run up the stairs and turn left, go forward and you should see the area where you can buy grenades from a pouch. Ru..

how to get 3 wepons on nazi zombies 'natch der untoten' needs 2

First you need to have 2 guns allready. When you open the door one of you has to have 950 points or more.the other needs to stand near the random box and hold a grenade till it EXPLODES!!!then the other person needs to open the box and revive the person at the same time(it works sometimes by tapping x)then you should have three gunns
Plzzz rate ,bony7700 thx.

Unlock Extra Custom Classes

When you reach the indicated Prestige the corresponding Custom class will become available.
Unlock Custom Class 6:
Reach 1st Prestige.
Unlock Custom Class 7:
Reach 2nd Prestige.
Unlock Custom Class 8:
Reach 4th Prestige.
Unlock Custom Class 9:
Reach 7th Prestige.
Unlock Custom Class 10:
Reach 10th Prestige.

Perk Slots

Complete the following tasks to obtain the corresponding Perk for the indicated slot.
Perk Slot 1
Unlock Satchel Charge x2:
Reach Level 4 (2 remote detonation explosives).
Unlock Special Grenade x3:
Reach Level 4 (3 special grenades, no smoke).
Unlock M9A1 Bazooka x2:
Reach Level 4 (bazooka with 2 rockets).
Unlock Bomb Squad:
Reach Level 16.
Unlock Bouncing Betty x2:
Reach Level 24.
Unlock Bandolier:
Reach Level 40.
Unlock Primary Grenade x2:
Reach Level 44.
Unlock M2 Flamethrower:
Reach Level 65.

Perk Slot 2
Unlock Juggernaut:
Reach Level 4 (increased health).
Unlock Stopping Power:
Reach Level..

# Ray Gun in "Little Resistance" mission

After the boat crashes, call in an air strike on the specified location. Run up to the beach, and move to the right. You will find a small puddle at the right side of the beach. Stand in it briefly, then move towards the middle of the beach to find a smaller puddle. Stand in that puddle briefly. Move towards the far left side of the beach. Stand briefly in the puddle in the barb wire. After several seconds, the screen will shake, and you will hear strange voices. Four lion statues will rise out of the ground with alien Ray Guns in their mouths.
From Reaper06!

how to get a ray gun on the second campain lv.(more detailed)

First when you get off the boat turn right and go to the nearest puddle and go left till you see more puddles then once you get to the end puddle stand there for about 10-15 sec then you will see some statues rising up ,go to them ang get a ray gun out of there mouth (there are about 5 statues so it is enough for all)
Plzz rate thx,bony770

Get 3 guns in der reise

For best results, pack-a-punch a gun before you do this so you have 2 pack-a-punched guns and 1 normal one. Okay, buy bouncing bettys and have at least 5200 points, then go to the pack-a-punch machine and put your gun in.(don't have to, but you should have have 1 gun pack-a-punched before hand). Then run and grab the Kar98k while the gun is still in the machine. Go back to the machine and start pulling out your bettys, but make sure your gun is down but your bettys arent up, and grab the gun out of the machine. You should have 3 guns. Just press y 3 times to scroll through all your guns. Solves the ammo problem!!

Easy Way To Get Ray Gun In Nazi Zombies

Once you have enough points go in through the "help" door and go over to the random weapon box. You will see that the question marks on it change color. To get the ray gun open the box at the exact moment when the question marks are at there darkest gold. It may take a couple tries but it works.

The Mystery Box glitch

There is a gltch where if you down yourself on the first floor in the third nazi zombies map then when you come back to life go to the mystery box and there will be a little box under it the one closest to the middle is the one you want to lay down next to where you are facing it then do a 180 degree turn the the zombies will go to the area that you downed yourself at. Happy Cheating plz rate me

secret achivement

on nazi zombies kill 3 zombies in 1 shot

Raygun cheat

On level 2 go into all the bombshell holes going left through the holes stay in the last hole for 5 seconds and gargoyles will appear with ray guns in there mouths

Some more new achievements

You might of already seen my last submission of this but I left a couple out here are more of the new achievements. 200 window BOARDS(not windows)
2.perk-a-holic get every single one of the perks
3.kill ten zombies by cutting them before your insta-kill runs out
4.and there is one by killing zombies with three different traps in a ROUND(not in a whole game)
Happy Cheating plz rate

how to get a ray gun on the second campain lv.(more detailed)

First when you get off the boat turn right and go to the nearest puddle and go left till you see more puddles then once you get to the end puddle stand there for about 10-15 sec then you will see some statues rising up ,go to them ang get a ray gun out of there mouth (there are about 5 statues so it is enough for all)
Plzz rate thx,bony770

fireflamer 2 cheats on nacht der untoten

cheat 1
do the following:
1.get moore than 3000 points the help room
3.try to get a flamefrower because it never runs out of ammo.also any gun you want(i suggest the ray gun to get this you press and hold x when the three question marks go gold NOTE this is hard you will not do it straight away)
4.unlock uppstairs
5.go to the corner next to the banaster and find the log up to the log jump and prone just when your about to hit the floore
7.if the cheat whent right it should say carnt stand here
8.laf and injoy waching the zombies hit each other lol
cheat 2
do the following:
1.get m..

Der Reise glitch

You will need exactly two people for this glitch/cheat. On the Nazi Zombies level Der Reise, if you go to the back of the level and open the 1250 point-costing door that leads to the room(s) with the Bowie Knife, you will see wood boards semi-covering a hole in the ground. Have one person go directly underneath the hole and have the other person stand on the boards. The only zombies that will attack you are the ones that come from the window near the person that is above ground. All the other zombies will collect in the room with the teleporter. Get good weapons(prefferably upgraded) before doing the glitch so it's less dificult to kill them all. Have fun with this cheat/glitch!

Radio on 1st zombie map

If you go into the room with HELP! On the door, the mystery box will be in there. If go next to the mystery box, you'll see a table with a radio on it. If you knife the radio, you'll hear static, then you'll hear music. Also, if you turn on the radio, more zombies will come. It's up to you if you want more zombies.

Nazi Zombies

We all know how annoying those zombies can get once you have reached lv 11 onwards so here's a little tip.
When you reach level 5 open the help (or hell I can't really read it properly) door and use the mystery box in the left hand corner.
Eventually you may get a flamethrower or a ray gun (preferably flamethrower) when you do get the flamethrower open up the stairs in the hell (help) room and go into the room with one window where the grenades are.
When you are in there sprint towards the grenades and jump crouch (jump then while in mid air hit B) if done properly you should end up in a glitch (which only one person can use) which shouldn't let you stand up it will keep flashing can't stand here. When the zombies pour in they will just be walking to a certain point in fro..

Nazi Zombie Glitchs!!

You want to get to over level 1000?!
Well here it is, Try and get a flamethrower and a ray gun in the mystery box and get upstairs.There is grenades on the wall. Change your weapon to your ray gun and run and Jump and tap B. If done correctly you will have a 'Can't Stand Here'. At the the top of your screen, Then change to your flamethrower and burn those zombies!.
This is so effective because The flamethrower has infinte ammo.
WARNING- This is hard to do but keep trying!!
Theres one more I know;
You could do with a flamethrower but you don't need to have one.
Go to the trench gun (upstairs) and theres a cabinet go to the far side of the cabinet (Most far away from the trench gun) and run and jump and hold B facing the wall. The down side to thi..

Glitch for Nazi Zombies

You can do this anywhere in the building you are in. By the way this is for two player only.
1. Go into a corner.
2. Have one person stand in the corner and one person lay down.
3. The person who is laying down has to crawl toward the person who is standing up. The person standing up has to jump as the person on the ground crawls under his feet.
4. Then stand up. You can't use the left thumbstick or this will mess up.
NOTE: I wouldn't throw a grenade, because if you get a zombie crawling on the floor, then they can still get you, but only the zombies on the floor can hit you.

the pile up cheat on the new map pack

What you do is when your playing the new nazi zombies map (recommended 3 players)1 player kill themself and nobody revive them.then in the next round when the person who killed themself comes back to life that person will now run to the corner poping out that is right next to the gate and duck do not touch the stick you use to move and then the rest of the players get behind that person and nobody touch him or throw a grenade near him then the zombies shall pile up wherever the one person had died and it works the rest of the game but the one guy can't move otherwise he just has to move out of it and duck and move back to that spot. Happy Glithchin peeps please rate this

how to get an unlimited amount of weapons

What you do is join a match of the NEWEST nazi zombies map and when the mystery box goes to one the the huts go to them and open the mystery box then go buy a perk and while your still drinking it pick up the gun in the mystery box then youll have three guns keep doing that same thing and youll keep getting guns just remember you can't buy the same perk twice so if you have all of them then kill yourself and have a teamate revive you, you will stil have all of your gun just all your perks will be gone. Happy Cheating everyone Please rate

New Achievments

In the NEWEST nazi zombies map there are about five new achievements one has something to do with killing zombies by shooting the ground with the ray gun.
2.go to one of the huts and you will find a phone,push the X button 3 times slow and you will here a halloween sounding song and then you will get an achievment.
3.there is an achievement for getting 150 headshots
4.there is an achievement for surviving 15 rounds without dying
5. Also you get an achievement for either getting 500 or 750 kills
Happy Cheating please rate

Seargent Sullivan Savior and Roebuck and Polonsky Savior

When Sergent Sullivan is killed by a Tojo you can actually save him just keep trying to kill the Tojo and soon enough you will save Sergent Sullivan.And at Shuri Castle when the Tojo's try to kill both Roebuck and Polonsky it is possible to save both of them you just have to keep trying and hopefully you will get lucky.

Sardines Easter egg

K so in the mission called Their land their blood after you are saved by reznov and burn the german fields, pro cede to the river where you can go left or right. On the far side of the river there is a can of german sardines now you go left and when you enter the trench the are two alcoves, one on the left one on the right there is one other can. If you go back to the river and go right look along the right side of the first set of trenches there should be another sardines can.

Bipod Glitch

To do this glitch you need a machine gun with a bipod. Place the bipod where you want it and move the left stick up. You should have unlimited ammo when in the bipod only (If you get up from that spot in the bipod you will have to do this glitch again).
Warning: It is harder to get up from the bipod when using this glitch. The glitch may only work in Xbox live.

Zombie hints

1.when you start the game don't buy the Kar98k keep the pistol, when the zombies come close enough to the window stab them with your knife so you get maximum points.
2.When you get about 2000 points open the Hell/Help door and open the mystery box (need to get a flamethrower) then when you get enough points go upstairs.
3.Then go over to the grenade pouch, then stand quite far away from it then run towards it, jump and tap crouch before you hit the wall. Then if try to stand back up it should say can't stand here at the top of your screen. The when you see a zombie it should stop and shake it's head and the carry on walking that means the glitch has work.
4. So when the zombies come near you fry them with your flamethrower.

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