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Their Land Their Blood

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide

Their Land Their Blood


Seelow Heights, Germany

April 18th, 1945

Co-op: Yes

The Germans are on the run now after the close-run combat at Stalingrad. We start off, like with 'Semper Fi' in the USA campaign, as a prisoner.

Yet again, a prisoner of the enemy.

Again, we are rescued, so follow the stream of allied troops running past the shack. Mow down any enemies who should get in your crosshairs, though there is no threat until we pass out from the farm's field. Take the only route out from the farm area and you come to a fork in the track, filled with enemies. Hunker down and begin picking them off. There is very little difference between the routes, just a large mound separating them, but the right hand one boasts the height advantage, so take that once the area is clear.

You will come to an enemy sandbag bunker and a few early enemies, so take them out and then get in the trench nearby, following the slope as it goes uphill.

Follow the trench across the hillside.

There are many enemies en route, so take it slow if you are on Hardened or Veteran. Clear the area once the ground levels out, moving up to where the trench bends sharply left. Ensure this position is well clear of enemies, and then peer over the edge to deal death on the soldiers below.

Use your height advantage to clear the area below your position

There is a Deployable MG42 leaning against the crates by the corner of the trench and while it is low on ammo, it provides a good blanket of bullets to get some good hits on the mass of enemies. Rain down Molotovs and general gunfire to finish off the rest.

TIP: You can mount the MG42 on the wooden fence when prompted (jiggle it around a bit to get it in position) to increase accuracy. You have to dismount it to reload or if a grenade lands near.

TIP: There is additional MG42 ammunition nearby, a few metres back from the perimeter fence we are using to fire down from.

The Germans will keep reinforcing the position for some time, but once the deluge finally slows, jump down and proceed underneath the bridge.

Fight your way under the bridge

Kill the initial enemies as the path turns back into a trench, before arcing up left towards the farmhouse. We need to take out the enemy tanks, so pick up the Panzershreck leaning against the wall of the farm. Use it to take out the first tank, which should be in a position ahead of the barn allowing for an easy hit. Two shells should do it. There are still three tanks remaining, so head inside the farmhouse using the window on the wall by the Panzershreck to locate the next one.

Use the farmhouse for cover to take out the next tank

TIP: You can return to the same stash of Panzershreck ammunition as it never runs out in certain spots.

The final two tanks are much further away, towards the old-fashioned building to the north-west. You can take the first one out from long-range, without crossing the field, though you should resist the temptation to use the upper floor of the farmhouse to do so, as you are a sitting duck up there. The final tank is out of range until you cross the field and for now there are too many soldiers in the way to make that possible. Take them out to clear a path up towards the building in the north-west. Take the road up towards it and move along the wall by the Panzershreck to get a good line of sight on the enemies in the building.

Move into the ground floor once the area is clear enough and the tank should be visible out of the windows to the right. Use your RPG to take it out. With that done, move up to the barn directly north.

Head for the barn to regroup with your allies.

As you may have noticed from your radar, there is a tank inside the barn waiting to jump out at you. Ready your RPG and you should be able to get two hits on it to blow it up before it can take you out. If not, fall back to the last building and deal with it from inside. Once it's destroyed, head into the barn and make a left.

DEATH CARD: Joker (Sticks and Stones)

 - It's in the first of the stable areas of the tank barn.

Once clear of the barn head for the tank convoy and press the action button to embark. Remarkably, this is probably the first vehicle convoy in the history of Call of Duty not to be destroyed in transit, but get off as it enters the German base to resume on-foot combat. Use the Panzershrecks dotted around the anti-vehicle concrete blocks to destroy the enemy towers, then a rifle to take out the remaining soldiers.

Cover here to clear the ground and towers of the camp

Head around to the right, taking out as many incoming enemies as possible.

TIP: Moving up on the left is incredibly slow and the respawning enemies make it a dangerous and fruitless process. The right is the way to go.

Move up slowly until the enemies stop coming and there is a route through the gap in the wire fence and into the enemy base. This section must be taken incredibly slowly as the sheer number of enemies will be overwhelming otherwise. Once past the fence and into the base, Panzershreck the towers like before, if possible, and move forward using the objects at the side of the road for cover.

Friendly tanks will come in after a short while and send the enemy fleeing. Move up on the right hand side through the shelled barrack building as the tanks make their way in your direction. There is no need to worry about destroying enemy tanks here as your friendlies will do the hard work. Shoot the running Germans if you feel like massacring people, otherwise wait patiently for the mission end as you run up the road with your allies.

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