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Blood and Iron

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Call of Duty: World at War Guide

Blood and Iron


April 16th, 1945

Seelow Heights, Germany

Co-op: Yes

This mission is entirely vehicular, very short, and generally is just a dash to the objective trigger points.

One of two vehicular missions in the game

On your tank you have both a flamethrower and an explosive shell turret. Use LB/L1 for the flamethrower and RT/R2 for the shells. LT/L2 looks closer at anything you're aiming at. Move up the path and flame the soldiers in the road. Shoot the tank that appears on the right with two direct shells, as well as the artillery up on the hill on the left to check off one objective. Take out or run away from any tanks, depending on their proximity to you. Destroy the mortar pits marked on the map to progress. As you round the corner back on the road one will have been hiding, so flame and shell it off the road.

TIP: On lower difficulties, most enemy tanks will only require one shell to destroy.

Follow the markers on your map, all the while watching the damage indicator in the bottom right hand corner. The damage on the tank recharges just like on foot health, but you should keep moving rather than stop to let it charge up, as you'll just get picked off by explosives.

Take out the radio tower

Once you reach the military base, deal with any close tanks and flee round the corner of the base from the rest where you'll get a clear shot on the comms tower. Turn around and head along the path out away from the base. Battle your way past the legions of tanks, again, don't stop for anything. Drive to the left of the large building with heaps of RPG units and tanks, then along the narrow road towards the final objective marker. Ignore the quantity of tanks and just mash your way through.

TIP: You can fire both shells and flames at the same time.

You can fire perfectly well while moving and should treat this level more as a race than a shooting section.

Once you get to the end, hit the final objective and you'll be mercifully transported out of the carnage to the cutscene for the next level. A movie demonstrating how to complete this level using the tactics above now follows:

A complete movie of this level in progress

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Comments for Blood and Iron

2 comments, latest first.
Dec 23rd 2012 Guest
my game crashes during the cut scene for this level...any fixes? i've installed all updates but still the game crashes during the cut scene...HELP!
ID #227303
Oct 27th 2011 Guest
thanks very much was stuck on this level will now try to do it again!?

ID #83278