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Call of Duty: World at War Guide and Walkthrough

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Activision's Call of Duty series has always been immensely popular. The Infinity Ward editions (Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4) are the more critically acclaimed versions. Regardless, Treyarch's efforts always sell well and boast the same sort of gameplay and thrills of their brothers. World at War is no different, but visit back to World War II gives us the chance to enjoy some nostalgic moments (as well as some fresh ones) from the series' past.

There are two campaigns, the USA in the Far East where you play as a Pvt. Miller, and the Russians on their invasion into western Germany. These are merged into one set of missions so you switch from one perspective to another on the other side of the globe.

The gameplay is very simple. There are no difficult decisions to be made though there are more frequent choices of routes than in previous instalments in the series. On Hardened or Veteran difficulties, finding the best cover points in each section is crucial. In certain sections the enemies will pile towards you until you move forwards, and choosing the best path through in order to do this is vital. It is for this purpose that the single player portion of this guide will come in handy. There are also 'Death Cards'. This deck of playing cards identified in game by a helmet balancing on a pole can be used to unlock cheats, a list of which (complete with movies of their locations) you can find in the 'Death Cards' section later on in this guide. Upon completing the game, there is a new game mode unlocked called Nazi Zombies. This is playable in co-op split-screen and online, and is a great feature to have as a reward. All the campaign missions that are playable in co-operative mode are marked as such at the start of their section.

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Sep 28th 2015 Guest
It tells me to assult wana ridge,than it says to bomb ,burn, or something to 3 bunkers. I don't know what to do? Can you please help me.
ID #612348
Feb 14th 2016 Guest
You have to use the bombs when you push left or right on the d pad then blow the bunkers up
ID #635286
Jun 14th 2015 Guest
How do you unlock other maps in the nazi zombies
ID #570062
May 20th 2015 Guest
i need help to unlock zombies on world at war help
ID #558700
May 18th 2015 Guest
Let's fouck in porn.yea
ID #558052
Apr 13th 2015 Guest
on der riese pause then go options press x y x y lt rt lb rb then u get cod4 guns god mode and inmfinite points sprint and ammo and all guns from waw and cod4.
ID #542130
Apr 1st 2015 Guest
I am stuck at the end of the tunnel. The Nazis are shooting but Reznov isn't coming to open the door!. What do I do here? I can't go, ack and I'm out of bullets!
ID #536152
Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
Need help can't start a find a xboxlive match
ID #520330
Feb 2nd 2015 Guest
stuck at attack wana ridge, can't get through gate
ID #510936
Nov 9th 2014 Guest
how do you get out side in naught der unton {dying to it
ID #469466
Jun 10th 2014 Guest
Can't figure out how to through the grenades back. Xbox360
ID #397044
Apr 12th 2014 hkd29
Here's a tip for natch der untoten or however its spelled. Ok. So once you open the mystery box room go buy the thompson and have everyone in the lobby do it (unless its just you of course) but the thompson is a very good gun for point racking, so you could get that beautiful raygun everyone wants in a zombies game. Keep the thompson until bout round 15. then its time to get a different gun. Its up to you to when you get rid of the gun. Here's a tip. on the first round maybe the second to shoot the zombie in the leg 8 times and then knife it. This will help you rack up points on any zombies game. on natch der untoten open the door on round 5 at least. this will help you build up points easier. buy the m11 carbine or whatever its called and use that. ik its not the best gun in the world but it helps kill the zombies on the low rounds. Hope you liked my tips and tricks for zombies. peace
ID #374073
Nov 13th 2013 Guest
there is 1 death card in every map guys and its not a pole with helmet its an old rifle with a helmet on top of it and on the helmet is the death card
ID #319353
Jul 7th 2013 Guest
How du u get mor zombie mps thn just Natch Der Untoten ? Also on Natch Der Untoten is there more dors or debris than the obvious 1s?
ID #295735
Feb 4th 2013 Guest
i dont think there is a god mode sry
ID #250352
Dec 16th 2012 Guest
you need two players,the corner where you get the carbine behind those boxes is a corner.(either you or your friend)can lie down and (you or your friend)have jump on top of (him or her.)and stand must VERY still but can still turn.(you can do this glitch many times.) (NO zombies hurt YOU.)
ID #222328