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Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough and Guide

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough

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I remember playing the first Grand Theft Auto (you know, the one with the third person helicopter view) when I was around the age of eleven. Being a notoriously difficult game I was terrible at it; it's hard for me to remember whether I finished the game or not. The same basically applied to Grand Theft Auto 2, but when the third installment of the series came around I was instantly hooked. I recall roaming the virtual world of Liberty City for months and I'm pretty sure all of my friends did as well. It was almost as if we moved to a different city that also existed. And so it was with the sequels.

Reflect on all of this and it becomes apparent that digital, virtual worlds do 'exist' in a rather important sense, in that you can memorize and recall their 'existential spatiality' as well as their narrative, music and sounds. Touch, smell and taste are missing as of yet, surely because they're not going to be all that pleasant at times in a GTA universe, but we can nonetheless speak of a true lifeworld in which one can meaningfully dwell, in our present age mostly for recreational purposes (although the internet is in its own right a virtual world with a more diverse set of goals). Virtual lifeworlds share similarities with everyday worlds but are fundamentally different in that they're created by humans from the bottom up, and thus every single piece of content is meaningful or intended (glitches aside, which are the unintended side effects and manifestation of the imperfection of human existence). In a demythologized real world the meaning of life for people addicted to videogames is thus: "Stay virtual!"

Many virtual lifeworlds are extremely linear, despite exploration being one of the most fundamental attractive forces of (virtual) worlds in general. Diving into a flat digital universe (which can be 'three-dimensional' yet nonetheless still flat) in which you're robbed of some of your 'existential freedom' is an extremely disappointing experience, the prime reason why such worlds are fairly quickly forgotten. After all, narrative-driven videogames distinguish themselves from books (which can be simply read) and movies (which are simply watched from beginning to end) in that they're dynamic experiences instead of static; narrative is variable and so is the playful aspect between semantic core points of the world's meaningful structure.

Besides our own non-digital world becoming increasingly more infested with virtual behavior (e.g. people constantly using their smartphone), classic videogame worlds are also becoming larger and more complex, up to the point that one can virtually spend months if not years inside such realms. Perhaps it's good to realize that as with for example any object of art it is the dynamical interaction between person and object that's most interesting here; a stored- away painting that no one ever gets to see doesn't 'exist' in its potentially most vital form, it only exists as having a frame and some paint gently put onto (or smashed at) a canvas, or if not even that, doesn't exist at all.

The same applies to any virtual world; people need to be plugged in to make it important in this vital sense. The virtual system craves our attention, needs us desperately; demands our visit. And so it's not only us who benefit from technological enhancements, but virtual entities - thought of as a dynamically complex form of human behavior in interaction with technology - benefit from us as well and can indeed steer us in a certain direction. Obviously no one will claim with any seriousness that we collectively have the existential willpower to destroy all our smartphones, computers, televisions and so on (even though it can theoretically be done, but that is completely irrelevant at this point).

A supra-individual lifeworld may not be too far away, a world in which man's will is primarily subordinate to the dynamic control of virtual entities, while living with the illusion that he is historically more free than ever. Balancing one's activities seems like a natural first step to close in on an understanding of this paradox. It thus becomes clear that avoiding virtuality altogether is not the solution (and if it isn't outright impossible, it's certainly undesirable). With Grand Theft Auto 5 we have yet another digital playfield at 'our' disposal to try and find a constructive attitude towards virtuality. For those with some (sub)conscious understanding of the above matters it can be interpreted as an invitation to test and further explore paradoxes of virtuality. Rests us to greet those ignorant of these matters as follows: "Welcome to the Matrix."

Table of Contents
  • Game Basics
  • Collectibles
  • Stunt Jumps
  • Trophies & Achievements
  • Walkthrough
  • Strangers and Freaks Missions
  • Rampages
  • Hobbies & Pastimes
  • Random Events

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30 comments, latest first.
Sep 16th 2015 Guest
How can we take a submarine ?
ID #608804
May 9th 2015 Guest
How do you use the turbo on ps4
ID #554173
Apr 18th 2015 Guest
how to kill michael?
ID #544788
Jan 5th 2015 Guest
ID #496643
Dec 17th 2014 Guest
There is no cheats on here in looking in on how to play as Mario
ID #485847
Sep 4th 2014 Guest
I need to copy cheats
ID #444348
Aug 27th 2014 Guest
I need cheat codes
ID #441476
Aug 27th 2014 Guest
why do you sometimes lose your race stanger mission when you get your buffalo

ID #441385
Jul 9th 2014 Guest
To everyone who's having trouble finding thunder,water,and fire stones in pokemon platinum in Soleaceantown you can go behind the houses on the right and go into the ruins and those little white rocks you face at them and press A button on every room in the cave and some of them have stones on them I came out with 1thunder stone,2fire stones and 2 water stones
ID #415086
May 9th 2015 Guest
kk thanks
ID #553825
Jun 17th 2014 Guest
I don't like how you can't be friends without signing into face book cause I'm only ten and I want to find one of my friends that play it and I don't do Facebook so I wish you could just look up the ne if their farm and click enter and then you could be friends with them and that's just my opinion
ID #401309
May 24th 2014 Guest
Gta 5 the cargo plane steal
First Fail mission 3 times then skip Then do it again And again until you Finish the whole mission
ID #387738
Apr 8th 2014 Guest
happy to read this guide,course I feel exately the same...BTW I am a normal Chinese boy who over 18,and like TV game so much .
ID #372641
Mar 2nd 2014 Guest
i need product key for pc,grand theft auto 5?
ID #360289
Feb 23rd 2014 Cameron Shuter
I needed to lie because it wouldn't let me signin the truth is that I'm only 9
ID #358341
Feb 7th 2014 Guest
How to get a car
ID #352681
Jan 31st 2014 Guest
i completed gta5 like after the third week of it coming out its easy but i still play the game cause free roaming is fun
ID #350233
Jan 18th 2014 Guest
Why do the cops I pound your car but you can't pay the fee!?

ID #345364
Dec 6th 2013 Kyle.dinklocker
ID #325841
Dec 3rd 2013 Diddle finger
Battlefield4 redeem free coeds
ID #324963
Nov 30th 2013 Guest
i got the 5 but can i upgrade chop?

ID #323714
Nov 11th 2013 Guest
How do u buy a house
ID #319057
Oct 25th 2013 cgsfinest
I did the first bail bonds mission but when I went to continue to the next one there wasn't anyone there does it have to be a certain time?? and I don't have any emails from Maude, what do I do?? I tried to go back and look for what strangers and freaks mission it was but I don't know which one it is, can someone help me out???
ID #316240
Sep 26th 2013 Guest
how do you shot a man on the boat from the car
ID #311299
Sep 26th 2013 Czahn16
How do you find the device in the submarine. I have been over the whole ocean and not finding nothing please help
ID #311293
Sep 25th 2013 Guest
Why is it taking so long for my next mission to pop up with only 35percent of the game beat?
ID #311138
Sep 24th 2013 Guest
where are all the clues for the mystery of leanore Johnson

ID #310980
Sep 22nd 2013 Guest
there was gta gta 2 then gta london with you needed one of the other games to play to start with then they redid gta london on its own

ID #310705
Sep 21st 2013 gtav123
How do you turn the corner with the pole house in the mission Franklin and Lamar without hitting the dirt?
ID #310468
Sep 20th 2013 Team SuperCheats
All stranger missions will be found in this guide very soon.
ID #310460
Table of ContentsClose
  • Game Basics
  • Collectibles
  • Stunt Jumps
  • Trophies & Achievements
  • Walkthrough
  • Strangers and Freaks Missions
  • Rampages
  • Hobbies & Pastimes
  • Random Events
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