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Letter Scraps #41 - #50

Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve & BKStunt
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Letter Scraps #41 - #50

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Letter Scrap #41

To find this one check out the north coast of the Alamo Sea (around the middle area). Near where the map says "Galilee" is a dirt road with two roads branching off. Nearby (south of the bottom dirt road) are some buildings. Search near the sides of the larger building to find this letter scrap.
Letter 41

Letter Scrap #42

This one is located near the Altruist Camp. If you've interacted with them at all you know where they are but if you haven't they're location is hard to point out. North of the "Cassidy Creek" outlet (the north outlet of the Alamo Sea) is the Chiliead Mountain Wilderness. There's a lot of curvy roads up there. Find the dirt (brown) road on the map that looks like a giant arch. West of that is another shorter dirt road. The camp is just north of that.

Now we need to get to a communication station south of the Altruist camp, by the shorter dirt road. There's a few ways of getting there. You can start at the gates of the camp and work your way around on the right, but that will trigger 6-7 angry old folks. Or you could start at the darker road below the short dirt road and climb up to the short dirt road. If you hit the Altruist fence, you can find a climb-able path to the right (it's a bit tricky to get up but you can do it).

Now look to the northeast for a small building. Go over there and use the ladders to get up and you'll see the letter scrap out on a platform.
Letter 42

Letter Scrap #43

You can find this one in the town of Grapeseed. First locate Grapeseed Main Street. Follow it to the very east (before it becomes Joad Lane) and look to the south. You'll see grey buildings on the map and if you head there you'll see they are covered. Go search inside the second one from the north to find this letter scrap sitting inside it.
Letter 43

Letter Scrap #44

This one is pretty easy. Northeast of Grapeseed on the coast is the El Gordo Lighthouse. It's near the road that looks like a "C", off on one of the islands by the coast. Head over to the lighthouse itself and look around the base of it to find this letter scrap. Easy!
Letter 44

Letter Scrap #45

This one can be a bit rough. Ok, first let's point out that south / southwest of Paleto Bay is Paleto Forest, and to the southeast of that is a lumber camp. One of the (unnamed) dirt roads nearby looks like an upside down "Y" that connects to a while-line road (or dark road in the game map). Find the intersection where that white road connects to the right "Y" spoke and search to the northeast of that. The letter scrap is on the ground between a tree and a rock. It can be tough to spot so reference our videos if you need help.
Letter 45

Letter Scrap #46

You may have found this one on your own if you've ever visited Mount Chiliad. Head to the cable car station at the top of the mountain and then go visit the center platform (where you can also find a parachute). You should find this letter scrap easily.
Letter 46

Letter Scrap #47

This one is in Paleto Bay. Head to the Procopio Drive and Duluoz Avenue intersection. North of that is a nice brick house with a balcony (it is to the left of the intersection, the smaller house). Head to the right side of the house and look for stairs heading up to the balcony. You'll find this letter part on top.
Letter 47

Letter Scrap #48

This one can be found on the north side of the map. On the north part of the Great Ocean Highway find the circle on the map in the north. Now to the south of that (south of the highway and to the east slightly) is a dirt road that curves off to the right. Explore the area to the south of that road to find a hobo camp. Search a tent in this area that has a "Social Justice for All" sign on it to find the letter near the entrance (there is a health kit inside the tent as well if you need it).
Letter 48

Letter Scrap #49

This one can also be found on the very north side of the map (just north of the last one, actually). On the Great Ocean Highway is a rest stop. You can see a circle north of the highway here, where just to the left is Procopio Beach. To the right of the circle is a restroom. You'll find it near the men's entrance.
Letter 49

Letter Scrap #50

You can find this one in the Paleto Bay area. First find the Procopio Drive road and follow it northeast until it turns south. Out northeast from that turn is a broken down house. Search inside (go around back) to find the final letter scrap. Whew, it is about time!
Letter 50
-- Video coming soon --

After collecting all of the Scrap Letters, your character will piece them all together and give you a chance to read it. Neat! It clearly shows who he killer is and places a new "?" on your map (which is a Strangers and Freaks mission - note that we didn't number the mission).

Head over there and you'll see a vehicle sitting outside the house. If you wish it is a smart idea to pop the tires on it (use a silencer), then head into the gate on the right and around to the back of the house to see a scene.

After the scene, Dreyfuss will be on the run. You have the choice here of letting him go or killing him, but note that you must kill him for the Gold Medal requirement. If he can, he will take off in his car. You can follow him in your own and kill him that way if you wish. If you disabled it, he will simply run down the street. Either shoot him or beat him to death. Or run him over. You know, player's call.

Doesn't justice feel good?
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