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Spaceship Parts 41 - 50

Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve & BKStunt
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Spaceship Parts 41 - 50

Spaceship Part #41

Another submerged one. This one is in Sandy Shores. First go find the "Boat House" Restaurant that is apparently no long in business. It is at the Marina Drive and Panorama Drive intersection. Next, go behind it and swim out into the Alamo Sea. Dive after the piers. You should see it to your north. Easy!

Spaceship Parts #41

Spaceship Part #42

This one is fairly easy. Find the Alamo Sea and then look at the two outlest to the west. We want the northern one. There is a railroad bridge crossing it at one point. Under that bridge is a waterfall.

Head over there via the road to the south. You will find a stone wall with a section missing. Head down the path near that section to get to the river bank *above* the waterfall (very important!). There is a little island near you. Go stand on it and look at the edge of the waterfall area. There is another little island in the middle of the river. We need to swim to it. Go ahead and do so. The current isn't too bad, but you want to hit the island as that is where this piece is.

Spaceship Parts #42

Spaceship Part #43

This one is easy to find. East of Grapeseed (the town north of Sandy Shores) is Cape Catfish. There's a nice long road that goes out there with a very obvious circle at the end. The circle leads to a bunch of boats and boat houses. Check out the boathouse by the coast on the right to see this part sitting inside.

Spaceship Parts #43

Spaceship Part #44

This one is tough. Ugh, so tough.

Well, this one can be found by following the upper river from the Alamo Sea out to the Pacific. At one point it crosses a bridge on Highway 1. The part is under the bridge.

But wait! It's *not* accessible by foot! Or car.. or well... anything other than a helicopter or parachute. Here's the kicker though: the part is on a strut on the southern part of the bridge. The strut is rather narrow, meaning that you can't *easily* park a helicopter there. It *is* possible, just not very easy. It took us a total of *four* tries to get it done. That is three deaths, by the way. Check out the video to see what you are in for and where exactly the part is.

Hey, the upside is that you are going to be *very* good at landing the helicopter after getting this part!

Spaceship Parts #44

Spaceship Part #45

This is much easier than that last one (which was a pain). This one is in Grapseed. Find the intersection of Grapeseed Avenue and Seaview Road. To the northeast is a cow field. Search it to find this part just lying in the mud. Hey, don't judge!

Spaceship Parts #45

Spaceship Part #46

Another easy one. Find Route 1 on the northwest side of the island. Trace it north of the bridge that Cassidy Creek goes under (where that annoying part #44 was). Note how the road has a small "c" curve at one point. From that curve head out to the beach to the northwest and you'll find a small (barely connected) peninsula. Head up it and at the top you'll find this part.

By the way, taxi cabs *will* drive out there, which we found crazy as it is so out of the way. You could taxi all the way to the part if you were so inclined.

Spaceship Parts #46
-- Video coming soon --

Spaceship Part #47

This one is going to be profitable *and* good for our part collection.

The first thing you should know here is the game has a "Cannabis Farm" that you can raid. Raid meaning kill all the people there and steal their income, which is a fabulous idea as you can make $50,000+ dollars, however you can only raid it every week or so.

The farm is located at the very end of the weird hooked road north of the city of Grapeseed (just west of the nearby freeway). Follow it up to get a game notification and be ready to kill the people there.

Once you are done, check the barn for the money stash and the part. Score!

Spaceship Parts #47
-- Video coming soon --

Spaceship Part #48

Another one with no easy way to give directions. This game is making our job hard! Well, start looking at your map and find Paleto Bay (the city). To the south is a Cable Car leading up to Mt. Chilead. The cable car icon is in the middle of an upside down "Y" roads. Now find the intersection of the right part of the "Y" and Route 1 (the major freeway). Travel up Route 1 a *little ways* (seriously, a little ways) and look off to the right for an obvious drainage creek as you do so. Follow the drainage creek up to find a fallen log and a culvert with the part inside.

Spaceship Parts #48
-- Video coming soon --

Spaceship Part #49

This one is fairly easy. In south Paleto Bay you can find the Fire Station and an Ammo Nation. Near the Fire Station you can find a training building (which is a building that they purposely torch to train on - you can tell right away which one it is). Use the stairs attached to it to head up to the third floor and you'll find this part.

Spaceship Parts #49
-- Video coming soon --

Spaceship Part #50

Here we are, the last one. Whew, what a journey. Now, to get this one follow Route 1 (Great Ocean Highway) east as it leaves Paleto Bay. Just as you get outside the city to the south you will see the "Donkey Punch Family Farm", with a red barn nearby and another older barn behind that. Get out and go past the red barn and into the older barn where you can find the last piece in the back.

Spaceship Parts #50
-- Video coming soon --

The Reward!

OK, so you've went through the trouble of collecting all of these parts... now what? Well, switch back to Franklin (he is Omega's contact after all) and you'll get a text from Omega. Go meet him at his location on the map to see a scene.

We won't spoil this for you but we will tell you your reward: a modified Dune Buggy called the "Space Docker". There's really nothing special about it except for the sound the engine makes and the lighting on the thing. So, was it all worth it. Well, for completionists it is since all of the above parts count towards 100% game completion and getting them all should get you the 'From Beyond the Stars' Trophy/Achievement. The dune buggy though... we don't like as much.
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5 comments, latest first.
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
I got #44 on my first try, was able to park it with no damage to the helicopter.
BTW I love this game but I am in NO way good at it. I haven't even passed the first helicopter course at the flight school yet lol. All I did was line up the chopper with the gap as much as possible and then I carefully and VERY slowly nudged it in inch by inch, went right in. Take your time on #44 and move slowly and it's not too hard
ID #520613
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
I cart find part 49 any one now were it is add me on ps3 mrdot56
ID #492923
Jan 23rd 2014 Guest
I cannot find #44
ID #347044
Nov 30th 2013 Guest
#44 is driving me insane, its nearly impossible
ID #323912
Nov 18th 2013 Guest
Got all of the parts but no text from omega
ID #320240
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