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Spaceship Parts 31 - 40

Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve & BKStunt
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Spaceship Parts 31 - 40

Spaceship Part #31

To get this one, head to Tongva Valley again and look for the Zancudo Road and Zancudo Barrance intersection. To the east of that is a bridge with a waterfall nearby. Head down to the water (we recommend walking down there instead of jumping - from, uh... personal experience) and dive near the water by the waterfall to find this submerged part.

Spaceship Parts #31

Spaceship Part #32

This is another hard one to describe. The best way to give you directions on this is to point out Route 13 and Route 15, the two large freeways leaving Los Santos on the eastern side. Follow them both north and you will see the intersect making an "X".

Now from that X look at the map and follow it west to the dirt roads. You will see one of them makes a clear "U" shape with another ">" shape above it. Get on the ">" road and follow it north. You'll come to a house with a flag and wind wheel. Go check out the back yard for a nice welcome banner and the part.

Spaceship Parts #32

Spaceship Part #33

Another one on an un-named road. If you've done the Larry Bail Bond Mission you'll be familiar with this area, but we'll assume you haven't. This one is in the Great Chaparral region (although it says Grand Senora Dessert on the map). Find the Route 68 and Senora Road intersection. Follow it west and go down the first dirt road until it makes a "U" shape (the U has two small roads between it). At the bottom of the "U" road is an abandoned house that is all beat up. Go check the back porch for this part.

Spaceship Parts #33

Spaceship Part #34

This one is in Harmony. Find Route 68 and then find the Sandy Shores airport. There is a road that goes up from Route 68. Follow it north and then take it west along the main road. As you travel to the right is a small driveway with a boat in the yard. It is a rather large boat (a boat in the desert... go figure). Check near the boat to find this spaceship part.

Spaceship Parts #34

Spaceship Part #35

This one is cool. Northeast of Bolingbroke Prison near the eastern end of Route 68 you can find a line of satellite dishes. Go check out the western one. You'll find a ladder you can climb and some short stair segments past that. One of the stairways leads to this part.

Spaceship Parts #35

Spaceship Part #36

Head to the Route 68 and Zancudo Grande Valley intersection, which you can find to the left of the Harmony area. To the north of this intersection you should be able to see a wooden bridge (it has a wooden cover - a really nice old-timey bridge). Head underneath it and check under the south side to find this piece.

Spaceship Parts #36

Spaceship Part #37

Are you familiar with the railroad tracks? No? Well, there's one that cuts through Sandy Shores horizontally and then passes by the Zencudo River. If that isn't clear to you, head to the Joshua Road and Calafia Road intersection and look for a large railroad bride.

Head to the north side of it and then head for the first tree on the north side. You should hear the familiar hum now. Check to the south of the tree and you'll find the part in a nook in the rocks.

Spaceship Parts #37

Spaceship Part #38

This one is easy. Head to "Nowhere Road" in the Sandy Shores area. It is just south of the main town area. This looped road has a national park sign nearby. Face the sign straight on and behind it are two piles of rocks. The left pile is the one you want. Climb the hill to it and you'll find the part.

Spaceship Parts #38

Spaceship Part #39

Now *this* one is extremely hard to describe. Seriously, it's probably best if you just watch the video. Regardless, we shall try with text. First, at the bottom of Calafia Road near Stab City (which is west of Sandy Shores), you will find a train track. There are two silos nearby too. Now, to the west of all that is the Mount Josiah area.

Near the train tracks and silos, to the west, is a rather large mountain. Climb it. Get to the top. You can do it by foot or with a motorcycle, but once you get to the top there is a stretch of land connecting two mountain tips. The western tip of the second mountain will be grooved and has what appears to be stone faces carved out of the mountain. You can actually walk along the grooves and ledges (although it is quite dangerous and the jump button needs to be used), but along the third ledge up is this spaceship part.

*Very* hard to get to. Probably the hardest one yet.

Spaceship Parts #39
-- Video coming soon --

Spaceship Part #40

This one is good. Head to Sandy Shores and check out your map. To the east is the Senora National Park area, but there is a chunk of road that looks like an "H" (thanks to the railroad it looks like an H anyways...). Nearby this un-named chunk of road you can find, well... a very hippy, alien-y... place. I'm really not sure what it's for, but it is very colorful.

Go explore it. Climb up to the top (where people will likely be doing yoga if it is daytime) and you'll see the piece chilling up there.

Spaceship Parts #40

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