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Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve & BKStunt
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After meeting Dom and completing the Strangers and Freaks mission #29 (The one called "Risk Assessment"), you will unlock the Parachute Jump past-time activity.

Scattered throughout San Andreas are 13 Parachute Jumps. They all unlock automatically on your map after the above mission. These jumps are open to any character. Below you will find an overview of each jump.

On each jump you have some common parachuting Controls:

Before Jump:

Use Right Stick to look around.
Press (Square/PS3 or X/360) to jump.

After Jump:

Use Left Stick to direct your freefall.
Press (X/PS3 or A/360) to deploy your parachute.
Press (Square/PS3 or X/360) to retry jump.

While Parachuting:

Use Left Stick to change direction.
Hold L1 or R1 for sharp turns.
Hold L1 + R1 for precision landing.
Press / Hold (O/PS3 or B/360) for cinematic camera.
Press (Triangle/PS3 or Y/360) to ditch parachute.
Press (Square/PS3 or X/360) to retry jump.

If you fail any jump (which usually happens by not hitting your target), you have the option of retrying or quitting. Isn't it nice of Rockstar to let you retry automatically!?

Note: We have numbered these jumps in the same order the game numbers them on the map. You can do these in whatever order you like though.

Parachute Jump #1: Pacific Tour

This jump is located just to the east of Vespucci Beach (Near the Puerto Del Sol Marina). You'll meet up with Jeff who will take you up.

Your goal here is to jump onto a boat down in the water. Jump out of the chopper and give yourself about 8 full seconds before pulling the chute. That way you can coast down to the boat directly without having to worry about circling around to hit it. When you get close use your precision mode (L1 + R1) to get on the boat.

Your reward for doing this is a cool $200. You can uh, also jack a boat. If you want you can purchase a nearby slip in the Puerto Del Sol Marina to store it at. Onto the next jump!

Parachute Jump #2: Photo Finish

This jump is over by the Vinewood Race Tracks to the northeast of Los Santos. Enter the tracks from the south and make your way to the helicopter on the northern end to meet up with Jeff again.

This jump introduces checkpoints. Once you start the jump, give yourself about 2 seconds then open the chute and aim for the first checkpoint. You will hang a left after that down to the second one. This is all nice and easy - you can just glide between these, holding up every now and again to get some distance. After the second one is a third one to the right and then it is off to the target on the ground.

Here you will be graded on how well you hit the center of the target, so be sure to use your precision landing. After hitting all of the checkpoints and getting a decent landing you should be looking at a reward of $350 at least. Not bad for a scenic glide over the racetrack.

Parachute Jump #3: Turbine Terror

This is a fun jump. It is located up by the wind farm off the highway between Sandy Shores and Los Santos. Go meet Jeff and he'll take you up.

This jump is very similar to the last one: give yourself about 2 seconds and then pull the chute and head for the first checkpoint. You can glide leisurely to checkpoint two, but on the way to three be sure to keep your altitude up as it is easy to drop too low.

Once you start getting lower the wind blades become a little threatening, but if you stay on track they won't hurt you (you don't want to find out!). Aim for the landing's center to score as high as possible. Once you hit all of the checkpoints and get a decent landing you will be looking at around $400. Nice!

Parachute Jump #4: The Decline

This one is located all the way out near the coast by Paleto Bay. Head on over there and you'll see Jeff in the chopper at the end of a dock. Jeff will actually take you up to the west side of Mount Chiliad for this jump.

Once you have control you will need to manually run and jump off of the mountain. Just like the last few jumps wait about 2 seconds and open the chute. You have four checkpoints and a landing. The first two checkpoints are pretty standard. From 2 to 3 you will want to drop a bit to get lower, but as you approach it try to pass through the upper part of the ring. Checkpoint 4 is a ways away so stay elevated as you get to it.

From there is is all about sticking the landing on the dock you started from. Full circle, huh? Just like the last mission, once you hit all of the checkpoints and get a decent landing you will be looking at around $400.

Parachute Jump #5: Bank Bailout

This one if fairly short but intense. Head to Vespucci Blvd and Alta Street (in the middle of Los Santos) and then northeast up to the Maze Bank plaza. You will find a parachute leaning against one of the walls here.

After picking it up you will automatically head to the top of the building and start off on a motorcycle. Wow... so here you want to drive off of the building, dismount the bike, and then pull your zipcord. There are no checkpoints on this one, just a landing pad a couple of blocks away. If you pull your chute quickly you will need to drop. If you did it very quickly, you can pass the building on your left, make a sharp left turn (L1) and then turn to the right to hit the target that way.

You don't get much money this time: a perfect jump will only net you $200. Oh well, it was still fun right?

Parachute Jump #6: What Goes Up...

This one is close to #6... just go south instead of north. You'll be at a construction site. Enter from the north and head up the nearby yellow crane to start climbing... and climbing... and climbing. It's going to take awhile but keep climbing all the way to the top. At the top you'll find a parachute near the center of the crane that you can press the right directional button nearby to start this mission.

This mission is very similar to the "Targeted Risk" Strangers and Freaks mission: you need to land on the back of a moving truck. From where you gain control at, jump off the crane and let yourself fall for about 10-11 seconds before opening the chute. Now veer *slightly* to the right and line up with the road to your north. There will be a large flat-bed semi that you need to line up with that is marked on your map.

Let yourself descend generously but don't fall and keep your precision up. Aim for the cab of the semi and you'll hit the bed easily. If you can do that (or at least get over the bed and drop onto it from a safe distance) you will pass this mission and claim $200 - the max reward.

Parachute Jump #7: Falling Mouse

Up near Cassidy Creek there are four parachuting jumps. This one is the northwest jump. You can head to it via taxi if you wish but you'll have to end up climbing up to it regardless. Interact with the backpack to start the jump (ignore the motorcycle).

This is a very descent-oriented jump. You only have two checkpoints and a landing. What you want to do it from where you start jump off the cliff slightly to the left and immediately pull your chute, then make a right and aim for the checkpoint as it will be close. From there you can glide down easily to the second checkpoint and the landing after that. With both checkpoints gotten and a decent landing you are looking at a reward of around $350. You can use the nearby ATV if you wish.

Parachute Jump #8: Runaway Train

Up near Cassidy Creek there are four parachuting jumps. This one is the northeast jump. You will find Jeff hanging out on a ledge, so go up and meet him to start this challenge.

You are about to jump to a train. Yes, really. You are that nuts. The train is going to be coming from the tunnel below you (your south) and will cross the bridge to a tunnel to the north.

Jump out of the chopper and give yourself 7-8 seconds before pulling the chute. You will see the train come out. Now we just have to land on the train to beat this mission. The easiest places to land are the third and fourth box cars, as they both have flat tops, so you have a little leeway on where to land. After pulling the chute just line yourself up with the tracks and adjust as necessary to hit the top of the box (cut the chute if you need to so you can make the tunnel - just do it from a safe distance). For this crazy stunt you will be rewarded $200, which seems kind-of cheap. Oh well...

Parachute Jump #9: Aim For The Fairway

This jump is located in North Vinewood, near Tequi-la-la. When you get near the icon, look for a yellow traffic pole to find the chute and start the challenge. You will automatically head to the roof of the nearby building.

Note: If you are playing as Franklin he has a funny quip about the golf course before you jump.

Here your goal is to jump from the roof onto the golf course fairway. No checkpoints, just a jump. Fairly simple. Jump off the building and glide down to the landing zone, watching out for the tall fence. You can stay in precision mode the entire time and make it with relative ease. Your reward for this simple jump is a cool $200.

Parachute Jump #10: Carving The Mountain

Up near Cassidy Creek there are four parachuting jumps. This one is the southwest jump. Head to it to find Jeff waiting for you. He'll tell you that he is going to take you up "Extra High".

This is a rather long jump but not too hard. You have a total of *seven* checkpoints to get through. Go ahead and jump and be sure to pull your chute right away. You'll find the first checkpoint quickly. The first four are all really easy. A bit elongated, so keep your altitude and drop at the end if you need to. After checkpoint four you will need to drop a bit more, so be ready. Five through seven all require a bit faster descent but are very manageable. Aim for the center of the dropzone for a good accuracy. Once you have hit all checkpoints and got a decent landing you are looking at around $500 for a reward. Nice!

Parachute Jump #11: Fall Of The Alamo

This is the biggest jump yet. Head to Grapeseed to find this jump. Jeff will be there to take you up, and boy does he take you up!

There will be a total of *nine* checkpoints on your way down. Nine! The first one is close to the chopper, so you want to pull your chute as soon as you jump in order to make sure you hit it. From there it is simple gliding from checkpoint one to checkpoint four.

At checkpoint four you will need to do a quick 180 degree turn to re-orient yourself with checkpoint 5 (we don't want to faceplant into the mountain after all). The rest of the checkpoints are pretty simple, so glide through the rest of them and aim for the cow pasture landing zone (which is where Trevor wakes up sometimes when you switch to him...) to maximize your accuracy. A good landing and all of the checkpoints being hit can net you somewhere around $550 or more.

Parachute Jump #12: Damned If You Don't

This one is fairly close to jump #2, south of the rack track. Head there to find a chopper pilot (who isn't Jeff, for some strange reason) and head on up.

This jump is even longer than the last one! It has a total of ten checkpoints, but it is still a fairly leisurely jump. Once again your first checkpoint is close to the chopper so pull the chute as soon as you jump to hit it. You will end up cruising down and to the left for awhile and then to the right for a bit until you are above the dam. From there the course will straighten out and head downward for a few checkpoints to the landing zone. As you approach the landing zone be sure to keep your feet up and use precision mode as there are some rocks nearby.

Once you hit the landing and go through all the checkpoints you are looking at another decent reward, around $550 or more depending on how good your landing was. One more jump left!

Parachute Jump #13: Razor Rock Dive

Up near Cassidy Creek there are four parachuting jumps. This one is the southeast jump. Head over there (it takes some hiking) to find a parachute laying out for you.

This is going to be a very short jump. You have one checkpoint to hit and then the landing. From where you start jump off the rock and the immediately pull the chute. Use your precision mode to make it to the first and only checkpoint and then head towards the landing zone (you may as well stay in your precision mode the entire time). Your reward for this is a max of $230.

Is That All?

Congrats on passing all of the parachuting challenges! Besides the (rather petty) money you made, you will now have unlocked Dom's final Strangers and Freaks mission! If you wish, check out our guide for it under the Strangers and Freaks section.
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9 comments, latest first.
Mar 16th 2015 Guest
Man it is such a climb up that construction crane on Jump 6. I actually timed it and it took me almost five minutes to make it up. Man that takes a lot of patience. I tried using a helicopter up and trying to jump on and that didn't work. While the 5 minutes is long, it is well worth it.
ID #529334
Mar 9th 2015 Guest
Jump 6/13 there is no flat bed truck to land on and parachute is located at end of crane not middle?
ID #526387
Jan 24th 2015 Guest
I did all the jumps and still no achievement. What the hell???? All franklin.
ID #506162
Aug 23rd 2014 Guest
haha I actually JUST looked up this guide to see if anyone else noticed the pilot for Damned If You Don't wasn't Jeff. I think the reason is that you can literally see the other chopper still at the racetrack from here, and vice versa. They can't both be Jeff, and Rockstar isn't that lazy
ID #439919
Jun 21st 2014 Guest
Never mind they're not out of order. For some reason it noted each one you have a jump before the actual number. So in my game it said jump 4/13 and 4 being the Maze Bank bike jump. So my bad. Great guide. ^_^
ID #403961
Jun 21st 2014 Guest
Appreciate the guide and all but your numbers are a little out of order.
ID #403947
Jun 17th 2014 Guest
I can't get 100% accuracy on jump No. 10.
I only get 99%. it's so annoying...
┬┐Any help?
ID #401483
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
same here, couldn't figure out jumps 5 and 9...thanks for the hints
ID #398366
Nov 5th 2013 Guest
Cheers for the guide! Really helps! Couldn't find bag at the bank so thanks again
ID #318090
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