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Material Effects

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You can buy materials from different merchants in the Promenade area of the city, obtain them from supply caches during Missions, or get them as Mission Report rewards. These materials are exclusively used for commissioning custom equipment from Thomasson Workshop. The effects and stat bonuses each material provide will depend on the part of the outfit they’ll be used on. Take note that the availability of some materials will vary depending on the state of the war. As long as Jutland gains ground, new materials will become available but when they’re losing, only the basic materials will remain available instead.

The Traveling Merchant appears from time to time in Promenade, preferably when the country is winning and the city is lively. He sells expensive yet rare materials so make sure to check his inventory whenever he's in town.

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Material Effect
Cotton MDEF-Up 3-7%
Linen MDef Up 4-5%
Mana-resistant Cloth MDef Up 7-8%
Heat-resistant Wool Fire Resistant 3-7%
Water-resistant Wool Water Resistance 3-7%
Wind-resistant Wool Wind Resistance 3-7%
Earth-resistant Wool Earth Resistance 3-7%
Shining Shantung Fear Time Down 7-10%
Milky Cashmere Confusion Time Down 7-10%
Felt MDef Up 4-5%
Velvet MDef Up 5-7%
Dark Taffeta Dark Resistance 7-9%
Royal Silk Light Resistance 7-9%
Dragon Cloth Fire Resistance 3-10%
Cordovan Def Up 3-7%
Cow Hide Def Up 4-5%
High-grade Leather Def Up 7-8%
Snake Skin Fire Resistance 4-6%
Fireproof Leather Fire Resistance 3-10%
Goatskin Water Resistance 4-6%
Iceproof Leather Water Resistance 3-10%
Deerskin Wind Resistance 4-6%
Windproof Leather Wind Resistance 3-10%
Calfskin Earth Resistance 4-6%
Tremorproof Leather Earth Resistance 3-10%
Mink Fur HP Up 5-7%
Iron Plate Melee Resistance 4-6%
Steel Plate Melee Resistance 4-7%
Tungsten Plate Melee Resistance 7-9%
Silver Plate Gun Resistance 4-6%
Gold Plate Gun Resistance 4-7%
Ragnite Alloy HP Up 5-9%
Refined Alloy HP Up 9-10%
Titanium Steel Bomb Resistance 7-8%
Cobalt Steel Bomb Resistance 5-10%
Carbon Steel Gun Resistance 4-6%
Silver Steel Gun Resistance 3-10%
Meteorite Steel Melee Resistance 4-6%


Material Effect
Cotton Grenade Range Up 2-4%
Linen Grenade Range Up 2-5%
Mana-resistant Cloth Grenade Range Up 5-7%
Heat-resistant Wool Grenade Range Up 3-3%
Water-resistant Wool Grenade Range Up 3-3%
Wind-resistant Wool Grenade Range Up 3-3%
Earth-resistant Wool Grenade Range Up 3-3%
Shining Shantung Grenade Effect Up 3-7%
Milky Cashmere Grenade Effect Up 3-7%
Felt MAtk Up 2-4%
Velvet MAtk Up 2-5%
Dark Taffeta MAtk Up 1-8%
Royal Silk MAtk Up 5-7%
Dragon Cloth Headshot DMG Up 1-7%
Cordovan Gun Accuracy Up 3-10%
Cow Hide Gun Accuracy Up 3-10%
High-grade Leather Gun Accuracy Up 7-14%
Snake Skin Gun Accuracy Up 5-8%
Fireproof Leather Attack Up 0-7%
Goatskin Gun Accuracy Up 5-8%
Iceproof Leather Attack Up 0-7%
Deerskin Gun Accuracy Up 5-8%
Windproof Leather Attack Up 0-7%
Calfskin Gun Accuracy Up 5-8%
Tremorproof Leather Attack Up 0-7%
Mink Fur Critical Rate Up 2-3%
Iron Plate Guard Endurance Up 4-4%
Steel Plate Guard Endurance Up 3-5%
Tungsten Plate Guard Endurance Up 5-7%
Silver Plate Guard Strength Up 2-3%
Gold Plate Guard Strength Up 1-5%
Ragnite Alloy Pierce Up 2-4%
Refined Alloy Pierce Up 5-7%
Titanium Steel Gun DMG Up 2-4%
Cobalt Steel Gun DMG Up 2-5%
Carbon Steel Gun DMG Up 2-4%
Silver Steel Gun DMG Up 1-7%
Meteorite Steel Pierce Up 2-5%


Material Effect
Cotton Item Effect Up 4-7%
Linen Item Effect Up 5-8%
Mana-resistant Cloth Item Effect Up 7-14%
Heat-resistant Wool Item Effect Up 2-8%
Water-resistant Wool Item Effect Up 2-8%
Wind-resistant Wool Item Effect Up 2-8%
Earth-resistant Wool Item Effect Up 2-8%
Shining Shantung Item Effect Up 5-8%
Milky Cashmere Item Effect Up 3-10%
Felt Experience Up 1-2%
Velvet Experience Up 1-2%
Dark Taffeta Experience Up 0-3%
Royal Silk Experience Up 0-3%
Dragon Cloth Sniper Ammo Up 7-14%
Cordovan Pouch Size Up 5-8%
Cow Hide Pouch Size Up 5-8%
High-grade Leather Pouch Size Up 3-17%
Snake Skin Pouch Size Up 3-10%
Fireproof Leather Pouch Size Up 7-14%
Goatskin Pouch Size Up 3-10%
Iceproof Leather Pouch Size Up 7-14%
Deerskin Pouch Size Up 3-10%
Windproof Leather Pouch Size Up 7-14%
Calfskin Pouch Size Up 3-10%
Tremorproof Leather Pouch Size Up 7-14%
Mink Fur Drop Rate Up 2-3%
Iron Plate Rifle Ammo Up 4-7%
Steel Plate Rifle Ammo Up 5-8%
Tungsten Plate Rifle Ammo Up 7-14%
Silver Plate Launcher Up 4-7%
Gold Plate Launcher Up 5-8%
Ragnite Alloy Machine Gun Ammo Up 5-8%
Refined Alloy Machine Gun Ammo Up 7-14%
Titanium Steel Grenade Capacity Up 5-8%
Cobalt Steel Grenade Capacity Up 5-8%
Carbon Steel Sniper Ammo Up 5-8%
Silver Steel Sniper Ammo Up 7-14%
Meteorite Steel All Gun Ammo Up 2-5%


Material Effect
Cotton Conceal Effect Up 3-10%
Linen Conceal Effect Up 5-10%
Mana-resistant Cloth Conceal Effect Up 7-14%
Heat-resistant Wool Urban Advantage 5-10%
Water-resistant Wool Snowfield Advantage 5-10%
Wind-resistant Wool Grassland Advantage 5-10%
Earth-resistant Wool Dessert Advantage 5-10%
Shining Shantung Evasion Up 1-7%
Milky Cashmere Evasion Up 2-5%
Felt Evasion Up 3-4%
Velvet Evasion Up 2-5%
Dark Taffeta Gravity Resistance 7-14%
Royal Silk Evasion Up 1-7%
Dragon Cloth Conceal Effect Up 3-17%
Cordovan Cover Effect Up 5-8%
Cow Hide Cover Effect Up 3-10%
High-grade Leather Cover Effect Up 7-14%
Snake Skin Brun Resistance 7-14%
Fireproof Leather Brun Resistance 10-17%
Goatskin Freeze Resistance 7-14%
Iceproof Leather Freeze Resistance 10-17%
Deerskin Wound Resistance 7-14%
Windproof Leather Wound Resistance 10-17%
Calfskin Shock Resistance 7-14%
Tremorproof Leather Shock Resistance 10-17%
Mink Fur Cover Effect Up 0-10%
Iron Plate Mine Resistance 3-10%
Steel Plate Mine Resistance 5-8%
Tungsten Plate Mine Resistance 7-14%
Silver Plate Mine Resistance 3-10%
Gold Plate Mine Resistance 5-8%
Ragnite Alloy Cover Effect Up 3-10%
Refined Alloy Cover Effect Up 7-14%
Titanium Steel Reduced Knockback 5-8%
Cobalt Steel Reduced Knockback 3-10%
Carbon Steel Reduced Knockback 5-8%
Silver Steel Reduced Knockback 7-14%
Meteorite Steel Gravity Resistance 9-11%
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