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Jutland’s Anti-Valkyria squad known as the Vanargand is composed of several members belonging to four different classes. Aside from having the characters having their own unique personalities and traits, the classes they’re part off have different strengths and weaknesses that will prove vital in your strategy when executing objectives and the overall mission’s success.


Possibly short for “shocktroopers”, these attackers can deliver powerful attacks while having good defense, balanced speed, and moderate Action Gauge recovery speed. They’re your main line of offense and they’re pretty good at it. Due to the nature of their role, they carry massive, two-handed weapons capable of even smashing sandbags where enemies take cover, heavily damage even armored enemy troops, and easily disable individual tank parts like legs.

Recommended Priorities:

Vanguard, Mighty Warrior, Hero, Effect, All-out, Celebrity

Recommended Skills:

  • At least two elemental, class-specific skills (“Round+”, “Smash+”, “Rush+”)
  • Ranged single-shot projectile spells (“+Shot)
  • Ranged AoE (Burn Field, Gravity)
  • Self-buff (Braver, Rock Body)

Recommended Secondary Weapons:

  • Guns: Any
  • Grenades: (Frag) Grenades preferably. If not, SCG grenades for dealing with Tanks.


Quick and agile, scouts have the fastest movement speed and the quickest Action Gauge recovery speed in all the classes. They carry light weapons such as daggers and rapier which deals a small amount of damage in exchange for faster attack speed. Since RP is recovered with each successful melee attack, their lightning-fast attack speeds can help recover their RP quite easily, allowing them to perform more alchemic attacks in a short span of time.

Recommended Priorities:

Vanguard, Curvaceous, Effect, Celebrity, Service, Sensibility, All-out

Recommended Skills:

  • At least two class-specific skills (Jumping Wind, “Thrusting+”, “Spinning+”)
  • At least one water melee skill that recovers HP (Thrusting Squall, Spinning Squall)
  • Ranged AoE (Burn Field, Gravity)
  • Galdrs (Ophelia only)

Recommended Secondary Weapons:

Sniper rifle, anti-personnel rifle, anti-personnel launcher, smoke grenade, flashbang


As their name imply, these guys carry massive shields with the sole purpose of “tanking” enemy damage. While they’re technically invulnerable against frontal attacks, their rear will be their weak point. Their movement speed and Action Gauge recovery is the slowest among all classes and their action gauge recovers even more slower with their shield up. They’re perfect for taking all enemies’ attention while the other team members flank the enemy or get to a better position. Their class alchemic skills are mostly counterattacks and self-buffs. They can deal average damage but since their attack speed isn’t that impressive as well, don’t expect them to take over offense any time.

Recommended Priorities:

Family, Comrade’s Shield, Showy, Effect, Consideration, Caution, Man Upfront,

Recommended Skills:

  • At least two class-specific skills (“Spear+”, “Counter+”, “Fall+”)
  • Defensive self-buff (Rock Body)
  • Basic heal (Healing Field)
  • Ranged or melee AoE (Burn Field, Gravity, Floating Bit, )

Recommended Secondary Weapons:

Any rifle (except sniper rifle), any launcher, (frag) grenade, SCG grenades for dealing with Tanks if needed


The multipurpose support class that can play the role of a pure offensive alchemic “mage” or support/healer. Sappers have the lowest defense and attack rating among all classes in exchange for higher max RP (the game’s MP/ mana gauge), fast attack speed, and superb action recovery speed. Due to their importance and since there are only two sappers in the game, it’s recommended to always bring a sapper in your squad whenever you’re deploying. Their fast attack speed allows them to quickly replenish their RP but with the risk of getting into melee range. As such, sappers must be always behind your tankier and sturdier units.

Recommended Priorities:

Recovery, Home-cooked Meal, Effect, Inside and Out, Strengthen

Recommended Skills:

The skills that you can select for Sappers must at least complement with the Priorities you give them. For example, if you want your sapper to maintain distance, then use ranged healing like Heal Field, alongside with ranged attack skills like “+Shot”, Splash, Freeze Ray, Burn Field, MetorFall, etc. If you want your sapper to support allies up close, great skills would include Ring Squall (attack and heal), Sphere Wind, “Ring+” skills, etc.

  • At least one healing skill (Heal Field, Ring Squall)
  • At least one buff/class-specific skill (Braver, Rock Body, “Ring+”)
  • At least one attack skill

Recommended Secondary Weapons:

  • Any, possibly except for sniper rifle. Anti-personnel launchers can be equipped as well as self-defense to immediately take out threats that may put your sapper in danger.
  • Smoke Grenade if you want to get free melee hits to replenish your RP. Otherwise, use frag grenades as self-defense in case you get caught in a crossfire.

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