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Treasure / Scavenger Hunts: Prologue

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This is the section that covers the Treasure and Scavenger Hunts - which are a specific type of special quest in the game that often results in either Wealth or crafting diagrams!

Prologue Section

(White Orchard Region)

The following quests are part of the Prologue part of the game...

Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear

Find the Viper School Gear Diagrams

While traveling the downtrodden lands of Velen and the former Temerian border regions, Geralt found clues about the location of a set of diagrams for crafting the legendary equipment once worn by the Viper School of Witchers. Motivated by curiosity and the prospect of acquiring these priceless objects, he decided to pursue this lead.

This one is a quest that as long as you are working on uncovering all of the locations you will not even have to TRY to complete. It will happen automagically!

When you find the Power Spot at the graveyard you will end up entering the crypts there - and finding all of the bodies and quest items in one easy spot!

So yeah, easy peasy!


  • Search the Castle Ruins

  • Read the Report

  • Find Kolgrim's remains

  • Read Kolgrim's letter

  • Find diagrams for all the elements of Viper School gear 2/2

Treasure Hunt: Deserter Gold

Find a deserter's gold cache

15th day of observation (23rd of Birke)

Back in the camp. Brought in heals of plunder, mostly armor and weapons, but this time a sealed chest, too. Towards dusk a man delivered rations of food. And drink.

16th day of observation (24th of Birke)

Messenger arrived in the camp before dawn, Caused quite a stir. They immediately organized a group to transport the chest. After dusk I'll try to track down where they carried it to.

17th day of observation (25th of Birke)

Didn't move the case that far away, just to the abandoned hut near the old mill. Set up a watch, so I wasn't able to get loser.

18th day of observation (26th Birke)

every man in the camp has been drinking since yesterday afternoon. If we attacked now, we'd obliterate them. Too bad the commander only sent one man (me) to this outpost. I'll try to sneak in tonight. If fortune smiles on me, perhaps one man will be enough.

Discipline is the backbone of any army. Everything must be written down, every order signed and archived in triplicate. This proved a boon to Geralt on one occasion, when he came across a document written in a soldier's hand. It was sparse and contained few details, but what it did divulge was intriguing to say the least...

As you work this quest you will actually be working another quest at the same time - the Temerian Valuables Quest (assuming you managed to flag it and hopefully you did).

Because when you arrive at the search area for this one - and break down the door and fall through the floor and search and loo the crates and chests, you will obtain the items for both THIS quest AND that one! How cool is that?


  • Read the letter you found

  • Find the deserter's cache using your Witcher Sense

Treasure Hunt: Dirty Funds

Find the money

Flagged at the Hidden Treasure marker east of the Windmill

WARNING: This one is bugged. There seem to be a number of ways that you can accidentally mess it up - one of them seems to be if you killed the bandits at the Windmill - but it is not clear why or what specific relationship they have to the quest...

Basically if you are lucky you will be able to complete this - if you are not, you will not be able to complete it. Well, at least until the wizards behind the game fix this anyway.

When you clear out the Hidden Treasure camp you will loot a letter in the crates that flags this quest. You then need to locate the other camp with the hidden treasure. So read the letter you found to get the next way-point marker to the bandit camp to the east.

After you clear out the bandits you will find the treasure - a stack of coins - in a chest you loot inside the tent. That completes the Treasure Hunt!


  • Read the letter you found

  • Find the bandit treasure using your Witcher Senses

Treasure Hunt: Temerian Valuables

Find the lost Temarian Treasure

Flagged by finding the locked chest in the water - Level 4 Suggested.

To Whom It May Concern, By Order of the Legion Commander:

The men bearing this missive are to be escorted north, to the border post near Oxenfurt, where they will find a Redanian division waiting for them. As noble-born Temarians, they are under special protection and not a hair on their heads is to be harmed. Everything they carry is their own private property and is to remain in their possession.

Any failure to head this order will be punished in an accelerated military tribunal.

Randal Vittenberg

Whenever I would ask the Witcher for his opinion concerning my latest sonnet, elegy or even couplet, he'd always claim he hadn't the time. Yet time he had aplenty when it came to reading letters found on corpses or lying about monster nests. Perhaps that was because they, unlike my writings, often proved the path to significant riches...

This quest is linked to the Deserter Gold one in that the target containers are located in the same place - so you will want to flag that one as well as this one before you do them.

Once you have, head to the search area, break down the door, and then fall through the floor to find the cache! Simply search and loot to complete this quest - and the other one.


  • Read the Document you found

  • Find the lost Temerian treasure using your Witcher Senses

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