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Side Quests: Kaer Morhen

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To make this guide easier to use we break each of the Acts up into their logical components, with the Side Quests divided as makes sense for that purpose. The following are the side quests for the main story that take place during the period in which you are based in Kaer Morhen...

To Bait a Forktail

Help Eskel kill the forktail

Flagged automatically as part of the story -- Suggested Level: 19

Yennefer asked - or rather, if I am to be completely honest with you, dear reader, ordered - Geralt to help Eskel hunt a forktail. The sorceress needed ingredients from this dangerous beast's body and clearly thought two Witchers would get the job done sooner than one. Geralt thus set out to track the monster - but first he had to find Eskel.


  • Search Eskel's tracks near the entrance to Kaer Morhen using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the tracks left by Eskel's horse using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the scent using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow Eskel's tracks using your Witcher Senses

  • Battle the forktail

  • Follow the forktail blood trail using your Witcher Senses

  • Find and kill the forktail

  • Collect the spinal fluid

  • Return to Kaer Morhen

The Bastion

Investigate the Bastion

Flagged automatically by visitation - Suggested Level: 23

An observation tower located on a hillside near Kaer Morhen caught Geralt's eye. Though the structure had been there for as long as he could remember, this was the first time in ages he had bothered to inspect it more closely. When he did, he discovered a whole heap of wraiths had taken up residence within. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Witchers make horrible housekeepers...

Thanks to the lantern you are able to determine that the bastion is haunted by a boy who trained - and died - there. You need to find his remains.

One of the weakest elements in this game is the complete lack of climbing ability - and that even the shortest of falls can actually KILL you. Man that sucks. So bear that in mind while climbing all over the place looking for the remains.

Use the ladders that give access to the front walk and the larger tower and that is where you will find the body. Using the lamp you learn what happened - and with that knowledge you try to set things right by properly disposing of the remains.

Were you expecting another Wraith attack? Yeah us either. But hey once you go to the marker and dispose of the remains, quest completed!


  • Explore the old bastion near Kaer Morhen using your Witcher Senses

  • Eliminate the wraiths haunting the old bastion

  • Use Keira's lamp to investigate the old bastion

  • Look for the boy's remains around the bastion using your Witcher Senses

  • Use Keira's lamp to find out what happened to the boy

  • Pick up the boy's remains

  • Bury the boy's remains

The Final Trial

Help Lambert

Flagged automatically during the story -- Suggested Level: 19

The task of preparing the phylactery fell to Lambert, to his great dissatisfaction. His discontent came as no surprise to me when I learned of it - Lambert was not the most obliging of fellows, and Yennefer, well, let us say she was not his favorite individual. Nevertheless, Lambert agreed to do the job, and Geralt felt he had no choice but to accompany him.

When you get down the mountain to the lake you discover that Lambert's boat is missing. Once you kill a few beasts and find the boat it is just a matter of heading trough the cavers and then to the circle...

Once you reach the Circle and charge the device it is back to the fortress! And that completes the quest!


  • Find Lambert

  • Return to Lambert when you are ready

  • Follow Lambert

  • Find the boat

  • Kill the drowners

  • Kill the water hag

  • Get in the boat

  • Sail across the lake with Lambert

  • Check where the boy's voice is coming from

  • Kill the foglets

  • Enter the cave

  • Go through the cave

  • Get to the Circle of Elements

  • Take shelter in the cave

  • Get past the blockage

  • Light the torches

  • Put the phylactery on the altar


Help Yennefer

Flagged automatically as part of the story -- Suggested Level: None

Vesemir told Geralt that Yennefer had set up her trusty megascope as soon as she arrived at Kaer Morhen, but could not get it to function for the life of her. This news greatly troubled the Witcher. If Yennefer was planning to use her megascope, that meant a conversation with other sorceresses was in the works - and that in turn meant scheming, politics, and other things Geralt truly could not stand.

Getting the tasks done for Yennefer gets you closer to trying to deal with the curse -- and that completes the quest!


  • Return to Yennefer

  • Find and help Yennefer

  • Find the source of the magical disturbance using the potestaquisitor

  • Let Yennefer know you removed the source of the disturbance

Monster Slayer

Kill the monster

Flagged from a clue found during a Scavenger Hut -- Suggested Level: 26

While walking along the shore of the lake near Kaer Morhen, Geralt came across the body of a drowner. The Witcher thought at first that Lambert or Eskel had killed the creature - but upon closer inspection he soon discovered there were no marks dealt by sword or Sign.

It was clear someone - or something - else had done the drowner in. They say the enemy of one's enemy is a friend, but Geralt wanted to see who exactly this drowner-killing "friend" was.

The letter found in the lair reveals more details about the attack on the Witcher base long ago...

Reading the letter completes the quest.


  • Use your Witcher Senses to find out what's killed drowners near the lake

  • Kill the troll

  • Search the troll's lair

  • Read the letter

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