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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Xbox One Cheats and Tips

We have 19 cheats and tips on XOne. If you have any cheats or tips for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 4

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Enemy Shields

It is difficult to get behind enemies like humans who carry shields, the best way to dispose of them is to parry their blows and look for the opening.

Horse Upgrades

When you purchase and equip the following items to Roach you will gain the corresponding effect.


Costs 100 - Increases total Stamina by 20.

Enhanced Saddle:

Costs 125 - Increases total Stamina by 25.

Superior Saddle:

Costs 150 - Increases total Stamina by 30.

Mastercrafted Saddle:

Costs 175 - Increases total Stamina by 35.

Racing Saddle:

Costs 200 - Increases total Stamina by 40.

Enhanced Racing Saddle:

Costs 225 - Increases total Stamina by 45.

Superior Racing Saddle:

Costs 250 - Increases total Stamina by 50.

Mastercrafted Racing Saddle:

Costs 275 - Increases total Stamina by 55.


There will be times when you find yourself in a tough spot were the likelihood is you will end up dying if you carry on. When you are in this situation you are better of placing a Yrden on the floor to slow the enemies and then running away as fast as possible. At least this way you can return for a second attempt when you are at full health.

Potion of Clearance

If you purchase a Potion of Clearance from either of the two merchants who sell them you will be able to reset all your Skill points, including those you received from Place of Power locations.

Avoid Blows

Learn the skill of parrying as it will not only allow you to avoid a blow from an enemy it will also briefly open them up to attack.


The quickest and most effective way to dispose of a bandit is to use Axii to stun him, and then perform a Strong Attack. Doing this will immediately kill the bandit with a finisher animation.

Repair Armour and Weapons

When your armour and weapons have low durability they will become less effective, when this happens you need to find a blacksmith to either repair, replace the item, or repair it yourself with a repair tool.

Fast Attack

The most dependable way to deal damage regardless of what build you go with is by using Fast Attack.


To craft a Lesser Glyph you will need a Glyph of Infusion, these can be found or purchased from merchants or alternatively you can craft them yourself by purchasing a Glyph of Infusion Diagram. To create a Greater Glyph you must combine multiple Lesser Glyphs.


Lesser Glyph of Aard:

Increases Aard Sign Intensity by 2%.

Greater Glyph of Aard:

Increases Aard Sign Intensity by 10%.


Lesser Glyph of Axii:

Increases Axii Sign Intensity by 2%.

Greater Glyph of Axii:

Increases Axii Sign Intensity by 10%.


Lesser Glyph of Igni:

Increases Igni Sign Intensity by 2%.

Greater Glyph o..


You can track a quest in your quest log if you find yourself lost, there you will see a yellow circle on the map where you need to go.


Whenever you find yourself below full health you can replenish it by 'Meditation'. This is done by entering the right-most option on the 'Pause' menu and selecting which time of day to sleep until so that when you wake up your health will be fully recovered. Take advantage of this to keep yourself at full health during most of the game without having to use potions or eat food. This only works on the two lowest difficulties.

Free Ability Points

You will notice plenty of question marks (?) scattered around your world map when you open it, these are to indicate optional quests and encounters. Some of the question marks will also be Place of Power Stones which will allow you to earn free Ability points just by interacting with them. Ability points will improve your capabilities in combat.

Difficulty Setting

If you find yourself struggling you can always enter the 'Settings' menu and lower the difficulty setting.


There is no need to carry your items around with you. If you place an item on the ground anywhere to your choosing the game will save it at the spot forever. You can return for it when you have decided what to do with it.

Easy Crowns - Cows

Jump over the fence just before you cross the Woesong Bridge to leave the town of Midscopse so you enter a grass pasture with some cows grazng. Use fire magic instead of your sword to Kill the cows so you do not waste time having to chase them and then meditate for over 2 hours where you killed them. You can avoid waiting by pausing gameplay, selecting 'Meditation' and advancing the time by 2 hours. Doing this will make the cows respawn allowing you to kill the them again and repeat the process so you accumulate plenty of cow hides and meat for healing which you can then take to the merchant who is near the road next to the cow pasture. If you speak to the merchant and then select the 'Other' tab from his shop's inventory you will be able to access the 'Cow Hide' option and be able to se..


Make sure you read up on the monsters so you learn about their weaknesses so you can then apply the oil coatings to your sword to exploit said weaknesses.

Heart of Stone Expansion - Explore

Make sure you explore as there are plenty of hidden goodies to be found on and off the in-game map. Finding hidden treasure will enable you to get better gear and finding 'Places of Power' will grant you bonus Ability points for your Character skills. The White Orchard side quests are especially good for finding goodies.

Easy Crowns - Sea Shells

You can perform the following trick to earn 1,000 Crowns per minute. At Hierarch Square in Novigrad purchase all the Shells and Sea Shells from the merchant and speak to him afterwards. Keep repeating the process until you have as many Shells and Sea Shells you can afford or carry. Then go to the armourer next to the merchant, dismantle the Shells to get the Pearls inside and keep selling them to him until he runs out of money. When the armourer has run out of money meditate for 5 days to allow the armourer time to get more Crowns then continue selling him more Pearls. Keep repeating the process until you have sold all the pearls. This trick can only be done during the day when merchants are present. It costs 8 Crowns to dismantle a Shell which results in a Pearl that can be sold for 109..

Gwent Cards

The followingn Gwent Cards become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.

Neutral Cards

Biting Frost:

Starting card.

Biting Frost:

Starting card.

Biting Frost:

Randomly awarded.

Clear Weather:

Starting card.

Clear Weather:

Starting card.

Clear Weather:

Randomly awarded after winning from the Crafter or Merchant.

Impenetrable Fog:

Randomly awarded.

Impenetrable Fog:

Starting card.

Impenetrable Fog:

Randomly awarded.

Torrential Rain:

Randomly awarded.

Torrential Rain:

Randomly awarded.


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