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Side Quests: Skellige

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Act I: Skellige Side Quests

To make this guide easier to use we break each of the Acts up into their logical components, with the Side Quests divided as makes sense for that purpose. The following are the side quests for the main story that take place during the period in which you are based in Skellige...

A Hallowed Horn

Find the stolen horn

Flagged from the Notice Board in Holmstein's Port == Siggested :Level: 12

Holger Blackhand had stolen a great many priceless goods during his many plunderous raids. Yet none of these foreign trinkets could rival the carved horn passed down to him from his ancestors for his affections.

The warriors he had recently banished must have known this - for they took his horn as an act of vengeance against Holger. Holder had let it be known that whoever found his prized possession would receive a hefty reward. Geralt, who could track thieves and stolen goods like no other, decided to investigate.

Head for the marker and kill all the bandits, and then loot the chest in the camp to obtain Holger Blackhand's horn. You will also find Journal of a Thief, Part II.

When you read the document you will learn that the coward son you read about in a notice on the board earlier? Yeah he was involved.

When you return the horn that completes the mission.


  • Track down the thieves and retrieve Holger's horn.

  • Find the stolen horn

  • Bring the stolen horn to Maathios

Abandoned Sawmill

Investigate the sawmill

Flagged automatically when you find the sawmill site -- Suggested Level: 24

In a certain forest Geralt found himself looking at a clearly abandoned sawmill enveloped in thick undergrowth. He decided to investigate.

In the hut you find a Letter from a Druid.

In another building you find the Sawmill Owner's Notes

In the other hut is the Lumberjack's Letter to his Wife

The collected items just tell the Background of what happened here. Once you kill the lasher that completes the quest!


  • Search the abandoned sawmill using your Witcher Senses 4/4

  • Kill the leshen

The Cave of Dreams

Find the jarl's son and help him

Flagged automatically as part of previous quest - Suggested Level: 14

Lugos, Jarl of Clan Drummond, might indeed have been as mad as they said, but when the need arose he could calculate as coolly as the sanest of men. When Geralt was brought before him to be tried, he resisted any howls for blood braying in his unhinged mind and instead let the Witcher go, thus banking himself a debt of gratitude with a man well able to repay it. He then transferred that credit to his son, sending Geralt off to help Blueboy Lugos traverse the nightmarish Cave of Dreams.

when you meet up and talk to him he reluctantly allows you to come... When you get to the totem you eat a nasty mix of herbs and then have yourself an adventure!

You get to see some of their nightmares - and then yours. Saw that coming,right?


  • Join Blueboy Lugos and his crew outside the Cave of Dreams

  • Explore the Cave of Dreams with Blueboy Lugos

  • Face your nightmares in the Cave of Dreams

The Family Blade

Find the stolen sword

Flagged at the Notice Board in Kaer Trolde Harbor

Skelligers value three things above all else: honor, the memory of their ancestors, and sturdy weapons. That is why Crach an Craite flew into a fury when he found out someone had stolen is family blade, Kuliu, from the Kaer Trolde Treasure room. The infuriated jarl promised a fat bounty to whoever could find his lost sword and punish the thief.

Once you find the camp you need to clear it out and then loot until you find the Journal... Read tha tto learn what happened to the sword. Head to the old fort and take out the bandits, then read the Thief's Journal you loot there.

Head to the Whale Graveyard where after you defeat the Bandits there you finally will recover the stolen blade! Excellent! Now just return it to the owner and collect your reward.... And that completes the quest.


  • Look for the thieves' camp near the obelisk

  • Kill the thieves

  • Read the journal to learn about the sword named Kuliu

  • Track down the thieves at the old fort

  • Read the Thief's Journal

  • Look for thieves near the whale graveyard

  • Return Kuliu to the Kaer Trolde guardsman named Olaf

Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions

Become the Champion

Flagged at the final FoF Skellige fight -- Suggested Level: 11

Geralt had already won a great many victories while fistfighting opponents across the land, but still could not call himself the best of the best. The champion of champions remained undefeated, waiting for Geralt to challenge him for his title.

Note: You need to do the Master of the Arena Quest - look for the "!" to get the arena back open first.

This time around your opponent is not a bear - it is a Rock Troll... And no, you cannot use your swords. Or Signs... But you CAN prep with potions. I would.

Either way winning this is dead simple - wait for him to attack heavy and dodge away then dodge in and fast attack, dodging out before he attacks again. This way you should be able to easily beat it! And complete the quest.


  • Go to Spikeroog to find out about this mysterious opponent

  • Beat the opponent

Fists of Fury: Skellige

Become the Regional Champion

Flagged at the Kaer Trolde Notice Board -- Suggested Level: 30

Geralt learned a fistfighting tourney was being held in Skellige. Since the men of the Isles are famous for their fighting prowess, he could not pass up this chance to test his strength against theirs..


One of the things you need to understand about these quests is that they are Petes. As in repeats. You are NOT expected to actually win each one. In fact to do that in a single go means you have to grind out the quest!

But the thing is, you CAN grind them out - because you have an advantage that the opponent lacks - you can recover health via adrenalin - so if your health gets low all you need do is spam heavy blows to force him to keep his guard up and you basically - if slowly - recover your health bar.

If you do not have sufficient adrenalin bonus' on your armor, another tactic you can take is to begin the fight by blocking and then continue to block until the opponent throws a heavy blow - at which point you quickly spam three fast blows and then resume blocking. You will do damage with the third blow but as long as you time it right will not take any damage yourself.

Once you get comfortable with that tactic try to dodge to get some distance and then leave your guard down - when he is getting ready to swing the bar above his head will flash red - quickly raise your block and that will stun him, allowing you to get three or four good hits in. You can rinse and repeat that.

Using that tactic you can easily grind out victories even if you are a few levels below the opponent.

Well at least until you face the champion - Olaf... Can I call bullshit here? Yeah? Then I call bullshit! This is so far outside of the realm of acceptable that I also call Pete on this one.

Do yourself a favor right? Use the following potions for this fight: Ekhidna Decoction and Enhanced Tawny Oil. You do that and you basically win this fight in under 30 seconds. Just saying.

This battle victory completes the quest and unlocks the Achievement: Brawler (30g) Defeat Olaf, the Skellige champion of unarmed combat.

This will also flag the quest Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions.


  • Defeat Valgard

  • Defeat Einar

  • Defeat Grim

  • Enter the arena

  • Defeat Olaf

Flesh for Sale

Deal with the travesty

Flagged at the Trottheim Village of Faroe Island -- Suggested Level: 12

I'm used to my good friend encountering the bizarre and the appalling in his journeys, but what happened to him on Faroe shocked even my jaded sensibilities. It all started when he walked into a small coastal village and was mistaken for a Nilfgaardian...


  • Follow the pirate to his boss

  • Defeat the Pirates

  • Free the Slaves

For Fame and Glory

Clear out the monsters

Flagged at the "!" near the cave opening -- Suggested Level: 15

Though Skelliger's are famed warriors able to hold thei own in almost any battle, those whom Geralt countered near the old mine on Hindarsfjall seemed to be in need of help. They had sword to clear the mine of ghouls and were plucking up the courage to do so, but Geralt did not deem it likely they would manage the task on their own. When he proposed his expert assistance, they hesitated at first, but ultimately decided to take him up on the offer.


    Help the warriors kill the necrophages in the old mine

Gwent: Skellige Style

Win unique cards

Flagged from the Notice Board in Kare Trolde Harbor -- Suggested Level: None

Gwent is played wherever long evenings, warm fires, and strong alcohol are present - meaning it is quite popular in the Skellige Isles. Skellige players rank among the best there is, so Geralt decided to try his hand against them and see if he could win their most powerful cards.

Once you win all of those cards it completes the quest!


  • Win a unique card from Ermion

  • Win a unique card from Crach an Craite

  • Win a unique carf from Gremist

  • Win a unique card from Madam Lugos

  • Win a unique card from Sjusta

Hard Times

Investigate the attack

Flagged when you encounter the cart and Cyclops on the road --- Suggested Level: 21

Perhaps there was a time, under the pax of a just ruler or before the Conjunction brought so many hideous beasts to our world, when traveling was a perfectly sage endeavor. If so, that time is now long past.

The Skelligets whose demolished wagon Geralt stumbled across in the middle of the Aard Skellig forest learned this the hard way. The poor souls had stood no chance against the cyclops who butchered them.

Following a set of tracks leading away from the cart, you find a body with a letter on it. Reading the letter you decide to deliver it to its intended recipient.

You need to play Gwent with him so do it BEFORE you give him the letter as otherwise he will not want to.

After you attend the wake and it is over go deliver the letter. That completes the quest...


  • Investigate the broken cart using your Witcher Senses

  • Use your Witcher Senses to follow the tracks leading away from the broken cart

  • Read the letter you found on the dead woman's body

  • Deliver the letter to the smith at Kaer Trolde

The Heroes' Pursuit: For the Goddess' Glory

Win the races

Flagged at the Larvik Notice Board -- Suggested Level: None

Those on the Continent worship the gods by praying, burning incense and making offerings. In Skellige, all these are practiced, but the islanders consider the best way of honoring the gods to be risking one's life while performing feats of bravery. A favorite way to do this? Taking part in the Heroes' Dash, a race full of strong emotions and frightening dangers sure to make the goddess smile.

Geralt is not the most pious of fellows, but the price on offer for the race's winner (as well as the chance to test Roach's speed against the best Skelliger mounts) convinced him to join in.

This is really very simple - complete all of the qualifying races and win them, then come back and run this one.

To beat her make sure you take the shortcut at the first bend, and you get in front of her at the bridge. You can then easily win this from there by staying on the path.

When you win you complete this quest and unlock the Achievement: Fast and Furious (15g) Win all the Horse Races in the game.


  • Talk to Svana the priestess about the Heroes' Dash

  • Win each of the qualifying races at least once

  • Go to the race's starting line

  • Be the first past the finish line

The Heroes' Pursuit: Fayrlund

Win the race at Fayrlund

Flagged as part of the main race quest -- Suggested Level: None

There are various ways to honor the gods: prayer, bloody offerings butchered on altars marked with pentagrams and donating to temples, to name a few. Skelligers, however, have their own, unique way of doing so. Since they value physical strength and warrior spirit above all else, they organize horse race sin the goddess' name. Geralt decided to take part.


  • Go to where the race starts

The Heroes' Pursuit: Fyresdal

Win the race at Fyresdal

Flagged as part of the main race quest -- Suggested Level: None

The glory of Modron Freya knows no bounds, and in Skellige everyone pays their respects to this goddess. In Fyresdal and many other, similar locales, the Great Mother was honored by holding Horse Races. Geralt decided to take part.


  • Go to where the race starts

The Heroes' Pursuit: Kaer Trolde

Win the race at Kaer Trolde

Flagged as part of the main race quest -- Suggested Level: None

Every man who wished to take part in the final race on Hindarsfjal must first win the races organized in Kaer Trolde and Fayrlund, Whoever accomplishes that could travel to the Holy Isle to face the supremely-skilled and highly-experienced riders knows as Speedy Osvald and Lonelyboy Svan.


  • Go to the race's starting line

In the Heart of the Woods

Discover what has happened

Flagged automatically as you ride/walk on path -- Suggested Level: 22

Also Flagged at the Notice Board in the Harbor at Kaer Trolde

No initial information / No Entry.

Talk to Sven in Fayrlund and then you get a CS in which you see the results of the monster's activities! The community is divided on hiring you though...

Make your way through the prompts, chat, destroy the totems and then kill you a leshen! And some wolves. Lots of wolves!

When you are done grab the trophy and collect your reward to complete the quest!

Completing this quest unlocks the Achievement: Woodland Spirit (15g) Complete the contract on the Woodland Spirit


  • Check what happened

  • Talk to Sven about the contract on the Woodland Spirit

  • Examine the tracks in the woods using your Witcher Senses and find out what's killing the villagers of Fayrlund

  • Learn more about the Woodland Spriti by reading the Bestiary

  • (Optional) Talk to Herald about the leshen

  • Talk to Sven about the leshen

  • Find the one marked by the leshen by using your Witcher Senses

  • Talk to Sven about Hilde

  • Destroy the leshen's totems 3/3

  • Find the leshen by using your Witcher Senses to follow the sound it makes

  • Kill the leshen

  • Collect your rewar

In Wolf's Clothing

Kill the monster

Flagged at the Larvik Notice Board -- Suggested Level: 15

The Skellige Isles have a long and rich history. Scattered throughout their rocky lands are many mysterious ruins, elven relics, ancient woods and natural marvels. One of the places that most stuck in Geralt's memory was the abandoned garden near Freya's temple. Geralt discovered it by accident, and found there was work waiting for him within - a powerful monster prowled inside its crumbling walls.

When you arrive you talk to the woman who has organized this gathering -- and she tells you what she knows. And that she wants that thing dead...

Head into the garden and make your way to the area above the sluice gate (the gate holding back the water) to the right of the canal. Use the lever to work the gate and then head to the back of the area and you will find a well.

Go into the well and check the clues - but be sure to loot the key to Freya's Garden from the body there as well. Then head back to the floodgate controls and open the second gate, jump down on top of the gate to the right and go into the cave where you will find the werewolf!

You will listen to him talk about a key - and then you will battle him for the first time. Once he is incapped you need to talk to him. He begs you to help undue the curse he is under.

To help lift the curse you can try feeding him but that will not work so just finish him off - but be SURE you loot all of the items he drops - you need the Werewolf Meat quest item for the second encounter.

Now head back to the floodgates again, but this time do the right one first then go into the open gate and use your Witcher Vision to locate the hidden Treasure. Swim through the flooded cave and loot the contains - be sure to get the padlock key too.

Head up to the Chapter House and unlock the doors, going inside and looting all of the containers, then read the items you looted including the Journal!

Now you are going to need to go back to the village for a bit to talk to Einar... Now that that bit of filth has been dealt with... Loot the Cursed Fang and then head back!

Now go back to his lair and defeat and incap him a second time, then talk to him... Now feed him the Werewolf Meat (it is under the Quest Items Tab), and then that lifts the curse!

So head back and collect your reward and complete the quest!


  • Talk to the priestess Josta about Morkvag

  • Talk to Einar about the curse

  • Find the garden where the monster dwells

  • Find Morkvarg

  • Find the key Morkvarg mentioned using your Witcher Senses

  • Find a way into the flooded cave under Morkvarg's lair

  • Unlock teh Chapter House Doors

  • Read Morkvarg's Journal

  • Ask Einar of Larvik why he lied to you about Morkvarg?

  • Get rid of the Werewolf in the garden

  • Collect your reward from the contract giver

Iron Maiden

Complete the fetch quest and defeat the female fighter

Flagged at the "!" at the arena - Suggested Level: 19

In one of Skellige's famed arenas Geralt met an undefeated warrior named Jutta and decided to try his strength against her. Before he could do so however, he had to complete several tasks to prove he was a worthy opponent.

While it seems a bit odd us having to audition for HER still getting the sword was not that bug a deal... And when we deliver it we get to kick her butt! Sweet!

Look I tried to kill her - I really did. She wants a cuddle and I just wanted to kill her. Sigh.

Woopsie! And yet another Conan O'Brien moment for The Witcher! You go Conan! Okay from now on whenever sex is involved the word sex will be replaced with "Conan" - that is our tribute to the talk show host who thinks this is a game about sex! Err.. Conan!


  • Look for the sword Jutta requested in the sunken ship's wreck using your Witcher Senses

  • Tell Jutta you have performed the feat

  • Defeat Jutta

  • Meet Jutta at her home after dusk

  • Have Conan with Jutta

King's Gambit

Report your successes

Flagged automatically as part of the quest chain -- Suggested Level: 18

With Geralt's help, both Hjalmar and Cerys had defied death and won glory, greatly improving their chances in the race for Skellig's throne. Crach decided the news was an excellent excuse to host a great feats, during which skalds would sing the praises of the young an Craites and tables laden with mean and meat would sway those islanders who were still undecided, convincing them to support this generous and powerful family.

Geralt was also invited ot the celebration where he was to receive a token of Crach's gratitude.

You find a piece of Adnvald's Tunic torn on the torch holder in the hall -- once you capture him Cerys walks you down the cat's trail... Arnvald confesses to Cerys and gives over the evidence, and then it is time to present the evidence to the jarls!

Man they have a strange idea of justice and truth in this place. Sheesh!

When the new ruler is sworn in that completes the quest and unlocks the Achievement: Kingmaker (15g) Complete the subplot about choosing Skellige's ruler.


  • Report too Crach an Craite to collect your reward

  • Defeat the bears

  • Examine the crime scene using your Witcher Senses

  • Ask Hjort to have a look at the mead sample

  • Follow Cerys to the cellars

  • Examine the cellar

  • Examine the open barrels

  • Flee from the burning cellar

  • Follow Cerys through the tunnel

  • Look for tracks around the cellar door using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the footprints using your Witcher Senses

  • Catch Arnvald

The Last Wish

Meet with Yennefer

Flagged automatically as part of the story -- Suggested Level: 15

Before Geralt and Yenneger parted after their adventure in Freya's Garden, the sorceress asked him to meet her in Larvik. She made it clear this was a personal matter, but gave no further details...

When you get there you have the chat with Yen and learn that she wants you to help her find a djinn! What?! Again?!

Once you find the seal at the bottom Yen teleports you two to the location of its other half... You then have an involved conversation about motives.

After finding the final seal Yennefer does her deal with the Djinn you help her to trap - and then? Well, then she gets your link removed. So yeah you still love each other.

That completes this mission.


  • Meet Yennefer in Larvik

  • Go to the Larvik Harbor with Yennefer

  • Talk to Yennefer

  • Get on the boat with yennefer

  • Help Yennefer find the djinn

  • Search the bottom by using your Witcher Senses

  • Return to the boat

  • Search the bottom of the bay using your Witcher Senses

  • Return to the boat

  • Search the bottom of the bay using your Witcher Senses

  • Return to the boat and talk with Yennefer

  • Search the ship using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow Yennefer to the top deck

  • Weaken the Djinn

The Lord of Undvik

Help Crach's son Hjalmar

Flagged as part of the story -- Suggested Level: 17

It is a truth universally acknowledged that children only prove more troublesome as they mature. In Crach's case, any troubles his offspring had caused him only doubled after King Bran's death, when both his son and daughter joined the ranks of the claimants of Skellige's throne.

Tradition demanded the next king be a great hero, and Hjalmar, Crach's son, felt he fit the bill perfectly. As anyone versed in fable knows, there is no more fitting way to prove oneself a hero than to kill a giant -- and it so happened there was one such beast in desperate need of slaughtering on the nearby island of Undvik.

Thus Hjalmar had organized an expedition and set off to earn his glory. Unfortunately, there'd been no word of him since and the jarl had begun to worry. Like many before and after, he took his worry tot he Witcher.

So first thing first, after you finish talking to Crach head to the marker and chat up the folks at the New Port, where you learn what became of the previous party that tried to deal with the giant - and the evacuation of the island. Talk to the Innkeeper to learn about Hjalmar's party.

When you reach the beach start tracking inland and as you follow the path you come upon a camp that was attacked, its soldiers slaughtered.

The path here splits in two directions - first follow the trail of the dragged boat to see what happened to the crew. Then return to the camp and follow the other trail...

Following the boat tracks takes you along a very very long trail up the mountain and through a cave where you eventually reach the Giant's Pantry -- your goal is to find Hjalmar here. When you do not do that and are ready to try something else head back to the camp and begin to follow the other tracks...

You will have a brief encounter with the Frost Giant - and meet a crazy man who is building him a boat, but that is mostly a diversion.

Just keep tracking. If you follow the tracks that lead away you will find more clues at the Abandoned Village, and past that point when you find another body with arrows in it be sure to loot the Quest Item to the left of the body (Hornwall Horn).

The archer's trail will take you up the mountain and into a cave - where you will encounter Trolls who have a man they plan on eating for dinner!

To free him you need to answer their riddles -- let's see - Big he be, steps big he, big he bash? Gotta be a Troll!

Now that you have rescued him, you ask about Hjalmar -- but he has no information for you... You can still get Background info from him and you should! After he finishes his story he volunteers to join you! Nice!

As you approach the marker at the Dorve Ruins you will hear the Sirens and find evidence that the Giant had been there... Kill the Sirens to help the stranger who turns out to be Hjalmar!

You talk to him and he fills you in on what happened. And what happened was he got nearly his entire crew killed. He then asks you to join up and of course you do!

BEFORE you leave here - there is a body on the ground by the gate that has a key and map on it and triggers the Treasure Hunt: Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know... Be sure you loot those umkay?

As you make your way up to the lair you trigger a CS and then you go in the cave. Take the first right and loop around and there you go! A Lair. Sort of. The Loon is prisoner here - you can rescue him -- or not...

If you wake the giant Vigi is dead! But you DO get to kill the giant so....

After the battle ends you have a nice cnversation and the quest is completed! Well done you!


  • Ask Crach an Crait about Hjalmar

  • Ask around New Port Inn about Undvik and the Ice Giant

  • Sail to the island of Undvik and search for Hjalmir

  • Explore the remains of Hjalmar's camp using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the boat trail using your Witcher Senses

  • Find out what happened to Hjalmar's crew

  • Follow the trail of blood using your Witcher Senses

  • Find out what happened to Hjalmar's crew in the caves

  • Use your Witcher Senses to follow the tracks of those who fled the camp before the attack

  • Cross the lake

  • Help the stranger drive off the Sirens

  • Find Hjalmar

  • Fond the giant's lair

  • Find the key to Vigi's cage using your Witcher Senses

  • Avoid snow - the sound of it crunching under your feet will awake the giant

  • Kill the Giant

Master of the Arena

Defeat the Wraith

Flagged at the "!" at the Arena on Spikeroog -- Suggested Level: 14

Legend claimed the warriors of Spikeroog had tested their mettle in teh arena found near the cliffs on the northwestern edge of the isle for centuries. Sadly an unfortunate recent event had led to the arena being haunted by the ghost of a defeated warrior. Geralt agreed to send the wraith off into the afterlife for good.

Just using your sword on him will not do the trick here - but he told you that, didn't he?

Clearly if you actually listened to what he had to say the trick here is he needs to WIN. So? Let him!

His victory over you breaks the curse, and you complete the quest! Well done - now go collect your reward....


  • Talk with the villagers about the problem at the arena

  • Find a way to send Ulle on to the afterlife

  • Return to the warriors

The Nithing

Life the curse on the boy

Flagged by talking to the man with the “!” near the village of Rannvaig -- Suggested Level: None

Also Flagged at the Notice Board in Rannvaig

In Skellige Geralt met a desperate and broken man named Lothar. Someone had cast a powerful curse on his son, causing him to slip closer and closer towards the grave with each passing day. The Witcher knew he had to lift the curse before it was too late.

As you track the scent you found to the village nearby you discover that Ask each person you meet about the shawl until you find the one that knows about it... That leads you to the Herbalist. As expected the motive turned out to be petty and very personal...

The heart wants what the heart wants - so talk to Lothar and then you have to decide how to deal with the woman!

Whatever your decision that completes the quest.


  • Talk to Lothar

  • Investigate the Nithing

  • Follow the tracks using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the scent using your Witcher Senses

  • Ask about the shawl's owner

  • Talk to Jonna the Herbalist

  • Talk to Lothar about how to lift the curse

  • Carve Jonna's name into the Nithing

  • Talk to Lothar and collect your reward

The Path of Warriors

Complete the path

Flagged at the "!" in Urialla Harbor -- Suggested Level: 16

During his stay in Skellige Geralt learned of something called the Path of Warriors. This was an obstacle strewn route locals believed each self-respecting warrior must travel. Geralt knew if he managed to traverse the infamously-difficult Path he would earn respect and recognition throughout the Isles.

When you do the swim it would be a good idea to use the Killer Whale Potion - I barely made it to the other side using fast swim - nearly drown - and would not have had I used that potion. Just saying....

The proof you are meant to collect is in a chest underwater at the far end. Loot that token then surface, get your breath, and return.

Turning in the tokens ends the quest.


  • Talk to the man who oversees the path

  • Reach the start of the path

  • Collect proof you made it to the top of the peak

  • Descend down to the cave entrance

  • Travel through the tunnel and collect proof you made it to the end

  • Reach the end of the tunnel

  • Leave the caverns and talk to the man who oversees the Path

Peace Disturbed

Clear the Tomb

Flagged from the woman with a “!” near the tomb -- Suggested Level: 25

Geralt was surprised to find a group of woman hanging around outside the entrance to a crypt on the isle of Ard Skellig - but not as surprised as they were to see a Witcher. The woman explained that they had come to clop the nails of the dead, thus depriving wraiths of shipbuilding material. Though wary Geralt might take advantage of the opportunity to loot some grave goods, they asked him to drive off the ghosts keeping them from entering the crypt.

Clear out the lower levels of the crypt.


  • Enter the tomb

  • Kill the monsters in the lower area of the tomb

  • Talk to tthe women waiting outside


Help Cerys

Flagged as part of the story -- Suggested Level: 17

Concern filled Crach's voice. And something else... Pride? The jarl had pulled Geralt aside during King Bran's wake to confess his worries about his daughter Cerys. She had sailed to Spikeroog, seeking to cure Jarl Udalryk's mysterious affliction. A dangerous mission, though one that would certainly be less so with a Witcher's help. Geralt eyed his old friend over carefully, then made his decision.

When you reach the island and chat with Udalryk you learn that this guy really is a bit on hte daft side... The dream interpreter tells you to inquire in the village... There you talk to a woman who points you in the right direction.

You make your way from witness to witness until you finally find her at the abandoned house on the hill... You rescue her and she chats you up on her quest -

Get the key to the cellar from the bedroom then unlock it and go in, then grab the sword and return to Cerys.

When you talk to the jarl everyone agrees that YOU should return the sword to the bones. heh.

Before you could return with the good news the jarl puts out his eyes in sacrifice to the gods!

You finally figure out what the deal is here - and then talk with Cerys to decide how to proceed... The trick works, the hym is defeated, and the quest is complete! Well done you!


  • Ask Udalryk where Cerys is

  • Ask about Cerys in the village

  • Talk to Bergthora\

  • Find Eric

  • Look for Cerys in the abandoned home using your Witcher Senses

  • Find the sword named Brokvar

  • Tell Cerys you found the sword.

  • Go to Udalryk with Cerys

  • Place Brokvar near Aki's bones

  • Return to Udalryk

  • Search the house and find a way to drive off the hym

  • See what Cerys has found

Practicum in Advanced Alchemy

Learn about advanced alchemy

Flagged automatically when you meet the Druid -- Suggested Level: 24

At one point during his travels Geralt learned of a master alchemist named Gremist. Rumor had it this druid knew more about alchemy than most men know about the contours of their own members. Geralt, ever eager to polish his skills, decided to find this learned druid and absorb whatever knowledge from him he could.

Talk to the druid and then talk to the man himself, Gremist! To teach you the druid demands three favors from you...

In the process of looking for the flowers you come across another druid searching for his missing apprentice. You opt to help him and track the apprentice down to where he is standing talking to a Succubus! The druid wants you to kill her but I decided she was not doing any harm - which really ****** him off!

In thanks she offered to show us to the flowers we are seeking!

With the flower in hand it is time to head up the mountain to the distillery. You will have to kill some beasts when you arrive - but you can do that!

As you search the distillery for instructions you will need to kill the Cyclops there - heh. No, seriously.

Grab and read the Distillers Letter and Log - you will find the mash up the ladder on the scaffold. Put the mash in and light the fire, then when ready use the right and then left levers to cool and then take the product! Well done you!

When you talk to Fritjof he wants a favor from you before he will agree to come... So basically you need to help him with a weather ritual. Once you do that he agrees to come.

After you return he tells you to come back the next day - when you do that completes the quest.


  • Ask the druid about Gremist

  • Talk to Gremist

  • Find a pimpernel in the woods using your Witcher Senses

  • Search the wood for the missing apprentice and some ppimpernel using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the Succubus to her lair

  • Use your Witcher Senses to find and pick the pimpernel

  • Find the abandoned distillery

  • Use your Witcher Senses to search the distillery for instructions on how to produce alcohol

  • Read the instructions for distilling alcohol

  • Find some mash

  • Use the machine to produce alcohol

  • Take the spirit

  • Find Fritjof the druid in the nearby village and convince him to talk to Gremist

  • Go to the ritual site with Fritjof

  • Defend Fritjof while he completes the ritual

  • Return to Gremist

  • Wait till the next day

  • Talk to Gremist about your reward

The Price of Honor

Find the missing family

Flagged at the “!” man in Harviken -- Suggested Level: 14

In the Clan Dimun village Geralt spied a feverish man who was waiting for his brothers to bring his betrothed from one of the neighboring isles. Day s had passed, their wedding drew nearer, and neither the brothers nor the betrothed had appeared. The man asked Geralt for help.

When you get to the location marked on the beach kill the Siren then examine the body. Use your Magic Lantern and watch the scene with the brothers play out. Oh man...

Now you need to track the footsteps to the scene of the crime, and examine that. Be sure to loot the letter and the key.

Head back now and report what you learned -- and that completes the quest!


  • Examine the coasts of Faroe on the side facing Hindersfjall.

  • Use the magic lantern to watch the scene

  • Search the shores using your Witcher Senses

  • Follow the foot steps using yoru Witcher Senses

  • Investigate the crime scene using your Witcher Senses

  • Tell the young man what happened to his betrothed and his brothers

The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers

Deal with the brothers

Flagged at the "!" in the village of Blandare - Suggested Level: 26

If I ever tire of writing of Geralt of Rivia, I will take up the taile of Djenge Frett, an intinerant bounty hunter. Geralt met this extraordinary man in Skellige, where he had gone to hunt the notorious Grossbart brothers. According to Frett's information, they were currently up to some nefarious business in the southern part of the island.

In the world of the modern AAA video game there is a tendency on the part of the wizards who create them to offer up homages to other games and often movies - creating thinly concealed but sincere offerings to the spirit and soul of those stories within the one that they are telling.

The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers is just such an homage - its principal protagonist, the itinerant bounty hunter named Djenge Fett being a not-so-hidden homage to the Bounty Hunger Jang Fett from the Star Wars sagas! Very cool - and not the ONLY such homage to the Star Wars sagas but then, heck, considering that the Star Wars stories were basically one long homage to Shakespeare and considering the sort of story that is the Witcher's tale that all makes a certain sense!

So you start this side-quest near the Fast Travel Sign in Blandare where there is a "!" marking the location for Djenge Fett. If you have already dealt with (killed) the brothers, this will instantly complete. Otherwise you should flag this quest with its first Objective ready to be completed...


    Look for the Grossbart brothers in southern Ard Skellige.

Shock Therapy

Help cure the druid

Flagged at the “!” near the sacred oak -- Suggested Level: 24

Though druids have gained fame worldwide as outstanding healers, even with all their spells and elixirs they at times prove powerless against diseases. Such was the case with Egill - a druid who had lost his voice. His friend decided that, since traditional methods had failed, it was time to try newer, more innovative approaches. It fell to Geralt to test them.

When he is praying blast the hornet nest 1/3

When he is warming his hands put out the fire 2/3

When he is sleeping bang the pans 3/3

Turns out that he was not afflicted but had been under a vow of silence! Woopsie!


  • Go visit Egill

  • Help Egill recover his voice by giving him a scare

  • Keep trying to scare the druid until he recovers his voice 3/3

Stranger in a Strange Land

Deal with the problems

Flagged automatically following the contract -- Suggested Level: 14

The common folk rarely show Witchers the gratitude they deserve for practicing their dangerous trade. Arinbjorn, however, proved an even more ungrateful place than usual in thisregard. After taking care of the wraith plaguing this village, Geralt stepped into a local tavern in search of a well-earned drink. Before he could even take a sip however, two trouble-seeking youths started harassing him. Geralt usually strives to avoid bloodshed in such situations... But this time he had no choice.

Of course the father and the rest of the village are waiting outside and they want blood!

You end up locked up facing trial - then you learn that you could be there years so you use your Witcher skills to get your trial straight away. The jarl straightens out the situation for you - sort of - and you end up learning what he really wants.

He explains the situation to you - his son is missing and he wants him back. So he sends you off to help him!

That completes Stranger in a Strange Land and flags the quest the Cave of Dreams.

By the by if you are not aware, this quest is an homage to Robert A. Heinlein's book and the character of Valentine Michael Smith in it that is called A Stranger in a Strange Land. That book is certainly worth reading if you have never read it before - and if you have never heard of Robert A. Heinlein? My God are YOU in for a treat!


  • Defeat the warriors who picked a fight with you

  • See what's happening outside

  • Get out of prison

The Tower Outta Nowheres

Solve the mystery

Flagged automatically when you arrrive on the island - Suggested Level: 30

Wind-whipped and rain-battered, Geralt stumbled into a small village on the coast of An Skellig. The foul weather, he learned, had cursed this spot ever since a mysterious tower appeared one morning out of thin air, as if placed by an invisible giant's hand. Intrigued, Geralt decided to investigate.

After you talk to the village fisherman you learn the details of the quest - and it is quite a mystery to be sure! A phantom tower, storms and freak weather - clearly this is a matter for a Witcher!

After you find the portal we pretty much expected to find - we need to explore the area -- oh and defeat the Level 29 Golem!

Loot the containers and examine the clues and then chat up the bloke trapped behind the barrier.

He fills you in on the situation - starting with the tower defenses - including his predicament. You need to deactivate the defenses clearly - but to do that you have to find out how it works.

Basically the only choice you have is to go through the one open door - which leads down to a flooded chamber that has other chambers off of it. You explore those looting what you can and defeating the various defenders that the tower teleports in to stop you!

That will be a mix of different monsters, including Gargoyls, Werewolves and the like. Just mind your health and use what weapons and tactics you have and you will be fine! Once you deal with the defenses give the lab a proper searching and you will find the key - and other loot.

With the key in hand head back to the flooded chamber and open the library door, then go inside to search - and to try to survive the gas while you do that. Once you have the book head back to the trapped fella.

While the mage does his thing you defend him and then he gives you a small reward for your assistance... And he agrees to remove the tower and storm, which is god. Unfortunately he then does the one thing to you that you HATE - he teleports you!

Well hey, all is well that ends well, right? Right!


  • Talk to the villagers

  • Enter the Tower

  • Explore the tower

  • Talk to the man trapped behind the magical barrier

  • Find the key to the library using your Witcher Senses

  • Find Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire using your Witcher Senses

  • Bring the mage Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire.

  • Break the tower's defenses with the mages help

  • Talk to the villagers

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