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Starting Off - First Spirit, and Ship

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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Welcome to our Spritfarer Walkthrough and Guide. In this game, you’ll join Stella, as she becomes the new Spiritfarer. When starting out the game, you’ll be introduced to this beautiful environment with unique animation and art style. As you wake up on your boat, you’ll get to meet a character named Charon.

He’ll be discussing what your role will be in the upcoming moments. In this page, we’ll discuss about how you can start off in the game, and what your role will be. Thankfully, you’re not alone as you have your cat, Daffodil with you. So, let’s check what we’ll be looking into in this game.

Becoming the new Spiritfarer

When starting the game, you’ll get to watch the scene as Stella wakes up on a boat with Daffodil. Not long after, you’ll get to meet Charon, the current Spiritfarer. He’ll discuss to you about what his role was, and that he needs a successor.

Meeting Charon

You will learn the a Spiritfarer is a being that helps fulfill the requests and wishes of spirits. Once all of those have been met, the Spirit that you have been helping out will finally be able to move on to the afterlife. This was Charon’s role, and now he needs someone to take on the reins of his duty.

The Everdoor

The Spirits that are ready to move forward will have to pass through the Everdoor. There, you’ll be able to guide them as they will stop existing as spirits. Charon will then provide you with the Everlight, as you take on his role. In order to become a Spiritfarer, you’ll need your own ship so you can help ferry your passengers. You’ll now have to move to the next location as requested in order for you to meet your first spirit.

Meeting the first spirit: Gwen

You’ll reach an island with some houses on the background. From there, you’ll find a Spirit that’s trying to get your attention on the upper right side of the screen. You’ll now be introduced to the platforming elements of the game. So, to start things off, follow the instructions on the screen. You’ll have to jump up the platforms on the smaller house until you reach the top off the roof.

Jump on the platforms above then jump across to the right

Once you jump across to the house on the right side, make sure you’re holding up so won’t fall through. You can then follow the instructions on how to go to the lower platform and talk to the Spirit that’s waiting for you.
After some conversations, you’ll get introduced to Gwen. You’ll learn that she has been stuck on this island, so you’ll have to help her by using the abandoned ship that’s docked nearby. You can then jump down and head to the boat and follow the exclamation mark.

Gwen revealing her true form

From there, Gwen will finally reveal her real form. You’ll learn that once you’re able to get new spirits on your ship, they can finally reveal their true form. From here on out, you’ll also get to interact with spirits and provide them with a Hug. This is Gwen’s new request called Personal Connection, interact with her and choose the heart icon. This will provide the Hug that she’s asking for, and you can continue forward.

Albert’s Shipyard

Now that Gwen is ready to leave the island, she’ll tell you that you’ll have to clear the debris on the boat. You can do this by heading to Albert’s Shipyard. This is a place you’ll be coming to every so often since this is where you’ll be managing your ship. Gwen will provide you a key to the cabin, so go inside.

Sail your boat using the Map Projector

To the left of the door, interact with the machine that has a flag icon on it. This is the Map Projector, and you’ll be able to mark your next destination there. The ship will then move on its own since it’s powered by the Everlight, Travelling will be done in real time, meaning you have some time to spare on board. You cannot speed up travel as you head to other destinations.

While heading to the Shipyard, you’ll be able to access Fishing by sitting on the chair at the ship’s rear end. You can check our Fishing List to see which creatures you can catch depending on your location as well as weather conditions.

Albert's Shipyard

Upon arriving at Albert’s Shipyard, you’ll be able to jump down to the small boat beneath you in order to reach Albert. He’s the character that looks like a Shark, and here you’ll be able to acquire your Blueprint Station. You’ll be able to do your upgrades for your Ship through Albert in the future. Once you have the Blueprint Station, you can leave and head back to your boat.

That concludes our dedicated page for Starting out in Spiritfarer. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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