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Meeting more Spirits

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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In Spiritfarer, once you have completed creating the Field at your ship, Gwen will let you know that you should continue your duties since you have inherited the roles that Charon once had. As you have learned earlier, you’ll need to guide Spirits and fulfill their last wishes and requests in order for them to be fulfilled. In doing so, they’ll be ready to move on as they pass through the Everdoor.

But how do you meet new Spirits? They are found throughout the map, and some can be met at a later time. When starting out in the game, you can meet some select spirits first so let’s check how. In this page, we’ll learn that meeting new spirits will let you have new features as well, so let’s get started.

Meeting Atul

There are a total of 11 Spirits in the game that you can help out with their requests. So, in order to get started, we can meet some specific Spirits first as your new passengers. As listed in the game, we’ll get to find two spirits at different locations. Check your map and head to Barkensheim Creek (Coordinates are shown at the map as 5/117). Remember that traveling takes time therefore you can do other things such as fishing and cooking.

Help him get his Lemon

Upon arriving at this location, you can head down and use the small boat to reach there. As you go through the island, there will be resources that can be gathered as you have learned before through Gwen. Eventually, you’ll find a Spirit that’s looking at the water, and they are looking at something shining. They’ll request for you to get their Lemon, so go to the water and follow the instructions on the screen in order to dive. Return this to the spirit, and they’ll be able to join you on your ship.

Atul's True Form

Once you’re back, head to the spirit in order for him to reveal his true form. You’ll get to meet Atul, and he claims to be Stella’s Uncle. If you talk to him, he’ll be able to provide an upgrade for your Fishing rod. You’ll also be able to gain Obol from him which can be used later for Stella. You’ll also be able to unlock a mini-game during thunderstorms where you’ll be able to catch lightning bolts and turn them into Lightning in a Bottle (It’s best for you to get 5 pcs of this since it will be needed soon).

Meeting Summer

For your next location, head back to Hummingberg. Now that you have Obol that you have obtained from Gwen and Atul, you’ll be able to upgrade Stella’s skills. Go to the Shrine, and get your Double Jump ability. This will provide you with an extra jump now so you can reach higher platforms.

Now, head to Theodore’s location (Raccoon Inc. Shop), and look to his right side. You’ll notice that you can now reach a ladder with your new Ability. As you climb up, you’ll be able to jump down on the lower right side which has a pier. A spirit will be waiting by the dock, and she’ll join you as you head back to the ship. Make sure to check the houses and reach the higher levels as well since there may be items that you were not able to reach before.

Go to the Pier to the right side of Raccoon Inc.

Upon reaching back on the boat, head to the front side of the Ship and look for Summer. She will finally show you here true form, and you’ll learn that Summer and Stella know each other. From there, she’ll provide you with a new request. Summer will like to have a Garden, and this will require 10 Maple Logs and 5 pcs. of Lightning in a Bottle. If you still don’t have these, you can get them by Gathering Resources on islands and passing through thunderstorms at the sea to catch lightning.

Summer's True Form

Once you have built the garden, Summer will teach you that you can play songs which will help the plants grow. It’s a small mini-game where you’ll have to press the corresponding buttons on the screen. After the plants have grown, Summer will provide you with an Obol as your reward.

Now that you have new passengers on-board, you can focus on your current spriits and fulfill their needs and requests. Once you have completed what they ask of you, you’ll now be able to learn and say Goodbye and assist them through the Everdoor. Other Spirits can be found throughout Spiritfarer as well, so we’ll be providing specific pages for each one of them.

That concludes our dedicated page for Meeting more Spirits in Spiritfarer. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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