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Spiritfarer Beginner's Guide

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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What would it be like for you to help spirits pass on and move to the other side? Well, in Spiritfarer, you help Stella as she inherits the job of ferrying spirits of the deceased as they go on to the afterlife. The spirits that you’ll get to meet along the way will have some requests or wishes before they are ready.

With this task at hand, you’ll need to do a lot of preparations. You’ll sail the sea and find spirits along the way so you can help them reach the Everdoor, which is the gateway that lets them move on to the afterlife. In our beginner’s guide, we’ll be providing you with some tips and tricks on how to get started with the game.

Spiritfarer includes management sim and sandbox action game elements. You’ll have to look out after your ship, your passengers, as well as your own skills as you explore around and gather resources for your quests and upgrades. So let’s get started!

Play through the game’s introduction

When starting out the game, you’ll be introduced to Charon, the Spiritfarer who will then retire and pass on his duties to you. The game’s introduction will provide you with your Ship, as well as instructions regarding the game’s platforming elements. You’ll reach an area as well where you’ll meet your first spirit, and you’ll learn about the importance of social interactions with your spirits such as hugging.

Once you have received the ship, you’ll be able to travel the seas as you search other spirits that you can help out. You can go to the boat’s stern and go inside in order to set your destination mark, then your boat will then automatically head to the destination of your choice. Once you finish the game’s Introduction, you’ll be able to look into other activities such as managing your ship, Fishing, and more.

Gathering Resources

One constant activity that you’ll be doing is upgrading your current ship. Not only will this provide you with more facilities, but you’ll be able to make your Spirit passengers happy as well. Gathering resources can involve harvesting, fishing, and even jumping off your boat and scavenging loot on the ocean. It would be best for you to check the ocean’s surface often to see if there’s anything unique that you’ll see, because you’ll be able to dive in.

Gathering Resources will be important for your progression

There will be areas in the Ocean that have shimmering light, this can tell you that there’s something underneath the water. These items can be saved for your upgrades so make sure to keep them. Fishing and harvesting on islands are also important since the items can be needed for certain quests in the game.

Earn more money

Once you reach a part in the game that sells Tea Seeds, you should buy them so you can plant them and brew Tea. The brew you create will cost more than the tea seeds, and this should be profitable for you, especially when starting out. Also, check your treasures in the game and check their descriptions. There are some items that will have descriptions if they’re meant to be sold or not.

The currency that’s used in Spiritfarer are called Glims, and they’re important for the upgrades that you’ll need for your ship. Combining your tea brews and treasures can help with the progression that you have, so take note of these activities.

Visit Islands and interact with the town surroundings

Not all spirits in the game will travel with you on your ship, some will live on various islands that have towns in the game. Whenever you visit a town, you can go inside houses to check if there are items that you can collect for free. Checking the windows of houses is handy, because there can be items that you’ll see from the outside that will indicate there’s loot to take.

The items that you can get can range from Glims to resources. Exploring houses can also let you meet spirits along the way and you can interact with them if you want. There are also areas in the game where you’ll be able to find Bus Stops, and you can use these to transport you to another location.

Night time for Stella

There will be a part in the game where the Spirits will tell you about sleep and getting refreshed for the next morning. However, Stella doesn’t actually need to sleep. You can do a lot of other activities at night in order to help with your game’s progression.

Once you have more facilities on your ship, you can use this time to forge metals, or perhaps you can go out and gather resources, go Fishing, prepare Food, and more. The spirits in the game can be interacted with during the day, so you can plan out your activities at night when needed.

Stella doesn't really need to sleep

Take note though that you can also do these activities during the day. There will come a certain point at night where the Ship won’t move in order for the spirits to get a good night’s sleep. If your Ship doesn’t move then you won’t be able to get to your next destination as soon as possible. It’s up to you if you want to sleep and continue your journey, or spend the entire night doing activities.

Jellyfish can Fly

One of the resources that you’ll need in the game is Bright Jelly, and this can be obtained from Jellyfish. You may be wondering which area you’ll need to fish for this in the ocean, but surprisingly it’s different in Spiritfarer. Jellyfish can fly across the screen, so if you want to catch them, you’ll want to reach them properly.

You can build a Guest House once you get the Blueprint Table

One of the features aboard your ship is construction. You can create a Kitchen or a Guesthouse as one of your first buildings, and you can build them on a raised platform. Try to build them as tall as you can, since this will let you use the ladder attached to it in order for you to reach the Jellyfish that will pass by.

Check the weather

Much like in real life, you can also get rain in Spiritfarer. If you let your Ship pass through rain, the ship will get wet, so having an orchard with planted crops will also be watered. This is a good way for you to have them all watered especially if you have orchards scattered throughout.

The orchard is important because this is where you can grow Food or ingredients that’s needed to make some of your Spirit’s favorite meals. And as we discussed earlier, it’s also a good way to get Glims by planting Tea Seeds for brewing.

Food doesn’t spoil

Your Kitchen will provide you with an oven that you can sue in order to cook. Even if your passengers are Spirits, they still have food that they want to eat since they become hungry. Some Spirits have favorite meals as well, and they can be one of their final wishes. Once you get more passengers in your boat, you’ll need to increase your food production. This can be done by having 2 kitchens, or perhaps preparing your food in advance.

You can fill up an oven with multiple ingredients in order to Cook one batch of Food. This is why Fishing is also important since you can use your catch and cook them. Later on, you’ll be able to find more ingredients and cook more complicated dishes. If you cook your food in advance, you can keep them and serve them when needed. This will keep your passengers happy!

By knowing all these activities, you can keep them in mind as you complete each Spirit’s wishes and their personal quests. You’ll want to look after your ship, and make your passengers happy before they move on to the afterlife. Managing your resources, constructing facilities, Cooking, and making everyone happy can all be managed better with these tips.

We’ll be creating more guides as well so please check our menu on the right side of our page. If you have any other questions, you can head to our Questions Page and send them there. Our community can also help out by providing your own tips there, or you can leave us with a comment. Please don’t hesitate if you have information you can share as well!

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