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Spiritfarer Cheats and Tips

Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Last Updated: by Dennis

Spiritfarer is a sandbox action game where you take on the role of Stella, a 'Spiritfarer' whose job it is to ferry spirits of the deceased to the afterlife. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way across mystical seas. Spiritfarer is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide

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How to get Diamonds

In Spiritfarer Diamonds allow you to complete some of the harder Errands you get from Francis the traveling merchant while also netting you a large sum of Glims. There is not a reliable way to get Diamonds until you have completed the game at least once as they are usually a one-off reward for completing late and post-game tasks or reaching late-game Hidden Treasure pedastals.

Once you have completed the game Francis will offer you Errands that reward you Diamonds. Also as you progress through the game you will come across areas thet you will find are inaccessilbe until you have obtained almost every ability in the game. When you eventually enter these areas you will find Hidden Treasures which always contain Diamonds.

Other ways to get Diamonds include Mining Coal which will yeild a Diamond after acquiring the Improved Tools ability, completing collections at Susan's Museum, and inside the cheast at the end of a secret pathway in Hoseki Quarry.

How to get Glims Fast

The currency used in Spiritfarer is Glims and you will need to earn it to fund your exploits. One of the easiest ways in which you can get Glims is by fishing in the stretch of water between Albert's Shipyard and Mount Toroyama. When you fish in this area there is a high chance of reeling in Ceramic Bowls which can net you several hundred Glims per pop. There is also the possibility that you will reel in Glim Bottles which come in small, medium, and large variants and offer Glims upon use. If you fish is this area you will be able to quickly farm enough Glims to fund whatever upgrades or purchases you need to make.

How to get Glims Fast

Where to find Axe Mans Poetry

A lost spirit on Greenhalten Bay has lost his axe and poetry and in order to have this spirit join Stella aboard her boat you must locate the mans lost poetry. Greenhalten Bay is a small island in Spiritfarer and the item you are looking for is called an Ode to an Axe. It is the poem written by the spirit and you will find it by fishing.

When you fish there is a small chance that you will fish up a Message in A Bottle which you can then access from your inventory. If you are lucky the message is the poem you are looking for otherwise the bottle will contain maps or other items instead.

When you do eventually reel in the bottle with the poem you are looking for and take it back to the lost spirit on Greenhalten Bay he will not acknowledge anything else so it is possible that you may also need to find his axe. We will post the location of the axe as soon as it's whereabouts becomes known.

How to get Comet Rocks

Comet rocks in Spiritfarer is a resource that can only be collected from a particular location. Before you can find them though there are two things you need to do. The first is to meet Giovanni and the second is to add the Rock Destroyer upgrade to Stella's boat. Once both of these requirements are met Giovanni will give you a small mini-event to teach you about the Comet Shower. This event will provide you with comet rocks which you collect by picking them up when they fall onto stella's boat.

Comet Shower events appear randomly throughout the game but only in the southeast region of the map which is why you need the Rock Destroyer ability as it gives you access to this area. You can find Comet Showers by keeping an eye out for blue and green coloured sea regions which have red and orange falling stars.

How to Fast Travel

Fast travel is in Spiritfarer is a useful feature that will enable you to visit far away places immediately without having to walk from one point to the other. To be able to fast travel in Spiritfarer you will first need to explore the game's world in order to unlock 'bus stops', the name given to the game's fast travel points.

As you explore the world bus stops will reveal themselves automatically on the map when you roam close enough to them. Once you have bus stops revealed on the map you can go over to them to use them. At a bus stop you will likely meet Alex the seal, an NPC who will tell you all about bus stops and that you are free to use them whenever you want.

How to get Electrum Sheets

Electrum Sheets in Spiritfarer are glass and metal sheet materials which you will need for some of the late-game building and ship upgrades. In order to get Electrum Sheets in Spiritfarer you will need to have crafted a Smithy and obtained pieces of both Gold and Silver Ore.

The Smithy can be easily constucted once you have obtained the final upgrade for your ship's Blueprint Stand. To craft the Smithy on Stella's boat you will need 5 Comet Powder, 12 Silica Powder, 12 Ash Planks, and 5 Pulsar ingots. You will be able to obtain the Gold and Silver Ore quickly by traveling to the corresponding Ore Dragons and playing their minigames. Gold Dragon can usually be found around the waters near Albert's Shipyard or past the walls of Mist and the Silver Dragon can be found in areas that need the Rock Crusher to enter.

Once you have everything you just need to select the Electrum Sheet Option at the Smithy. Each sheet costs one Gold Ore and one Silver Ore to make and you will need a quite a few to construct all of the facilities needed to complete every Spirit's questline.


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Spiritfarer FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How can you upgrade your boat quickly?
You can sell the treasures you find for a lot of Glim which you can use to upgrade your boat.
How do you find treasure?
Look for a small golden area on the surface of the water and dive at these spots. You will find treasure here along with copper which is a rare resource.
How can I get more loot?
You can sail to wreckages and scavenge loot from the debris. Each of the wreckage sites in Spiritfarer has a big box floating in the water that you can loot.
Does Spiritfarer have co-op multiplayer?
Yes, the multiplayer offered in Spiritfarer includes local co-op on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and online via Remote Play Together on Steam.
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Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide