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Albert's Shipyard

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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In Spiritfarer, one of the first facilities you’ll be visiting is Albert’s Shipyard. This is the place where you have obtained the Blueprint Station at the beginning of the game, and this is your go-to area if you want any upgrades done for your ship.

In this page, we’ll discuss the different services that Albert can provide. A lot of these upgrades will be necessary as you progress through the game as well since you’ll need new functions. Set sail to Hummingberg and head to Albert’s Shipyard once you’re ready!

Albert's Shipyard

Blueprint Station Upgrades

When starting out, the Blueprint Station only provides you with specific facilities that you can create. In order to construct more buildings, you’ll want to work your way and upgrade your Blueprint Station. Here is the list o upgrades that you can get:

Blueprint StationFacilities UnlockedMaterialsCost
Beginner Blueprint StationGuest House, Garden, Field, Kitchenn/aFree
Hobbyist Blueprint StationSawmill, Loom, Foundry2 Maple Log, 1 Limestone400 Glims
Craftsman Blueprint StationOrchard, Sheep Corral, Windmill10 Oak Plank, 10 Linen Thread1000 Glims
Expert Blueprint StationChicken Coop, Lounge, Crusher10 Iron Ingot, 10 Wool Fabric1850 Glims
Master Blueprint StationSmithy, Cow Stall, Cellar10 Silica Powder, 10 Zinc Ingot2800 Glims

Boat Size

Aside from upgrading your Blueprint Station, the size of your boat will determine how much facilities it can support. Some facilities will require specific boat sizes before you can construct them, so you’ll want to increase your boat size to its maximum. The more space that you have, the more facilities and buildings you can construct.

Boat SizeCost
The Exploring KrillFree
The Intrepid Otter1200 Glims
The Adventurous Manatee4000 Glims
The Dauntless Dolphin8000 Glims
The Brawlish Narwhal16000 Glims
The Flawless Beluga30000 Glims
The Silent Orca45000 Glims
The Fearless Whale80000 Glims

Boat Improvements

Facilities and capacity aren’t the only things you can upgrade through Albert’s Shipyard. You can also acquire boat improvements which will provide new functions for your ship. For example, you can get the Icebreaker improvement which will let you explore the Loneberg region which is surrounded by ice. Other features are available as well, so check the table below:

MailboxTake some time to write your pen pals.8 Maple Plank, 8 Linen Thread, 4 Lightning in a Bottle250 Glims
IcebreakerOpens up a passage on the ice floe. (Blue Barrier/Ice)10 Iron Ingot, 12 Oak Plank, 18 Linen Fabric, 1 Spirit Flower, 5 Slate800 Glims
Hermes' HymnA figurehead of snakes intertwined. (Boat speed +20%)5 Slate, 18 Oak Plank, 16 Wool Fabric1250 Glims
Rock DestroyerTime to pulverise some rocks. (Grey Barrier/Rock)10 Aluminium Ingot, 8 Marble, 6 Fireglow, 2 Spirit Flower1700 Glims
Choral BouquetA figurehead of beautiful flowers. (Boat Speed +40%)12 Ash Plank, 8 Zinc Ingot, 3 Comet Rock2000 Glims
Mist Cleaner 1000 Gets any stain out. (White Barrier/Mist)8 Silver Ore, 2 Silk Fabric, 6 Crystal Sheet, 2 Spirit Flower3000 Glims
Moon SoloA figurehead of the nighttime. (Boat Speed +60%)8 Gold Ingot, 28 Pine Plank, 2 Electrum Sheet6000 Glims
Sun Ballad A figurehead praising the Sun. (Boat Speed +80%)2 Diamond, 5 Rose Gold Sheet, 25 XP Potion10000 Glims

There are different upgrades and improvements that you can get as you progress through the game. Getting more facilities, improving travel time, and more can help you out as taking on the role as the Spiritfarer. Once you have the materials and Glims needed, don’t forget to check out Albert’s Shipyard for any services he can provide.

We also have other guides in the game such as locations and resources, so please don’t forget to check our guide menu. If you have any other Tips or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

That concludes our dedicated page Albert’s Shipyard in Spiritfarer. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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