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Recipe List and Cooking Guide

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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Cooking is one of the activities that you can do in Spiritfarer. Once you have created your Kitchen at the start of the game, you’ll be able to place ingredients in the oven and wait until you get your dish. Different recipes exist in the game, and they have different combinations of food that you can acquire.

In this page, we’ll discuss about how you can cook, as well as the list of recipes that are found in the game. It’s important to know specific dishes if you plan on improving the mood of the Spirits that are on board. After all, each Spirit has their favorite, and you’ll want to know which ones you’ll need to have ingredients in stock. So, let’s begin!

How to Cook in Spiritfarer

One of the first dishes that you’ll ever make is Popcorn, and this is requested by Gwen after you are asked to build the kitchen. In order to cook, you’ll have to interact with the oven and simply place the ingredient that you are trying to cook there. It will then be turned to food that’s based on the ingredient combination.

Place ingredients on the oven in the Kitchen

Once you’re able to cook a specific food successfully, it will be added to your recipes. You can then choose the recipes directly later on if you prefer. This is handy if you’re cooking specific recipes for the Spirits that are on board the ship. Once you have Atul onboard, you’ll be able to upgrade your Oven as well which lets you add in more ingredients.

Spiritfarer Recipe List

There are 93 total recipe items that can be found in Spiritfarer. Not all of them are edible as well, but it’s still included here. Knowing which categories of food available can be helpful since this can be one of the preferences of the Spirits.

No.Dish NameIngredientsDish SizeCategorySelling Price
1Grilled FishFish/CephalopodSmallPlain 35
2Steamed ShellfishShellfishSmallAcquired Taste 40
3PopcornCornSnackComfort 45
4Poached FruitFruitSmallDessert 50
5PaellaShellfish, GrainRegularExotic 60
6Lobster GerminalLobsterRegularFine Dining 70
7Heat-Treated CrabSnow CrabRegularFine Dining 70
8Grilled VeggieVeggie (Savoury/Root)SmallHealthy 75
9Plain RiceRiceSmallPlain 80
10Shellfish StewShellfish, Mushroom/VeggieRegularOld Fashioned 110
11Grain SaladGrain, Mushroom/VeggieRegularSalad 115
12Southern BoilCrustacean, GrainRegularExotic 120
13BreadFlour (except Rice Flour)SmallPlain 120
14Noodle SoupRice FlourSmallSoup 120
15Fish CurryFish, GrainRegularExotic 120
16Clam CakeClam, FlourRegularExotic 135
17Black CoffeeCoffee BeansSnackStimulant 140
18Apple PieApple, FlourRegularDessert 140
19BisqueCrustacean, Mushroom/VeggieRegularFine Dining, Soup 140
20Grilled MushroomsMushroomSmallHealthy 140
21BouillabaisseFish, Veggie/MushroomRegularFine Dining, Soup 140
22Berry PieFlour, BerrySmallDessert 150
23Pear TartletPear, FlourSmallDessert 150
24Fisherman's PieSeafood, FlourRegularOld Fashioned 150
25Cherry PieCherry, FlourRegularDessert 175
26Peach CobblerPeach, FlourRegularDessert 175
27Lobster RollLobster, FlourRegularFine Dining 180
28Crab CakeSnow Crab, FlourRegularComfort 180
29Shrimp TempuraShrimp (Bay, Black Tiger), FlourSmallExotic 180
30Grilled ChickenChickenRegularHealthy 180
31Veggie-pot pieFlour, Mushroom/VeggieRegularOld Fashioned 185
32Calamari RingsSquid, FlourRegularPub 200
33Tuna TatakiTuna, Savoury VeggieRegularExotic 210
34Hot MilkDairySnackBreakfast 210
35Mushroom SaladMushroom, VeggieRegularSalad 215
36Mock GruelSawdust, DairySnackAcquired Taste 215
37Clam ChowderClam/Hard-Shell Clam, DairyRegularSoup 235
38Shrimp CocktailShrimp (Bay, Black Tiger)RegularFine Dining 250
39Fried SurfShellfish, FatRegularPub 250
40Squid SkewerSquidRegularFine Dining 250
41Grilled OctopusOctopusSmallFine Dining 250
42MuesliBerry, YoghurtRegularBreakfast 260
43Cereal BowlGrain, DairyRegularBreakfast 260
44Rice PuddingRice, DairyRegularBreakfast 265
45Eggs Sunny Side UpEggSmallBreakfast 270
46Maple SalmonSalmon (Blue, King, Sockeye), Maple SyrupRegularOld Fashioned 270
47Fruit CandyFruit, SweetenerSnackDessert 270
48Corn BreadCorn Flour, FatRegularComfort 275
49Fish SticksFish, FatRegularPub 285
50Vegetable Stir FryFat, Veggie (except Potato, Mushroom, or Leaf Veggie)RegularExotic, Healthy 290
51Green SaladLeaf Veggie, FatSmallSalad 290
52Fried RiceRice, FatLargePlain 300
53LatteCoffee Beans, DairySnackStimulant 300
54Egg SaladEgg, VeggieRegularSalad 310
55Sweet CoffeeCoffee Beans, SweetenerSnackStimulant 320
56Pork ChopsPorkRegularComfort 320
57CasseroleGrain, MeatRegularComfort 320
58CorndogCorn Flour, PorkRegularPub 325
59Fried CrawfishCrustacean, FatRegularOld Fashioned 335
60French FriesPotato, FatRegularPub 335
61FocacciaFlour (exept Corn Flour), FatRegularComfort 335
62CakeFlour, SweetenerRegularDessert 335
63Meat StewMeat, VeggieLargeOld Fashioned 340
64PancakesEgg, FlourRegularBreakfast 360
65Surf and TurfCrustacean, BeefLargePub 360
66Fried MushroomsMushroom, FatRegularExotic 370
67Fried ChickenChicken, FatLargeComfort 390
68Cup of TeaTea LeavesSnackStimulant 400
69Meat PieMeat, Flour (except Rice Flour)LargeOld Fashioned 400
70CrepesWheat Flour, Milk/CreamRegularDessert 410
71Wonton SoupRice Flour, MeatRegularExotic, Soup 420
72Sweet YoghurtYoghurt, SweetenerSnackDessert, Breakfast 430
73OmeletteCheese, EggLargeBreakfast, Plain 450
74CandySweetenerSnackDessert 450
75Scrambled EggsEgg, DairySmallBreakfast 450
76Crême brûléeEgg, SweetenerRegularDessert 455
77FrittataEgg, FatRegularExotic, Breakfast 465
78Tomato PizzaWheat Flour, TomatoRegularComfort 470
79SchnitzelFat, PorkRegularOld Fashioned 490
80Cheese FondueCheeseRegularComfort 500
81Bacon and EggsEgg, PorkLargeBreakfast 515
82English TeaTea Leaves, DairySnackStimulant 525
83Cheese SticksCheese, FlourLargePub 560
84Sweet TeaTea Leaves, SweetenerSnackStimulant 580
85Grilled SteakBeefLargeComfort 600
86Garlic BreadWheat Flour, GarlicSmallPub 630
87ToffeeDairy, SweetenerSnackDessert 680
88Sauerkraut MealSauerkraut, PorkLargeAcquired Taste 700
89Beef FondueBeef, FatRegularOld Fashioned 775
90Onion RingsOnion, FlourRegularPub 1,100
91Homemade PaperSawdust, Household Gluen/an/an/a
92Questionable MealInvalid CombinationSnackDisgusting 10
93CoalWoodn/an/a 30

Spirit’s Favorite Food List

Aside from a Spirit’s likes and dislikes, they have food that’s their favorite. This can provide with the best bonuses in terms of increasing their mood, so having the ingredients on hand are handy. The list below provides the Spirit’s names alphabetically. You can refer to the ingredient list as well just in case you haven’t discovered the recipe yet.

Spirit NameDish NameIngredientsDish SizeCategory
AliceVeggie-pot pieFlour, Mushroom/VeggieRegularOld Fashioned
AstridNoodle SoupRice FlourSmallSoup
AtulPork ChopsPorkRegularComfort
Bruce & MickeyGarlic BreadWheat Flour, GarlicSmallPub
BuckTomato PizzaWheat Flour, TomatoRegularComfort
ElenaGreen SaladLeaf Veggie, FatSmallSalad
GiovanniBeef FondueBeef, FatRegularOld Fashioned
GwenBlack CoffeeCoffee BeansSnackStimulant
StanleyFrench FriesPotato, FatRegularRegularPub
SummerGrain SaladGrain,RegularSalad

We hope that this list has helped you out with the recipes in the game. Not only is food provided for your Spirits, but some of them are also required since they can be added to the Museum. Knowing where to ingredients such as Gathering Resources, Fishing, planting, and gardening can help you complete this list.

We’ll have other guides as well that lets you check other features of the game, so please don’t hesitate to check our guide menu. If you’re a completionist, make sure to check our other lists as well for Spiritfarer!

That concludes our dedicated page for the Recipes that you can cook in Spiritfarer. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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