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Gathering Resources and Materials

Spiritfarer Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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In Spiritfarer, there are different upgrades that you can do for your ship. The Blueprint Station can provide you with different facilities, and you can improve those that you have on hand. In order to start building, you’ll need to gather items, and there are those that can be obtained through natural resources, shops, and other methods.

In this page, we’ll discuss the ways that you can gather and obtain resources and materials. We’re continuing off Gwen’s request for creating a Field, so we’re headed to Mosstein Cove in order to get some materials.

Sawing and Mining

Once you have arrived at Mosstein Cove, you’ll need to interact with Gwen in order to know what you need to do. Similar to what you did in Albert’s Shipyard, you’ll have to ride the smaller boat in order to reach the island. Once you’re there, interact with Gwen and you’ll be provided with information on how to get wood through Sawing.

Wood is an important material that you’ll use for building facilities on your ship as well as upgrading. In order to start Sawing, Stella’s Cat Daffodil will be able to assist you with the Everlight which will transform to a Saw. Any tree that you can interact with can be sawed, and you’ll have to use left and right motions in order to bring the tree down. You’ll have to gather wood from the trees that you’ll find ahead in order to add them to your inventory, you can provide them to Gwen after.

Saw off Trees to get Wood

Lastly, you’ll now require some Rocks which can be obtained through Mining. As you head to the right side of the island, you’ll be able to find rocks that you can interact with. Your Everlight will become a Pickaxe and you’ll need to make it big first before you let go. Keep doing this, and you’ll be able to get rocks that you will need.

Mine different rocks for materials

Try not to hold the pickaxe for too long before releasing or else you’ll get recoiled. Once you have all materials from the island, you can head back to the ship. Don’t forget to interact with the bushes since they provide Blueberries!

Once you’re back at the ship, you can now create the Field by Using the Blueprint Station. Once you have set up the field, you’ll be interacting with Gwen and learn that you can plant at the field. This however, will require seeds so you will need to find them. Gwen will tell you that she knows a place where you can get seeds, a new location will be added to your map. Check the Map Projector and head for Hummingberg, don’t forget to Fish along the way as you sail!

Purchasing from the Raccoon Inc. Shop

Once you have reached your destination, you’ll be able to descend your ship and set foot at Hummingberg with Gwen. If you remember earlier, you should have received an item called an Obol which is used to upgrade Stella’s abilities. This item is used at the Shrine at Hummingberg, so you’ll be able to check on this later on.

Continue with Gwen and she’ll introduce you to Theodore. This is the place where you’ll be able to purchase your Seeds. Watch the scene that will unfold, since the seeds from Theodore are expensive at first. Eventually, you’ll be able to purchase seeds from him which you can use on your Field. There’s Corn, Coffee, and Linen which you can purchase.

Raccoon Inc. Shop

Don’t forget to interact with the houses as well before heading back to the ship. There are doors that you can enter, and there are items that you can get from the shining objects. Once you have all items at hand, you can head back to the ship and continue.

Planting on your Field

With the seeds on hand, you’ll now be able to grow them on your field. You can plant field seeds here, and eventually you’ll be able to create a garden as well which accepts garden seeds. Plant the field seeds that you have on hand, and you’ll have to water them in order for it to grow.

This means you’ll have to check on these facilities each day and water your seeds. If you pass through a rainy area, they’ll get watered automatically. Once they are grown, you can harvest them and use them as materials. Food can even be grown here which can then be used at the Kitchen to create meals.

Plant Seeds on the Field

Upon completing this task, Gwen will let you know that you can continue on. As the new Spiritfarer, you’ll have to interact with Spirits and have them on board. Fulfilling their wishes is vital since completing them will let them move on to the afterlife through the Everdoor.

There are a total of 11 Spirits that you can get in Spiritfarer that you can help out. However, you only need to guide 8 through the Everdoor if you want to finish the game’s story. Each Spirit can be obtained through whatever order you like, and you can help out all 11 Spirits if you wish. You can check our other links on our guide to see more since we’ll be providing information on how to complete the requests of Spirits before you can say Goodbye.

That concludes our dedicated page for Gathering Resources and Materials in Spiritfarer. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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