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Follow the dark path or use the light

Trophy Guide

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Trophy Guide

Here is our trophy guide for Resident Evil 6. Some of the trophies and achievements are dealt with within the main walkthrough of this guide. We have collated them all on one page so you can check through and easily see how to complete eah one... Good luck!

The Longest Night (Bronze)
Complete the tutorial.
Gone to Hell (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 in Leon's campaign.
Buried Secrets (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 in Leon's campaign.
Get on the Plane (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 in Leon's campaign.
Big Trouble in China (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 in Leon's campaign.
The Trouble with Women (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 in Leon's campaign.
Rescue the Hostages (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 in Chris' campaign.
Tragedy in Europe (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 in Chris' campaign.
After Her! (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 in Chris' campaign.
There's Always Hope (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 in Chris' campaign.
Duty Calls (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 in Chris' campaign.
Money Talks (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 in Jake's campaign.
A Revolting Development (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 in Jake's campaign.
Let's Blow This Joint (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 in Jake's campaign.
Still on the Run (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign.
See You Around (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 in Jake's campaign.
Green around the Ears (Bronze)
Complete the entire game on Amateur.
Normal Is Good (Silver)
Complete the entire game on Normal.
Back in My Day (Silver)
Complete the entire game on Veteran.
Leave It to the Pro (Gold)
Complete the entire game on Professional.
Check Out My Dogs (Bronze)
Customize your dog tags.
This can be done from the Play Game menu before starting a campaign. Simply play around with any of the options and exit to save your dog tag.

Titular Achievement (Bronze)
Earn 10 different titles.

Titles are acquired by doing various things in the game, like killing enemies with various weapons, melee attacks, follow up attacks, sneak kills and more. 

One Is Better Than None (Bronze)
Purchase one skill.

You can earn skill points by collecting them from chests, crates and enemy drops. You can buy skills from the Skill Settings menu in the Campaign. Just purchase any skill you can afford.

Mad Skillz (Gold)
Max out all the skills that allow you to level up.

You have  to max out all skills that has different levels. They are as follows:

Lock on
Rock steady
Critical hit
J`avo killer
Zombie Hunter
Combat Gauge Booster
Field Medic

Silent Killer (Bronze)
Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies.

Carefully sneak behind enemies then take them down by pressing R2 (PS3) or RT (XBOX 360) once you get up close. See the video below for more information.

Silent Killer

Finish What You Start (Bronze)
Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.

This is performed by pressing the action button when your partner is grabbed by a zombie. If you successfully kill the zombie, it is considered a successful coup de grace.

Bob and Weave (Bronze)
Counter an enemy's attack three times in row.
You can counter various enemies but the timing is a bit different for each. To do this, wait for the enemy to attack then press R2 (PS3) or RT (XBOX 360) at the right moment to successfully counterattack. Since you have to do this three times in a row, you have to attempt this against the slow zombies, preferably in the earlier chapters of Leon's campaign.

Down, Not Out (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.

Once you enter dying state (red screen), kill an enemy then survive until your gauge replenishes. Don't call for help to unlock this trophy.

Lifesaver (Bronze)
Help or rescue your partner ten times.

This is self-explanatory; just aid your partner whenever they're grabbed or pinned down by enemies.

Weapons Master (Silver)
Use all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them.

Some weapons are unique to a certain character only so you have to play as them in campaigns and kill 10 enemies at most.
Nine-Oh-Nine (909) – Chris/Jake
Picador – Helena
Wing Shooter – Leon
Triple Shot – Sherry

Lightning Hawk – Leon/Helena
Elephant Killer - Jake/Sherry

Shotgun – Leon/Helena/Jake/Sherry
Assault Shotgun – Chris/Piers/Ada
Hydra - Helena

Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifle – Jake/Sherry/Ada
Semi-Automatic SR – Leon/Helena/Chris/Piers
Anti-Materiel Rifle - Piers

Machine Pistol / SMG
Ammo Box 50 – Ada
MP-AF (Machine Pistol - Accurate Fire) - Piers

Assault Rifles
Assault Rifle for Special Tactics – Chris
Bear Commander – Jake/Sherry/Ada
Assault Rifle RN - Leon/Helena

Grenade Launcher – Chris/Piers
Rocket Launcher - Leon/Helena
Hand Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Remote Bomb

Survival Knife – Leon
Combat Knife – Chris
Stun Rod

Gun Turret

Give a Little Push (Bronze)
Knock ten enemies off a high place.
You can do this along with Silent Killer as you sneak behind enemies near ledges or railings and throw them off. See the video below for more details. Remember that these kills are counted towards the achievement even if you restart the checkpoint so once you find an ideal spot to repeat the steps, do so at your convenience.

Little Push Trophy

Rising Up (Silver)
Earn a level-four title.
Keep doing challenges until you level up titles. You can see the titles in the Dog Tags menu and the requirements to level them up.

They're ACTION Figures! (Bronze)
Collect 3 figures.

Stuntman (Bronze)
Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot.

As Helena, you have to press  L1 R1 (PS3) or LB RB (Xbox 360) to perform a quick shot. Kill 20 enemies using this method to unlock this achievement.


Bring the Heat (Bronze)
Take down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.
At the start of  Chris' campaign Chapter 2, you can attempt to unlock the trophy called “Bring the Heat”. This will require you to headshot an enemy at 50m away while the Anti-Materiel Rifle's thermal scope. See the video below for more details. Take out all enemies in the balcony and the one manning the turret.

Thermal sniping

High Voltage (Bronze)
Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.

This is done using Sherry's default weapon. Press the aim button and hold the attack button to charge the stun rod. Kill 10 enemies using this to unlock the trophy.
Zombie Massacre (Bronze)
Defeat 500 zombies.
J'avo Genocide (Bronze)
Defeat 500 J'avo.
B.O.W.s Are Ugly (Silver)
Defeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid.
You'll find more of these enemies as you go through the entire campaign. If you want to kill more of these cocoon-type enemies while farming a lof SP at the same time, you can do it in the research block section of Chris's campaign, Chapter 5. See the video below:

Research block

Covered in Brass (Silver)
Earn 150 different medals.
Heirlooms (Silver)
Collect all the serpent emblems.

See the Emblems section of this guide to learn the location of each emblem.

Secret Trophies

RESIDENT EVIL 6 Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 6!
I Spy (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 in Ada's campaign.
Counterintelligence (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 in Ada's campaign.
This Takes Me Back (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 in Ada's campaign.
Ada's Demise (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 in Ada's campaign.
What's Next? (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 in Ada's campaign.
I Prefer Them Alive (Bronze)
Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.

This is near the end of Chapter 2 of Leon's campaign. You have to kill this boss quickly to avoid further infection and save the two female survivors. This can be done in Amateur difficulty.

Don't inhale!

Flying Ace (Bronze)
Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.
This can be done using either Chris or Piers. As Chris, you have full control of the aircraft including countermeasures. This will make it a bit harder as Chris since you have to look out for enemy missiles. Unlike with Piers, you just have to concentrate on taking out the enemy's anti-aircraft guns.

Weapons specialist

Aircraft Carrier Emblem

Hard Choice (Bronze)
Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.
In Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign, you have to play as Jake to get this. You have to equip the Elephant Killer or Jake's default weapon, the 909. Once you get assaulted by a helicopter for the second time, make your way to the rooftop where it drops reinforcements and grab on the rope. Take note that it will only drop reinforcements after you clear out all enemies on the ground.

When you see it dropping down reinforcements, promptly kill at least two of them so they won't keep shooting you and make you lose your grip. Climb up to get on the cockpit. Aim for the pilot then press the FIRE button when available. If you're equipping any other weapon, switch to your Elephant Killer or 909 before pressing the FIRE button and execute the pilot. See the video below for further information.

Hard Choice Trophy

Sneaking Around (Bronze)
Get through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed.

Tip: You can restart the checkpoint if you get spotted!

After finding the passcodes to open the door and making it outside, use the grappling hook to reach the next ledge then open the bulk door. Quickly slide under the closing hatch to reach the laundromat. Continue upstairs and examine the window in the next room. There's a trophy you can get by not causing an alarm and killing targets fast and efficiently. Ada's primary weapon is the crossbow, which can silently take out enemies. For this part, you must run around the balcony before the spotlight catches you. Use your grappling hook to reach the upper balcony. Look to the left to find another emblem.

Aircraft Carrier Balcony Emblem

Enter the vent and crawl in the vent. Continue until you reach the end of the vent. Jump down and continue upstairs. There's a room with crates to the left. You can kill the guard there and collect the loot. Otherwise, you can just continue until you reach the bridge. Here, you have to walk behind the enemy and open the door without alerting it. Just move slowly and press the switch when the distance is safe.

Continue outside and jump down. In this section, you have to avoid the searchlights as you make your way to the next point where you can pull yourself up with your grappling hook.

Sneaking around

Once in the balcony, carefully stick with the walls and kill the guard with a headshot otherwise he'll trigger the alarm. Once clear, climb up the ladder.

Next, you have to enter the vent and carefully take out the crawling enemies with your crossbow. There are only two of them so just continue forth after getting rid of them.

Exit the vents and continue forth until you reach the next room. Approach the table for a scene. After that, you'll be outside again. Enter the next doorway then drop down to the lower level. Be careful since there's an enemy here. Take it out and before riding the elevator, check the locker to the left to find another emblem. Ride the elevator afterward. Head outside for another scene. At this point, if you successfully evaded the guards and searchlights without triggering the alarm, the “Sneaking Around” trophy should be unlocked.

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Out of all the online walk throughs ive tried...YOURS IS THE BEST,
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