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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jake and Sherry: Chapter 2

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Jake and Sherry: Chapter 2

Move away from the wreckage and climb up the ladder. Before finding the three data chips, aim at the top of the electric tower to find a faint blue circle there. Shoot it to get this chapter's first emblem.

You have to refer to your minimap as well to help you guide to the data chips' locations. Go downstairs to the right then head to the northeast path. Continue until you find a couple of cocoon Javo. Kill them then continue past the bridge. Continue to the south west to find memory device B.

Jump back from where you came from then make your way to the northeastern route. Don't attempt to slide here as you'll slide back to the base of the slope. After reaching the top of the slope, you'll find the memory device A beside a tractor. There's also an emblem in the driver seat.

Head to the southwest and cross the hanging bridge. Continue uphil to the north to find the last memory device beside a shed. There's a chest inside containing 4000 SP, as well as crates that can give you skill points or ammo. Loot them then pick up the memory device. Now you have to make your way back to the cabin.

Backtrack to the slippery slope to the east then climb the ladder up nearby. Follow the mine cart rail as it leads you to a small hole you can crawl into. Get inside and while sliding, grab the items along the way. You'll exit near the starting position. Just head to the northwest this time to reach the cabin. Kill the cocoon javo along the way then open the gate.

After the scene, take out the attackers as they come. Don't forget to grab the sniper rifle in one side of the cabin. Keep fending them off until the attackers blow the door open.  Kill the remaining enemies then ride the snowmobiles.

Keep your speed up and avoid the edges as you can fall over. For the first few distance there are some skill points so keep hitting the square button (PS3) or X (Xbox 360) to collect them. Concentrate on your driving and wait until you start hitting several ramps. Keep to the right to find an emblem before entering the cavern.

Avalanche Emblem

There are more skill points to pickup as soon as you enter the cavern. After reaching outside, maneuver your snowmobile carefully then press the action button as soon as you're launched in the air.

Eat that, avalanche

Follow the cavern until you reach a door. Open it for a scene. For this part, you have to avoid getting spotted by Ustanak. I suggest killing the bugs then hide inside the nearby trash bin to make things easier.  Don't fire at the bugs; you can sneak behind them and stealth kill them to avoid detection.

Jump down to the lower path and do the same thing. Continue along the path and climb the ladder first to find a chest containing 2000 SP. There's another chest in the far end of the chamber where Ustanak and another of his bugs is located but the time and risk to get it makes it inconvenient. There are a lot of other methods of farming SP points so if you don't like sneaking around, you can just avoid the trouble.

After getting the SP from the chest above the ladder, drop down the ledge and push the obstacle out of the way. Continue to the next area where more of those bugs are located.  First, go straight to the left and follow the stairs down to find a chest containing 5000 SP.

Carefully sneak behind the bugs to stealth kill them. Once done, head to the door. Don't open it yet; turn around to find another emblem by the frozen tank. Take note that Ustanak will come as soon as he hears the gunshot so unlock the door once then shoot the emblem, then cooperatively open the door afterward.

Continue forth and run away from Ustanak. Prepare to do a slide near the end of the path. Climb two ladders next and head to the door for another scene.

Grab the remote bombs to the right if you want then regroup with your partner. Boost Sherry up and have her sneak behind the ruins. Jake will place a remote bomb in the other side of the room then trigger it to get Ustanak's attention. Sherry will then check the body and retrieve the card. Backtrack and open the door with it.

Getting the mine card

After that you have to get through a series of heavy bulk doors. Open them quickly as Ustanak will start breaking them one by one. You'll eventually reach a drill tractor. For this sequence, you have to do the action prompts correctly to push back Ustanak. Continue to the exit and watch the following scene. The chapter ends afterward.

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Apr 17th 2015 Guest
Can't get past the bugs& big guy in chapter 2
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