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Follow the dark path or use the light

Emblem Locations

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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This part of our guide to Resident Evil 6 deals with all the Emblems in the game. Although you can also find emblem location details as you work thorugh the main walkthrough for this guide, we've also collated all the emblem locations onto this page for easy reference. Some are accompanied with screenshots, and some are with video. Good luck getting all the emblems!

Leon and Helena

Chapter 1

#1: After catching up with the man and before leaving the room to search for his daughter, Liz, search the storage room to find first serpent emblem in the game.

#2: After the event where you need to fend off hordes of zombies in the hallway, head to the second room and check the drawer there to find this emblem.

#3: In the railway stage and after the corridor where your flashlights go out for a few seconds, continue until you reach the next railway. Turn to the right immediately to find this emblem under the train.

#4: After opening the iron gate for Leon and after entering a diner with debris burning outside, the emblem should be beside the counter, by the wall.

Chapter 2:

#5: From the bus' fiery wreck, follow the trail until you reach the Oaks Cathedral sign. Check behind the tombstone nearby to find a serpent emblem.

Cemetery surprise

#6: Once inside the cathedral, head towards the altar and turn around. Look up to find a serpent emblem by the window.

#7: When looking for Deborah in the underground lab, check the rooms until you find the toilet.  Examine the sink to drain its water and reveal a serpent emblem.

#8: After sliding down the vent, you'll find yourself in a cavern. Follow the path and crawl twice. You'll find the serpent emblem to the left, half-soaked in water.

Chapter 3:

#9: As soon as the chapter starts,  head to the door but don't pull the lever yet. Look to your left to find another serpent emblem.

#10: After opening the large metal door using Ada's ring and after surviving the zombie horder, wade through the next flooded room and follow the path until you find a dry path. Check one of the closed coffins there to find a serpent emblem.

#11: In the cave with the elaborate bridges and narrow passages, continue until you and your partner pushes a boulder out of the way. After vaulting over the first obstacle, look to the right to see a familiar blue-green circle. Shoot it to claim another Serpent Emblem.

#12: After getting dragged down by the mutated shark and reaching dry land (Helena), follow the old corridor until you find a 5.56 NATO ammo along the way. Another serpent emblem should be beside it.For Leon, you may have to backtrack to this location by taking the ladder next to the broken iron gate. Just follow the bridges until you reach the corridor.

Chapter 4

#13: After driving off the spore zombie and updating your objective, go downstairs and turn to the right immediately. Peek under the opening to find a serpent emblem.

#14: After going downstairs to the cargo bay, take a look to the emblem inside the cooler to the right.

#15: As soon as you reach the marketplace, follow the path until you see a civilian getting attacked. Turn right in the first alley and search one of the rooms there to find this emblem.

Marketplace Emblem

#16: This is found in the marketplace as well. After finding the second key, you have to climb the ladder to reach the rooftop. Before calling your partner to boost you across the gap, switch to your sniper rifle and look at the billboard at the far distance to find a faintly visible serpent emblem.

Chapter 5

#17: Near the start of the chapter as soon as you enter the building to avoid the viral cloud, look at the shelves to the right to find a serpent emblem.

#18: After going through the same alley during the prelude, you'll finally crawl outside with an open truck and humvee behind it. Check the back of the truck to find this emblem.

#19: After surviving the helicopter crash and before moving to the next door, look at the shelf to the right to find this emblem.

#20: After defeating Simmons in the rooftop and the zombies swarm at him, you'll be inside a gate. Before climbing the stairs, go under it and peek through the fence to find the last emblem of the chapter.


Chris and Piers

Chapter 1

#1: After reaching the street and your path blocked by two humvees, you'll have to enter the door. Continue upstairs then look to the left to find this emblem.

Building Emblem

#2: After defeating the mutated J'avo and clearing the alley of gun-wielding J'avos, you'll have to enter another room. Destroy the crate in the corner near the stairs to find the chapter's second emblem.

#3: After reaching the fire exit, peek through between the buildings to the right, before the first flight of stairs and look up. The emblem is found perched at the top of the building.

#4: After rescuing the first two hostages in the 7th and 8th floors, you have to make your way to the 1st floor to find the last hostage. Continue downstairs to the 6th floor. Search one of the stalls there to find the emblem.

6th floor Emblem

Chapter 2

#5: While Finn is setting up charges to blow the train car that's blocking the path, head to white container van where the Javos are coming from then look through the window to the right.

Trainyard emblem

#6: (You must play as Piers to get this!) From the starting point, head to the bridge and jump across the gap to get inside the building. Kill the Javos inside and continue upstairs. Once you're in the vantage point, look at the upper part of the bridge to the right to find this emblem. If you're playing as Chris at this moment, you can't get the emblem yet so you'll have to replay the chapter later as Piers.

Bridge emblem

#7: After reaching the city hall, head to the left and follow the corridor to find this along the way.

Bridge emblem

#8: After meeting Ada, don't leave the room yet. Check the small room behind to find another emblem.

Chapter 3

#9: At the start of the mission, follow your team until you reach the red gate. Look to the left to find another emblem on a box.

#10: After defeating the helicopter and , follow your team until they kick open a door. Check the rooms to the left to find an emblem on the bed.

Apartment emblem

#11: After the helicopter chase sequence in the river, take cover and look immediately to your upper left to find an emblem from a distance, high above the bamboo poles across.

#12: During the car chase scene, you'll eventually run into an ambush inside a parking lot. Before destroying  all enemies, shoot the chapter's last emblem inside the bus ahead.

Bus emblem

Chapter 4

#13: Head to the right side of the hanger to find a helicopter. Get inside and check the cockpit to find an emblem.

#14: After damaging the bulkhead and going through the white double-door, look over the deck to find one patrol boat nearby. There's another emblem on its antenna.

#15: After climbing up the ladder and before taking the stairs, look under it to find another emblem.

#16: This is found during the aircraft carrier sequence and you have to play as Piers to get this. Upon landing, have to remove the obstacles along the way by planting explosives. You have to press the action sequences correctly to properly set up the explosives. After destroying the first trailer, vault over two obstacles then turn to the right. Before vaulting over the third obstacle, look at the tire in the corner to find another emblem.

Aircraft Carrier Emblem

Chapter 5

#17: At the start of the chapter, after triggering the alarm, crawl under the nearby vent. Once in the other room, go down the ladder to the left and peek through the large ventilation fan to an emblem on the far side.

#18: After powering the elevator and riding it down, open the next double-door kill all enemies. Before leaving the room, look in the ceiling to the left of the door where you came from to find another emblem.

#19: After battling the large B.O.W earlier, run ahead the tunnel. The thing you fought earlier isn't quite dead yet so you have to make it to safe before the bulkheads close before you. Refer to the video below. After reaching the double-doors, look at the floor to your left to find one of the last two emblems in this chapter.

Underwater Tunnel Emblem

#20: During the last sequence where you need to escape from the facility, destroy the fleshy walls using Pier's charged attacks. When you reach the third wall, peek over to the right to find the last emblem of the campaign. Head to the exit and watch the following scenes.

Underwater Facility Emblem

Jake and Sherry

Chapter 1

#1: At the start of the mission, as soon as you reach outside, let the helicopter clear the path. Go around the corner to find a doorway. Shoot the emblem on top of it.

#2: Once you're outside by the mountain walkway, follow it to the next building. Go around the corner and look ahead to find this on a metal pole.

Mountain Emblem

#3: After getting chased by Ustanak and landing inside another building, enter the bathroom to the left and grab the herb in the corner. Have your partner boost you up from that side to find a secret room above containing crates, a red herb, a treasure chest with 2000 SP and an emblem as well. See the video below.

Bathroom Emblem

#4: You should see the next emblem as you exit the ruins (with mannequins). It's right above the building ahead.

Chapter 2

#5: At the start of the chapter, move away from the wreckage and climb up the ladder. Before finding the three data chips, aim at the top of the electric tower to find a faint blue circle there. Shoot it to get this chapter's first emblem.

#6: You'll find this emblem in the driver seat of the tractor beside the FOS Memory Device A.

#7: During the sequence where you need to escape the avalanche via snowmobiles, keep to the right when the slope starts to have several ramps. The emblem should be to the right of the cavern entrance.

Avalanche Emblem

#8: After taking out the bugs in the maze-like area and before opening the door, look behind to find this emblem on a tank.

Chapter 3

#9: (You must be playing as Jake to get this) After escaping the white room, you'll be in a security room. Operate the camera and switch twice. You should find the emblem on top of the shelf in the corner of the room.

#10: After meeting up with your partner and getting your equipment back, open the blue door past the stairs and check one of the shelves there.

#11: After downloading the data in the comm room, attempt to exit through the main door. A tank will bust through. Take cover behind the buddha statue until it is destroyed. You'll find the emblem among the debris.

Buddha emblem

#12: After reaching the pond, run to the stairs and the tank will burst through the walls again. Find the emblem behind the stairs.

Pond emblem

Chapter 4

#13:  (You must be playing as Sherry to get this) During the bike chase sequence at the start of the chapter and after Jake catches you, you'll enter a slow-motion mode so you can blow up the tanker. Before doing so, shoot the emblem on top of the billboard as shown in the video below.

Billboard emblem

#14: After shooting down the helicopter, you'll be walking in the alley afterward. After a short walk you'll see some J'avo running away. Once you've reached that street, look to the left to find the emblem.

#15: After climbing over the ledge and falling down, check the area behind where you fell to find this emblem.

#16: After opening the bolted door, follow the alley until you find the next ladder. Before going up, peek through the opening to find another emblem.

Chapter 5

#17: After freeing Jake, head inside the chamber and shoot the emblem on the ceiling, near the vent where Sherry crawled in.

#18: After activating one of the reserve batteries and follow the tunnel afterward. When you reach an intersection, turn to the right to find a laboratory. Another emblem is located inside the glass cabinet.

Lab Emblem

#19: During the fight with Ustanak, just run away from him until you find a box blocking your way. Push it over and run along the walkway to the right. You should find an emblem in the corner, sitting in a support pillar.

#20: After defeating Ustanak, get past the doorway and look on the floor to the right to find this emblem.


Chapter 1

#1: After taking out the guards in the alarm room, you should find this emblem on a cabinet to the right past the stairs.  

Submarine Emblem

#2: After starting the checkpoint where you need to find the rescue sub, check  behind the pillar as you turn around the corner to find another emblem.

Submarine Emblem 2

#3: This is acquired during the sequence where you have to keep going up the ship as the water fills the other compartments. Continue until you encounter an enemy. (That's the only enemy you'll encounter in this sequence) The emblem should be beside the stairs.

Submarine Emblem 3

#4: After reaching the temporary safety of the bulkdoor, jump down then continue forth. Destroy the special BOW along the way then vault over the next doorway. Before moving forth, turn around and look in the corner behind to find this emblem. Destroy the crates here as well then backtrack to reach the ladder in the other end of the hallway.

Chapter 2

#5: As soon as the chapter starts, continue to the opened tombstone but before going down, look behind it to find an emblem.

#6: After opening the door using the Simmons Family Crests, don't head to the next door yet; turn around and you should find the chapter's second emblem in the corner near the ceiling.

#7: After helping Leon and Helena, you'll eventually reach several holding cells with whoopers. Head to the canal and destroy the crates there. There should be another emblem by the edge of the railing.

#8: Right after leaving the holding cell, follow the narrow path until you go around a corner and reach a short corridor. Here, a second armored BOW will burst and charge towards you. Kill it then jump down to the sewers. The emblem should be right behind you.

Chapter 3

#9: Once you reached the marketplace, check the accessories stall to find this emblem hanging on the wall.

#10: Shortly after getting emblem #9, you'll have to go through a building and to the streets again. After killing the enemy who gunned down the civilians, go around where he came from and you should see the emblem far ahead.

#11: After the bus stops for the first time during your fight with the chainsaw BOW on the roof of the bus, look in the front of the bus to find an emblem.

Bus Ride

#12: After the battle with the chainsaw BOW, get to the top of the train. After the airliner crashes, just continue forth and wait for Ada to use her grappling hook to get off the train. Before going upstairs, look at the bottom of the stairs to the right to find an emblem.

Chapter 4

#13: Once you reached the part where you need to avoid the spotlight, you must run around the balcony before the spotlight catches you. Use your grappling hook to reach the upper balcony. Look to the left to find another emblem.

Aircraft Carrier Balcony Emblem

#14: After getting the information, you'll be outside the balcony again. Enter the next doorway then drop down to the lower level. Take the enemy out and before riding the elevator, check the locker to the left to find another emblem.

#15: After seeing the scene where Carla transforms into a live goo, you'll be inside the ship. Before jumping down, the emblem should be obviously visible in the corner to the left.

#16: As soon as you jump down, quickly run towards the door then go downstairs to the right. Keep running and opening doors to avoid getting crushed. Once you've reached the part where Ada closes a heavy bulkdoor and there's a large face that will appear by the next doorway, shoot it to disable it temporarily then shoot the emblem behind the boxes.

Goo emblem

Chapter 5

#17: At the start of the chapter while providing fire support to Leon and Helena. Before dropping all the zombies, shoot the emblem at the back of the truck to the left.

Helicopter emblem

#18: After reaching the checkpoint, you'll have to fight a more advanced gunship. Before taking it out, look below to the right to find another emblem on top of a signboard.

Signboard emblem

#19: After the battle with the dinosaur-like Simmons, you'll have to protect some civilians on the rooftop. In the second building lies another emblem, to the left.

Rooftop emblem

#20: After landing the helicopter, use the grappling gun to reach the hanging platform. Before moving forth, peek to the right to find the last emblem of the game. Swing to the next building and open the door to reach the next area.

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