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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jake and Sherry: Chapter 4

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Jake and Sherry: Chapter 4

During this chapter, another emblem is only accessible by playing as Sherry.

As Jake, you'll be the driver and will take care of the overall maneuvering of the bike. You have to avoid collisions and the molotovs the enemies will throw on the road. The overall sequence is very trivial so you can just watch the videos below for reference.

Ride fast, ride hard

Ride fast, ride hard

As Sherry, you'll be the shooter. You just need to shoot your pursuers and let Jake take care of the driving.

Shoot fast, shoot hard

After a while, you'll be hanging on to the helicopter. Keep pressing square (PS3) or X (Xbox 360) to hold on. After Jake catches you, you'll enter a slow-motion mode so you can blow up the tanker. Before doing so, shoot the emblem on top of the billboard as shown in the video below.

Billboard emblem

For the remainder of the sequence, you just have to keep the enemies away until you successfully evade your pursuers.

Shoot fast, shoot hard

After the chase, find cover immediately and eliminate your attackers. The attack helicopter will be your main problem here but concentrate first in taking out the ground forces. Avoid facing the helicopter since you don't have any means of destroying it. Once it starts beaming its light to you, find cover or keep moving to avoid getting pummeled. Transformed J'avos with grasshopper legs will attach themselves in the chopper leave them for last then attack them when the chopper is not doing its attack run.

After the battle, have Jake swing on the armbar and kick the ladder down for Sherry to climb. Kick the next door open to enter the apartment. Drop down to ground level then make your way up. Destroy the crates to get more explosive rounds. Equip the Bear Commander and equip its explosive rounds. Wait for the chopper to get into clear view then shoot it down.

Continue to the alley and after vaulting over the second obstacle, examine the chest in the corner to find 2000 SP. There's another similar chest containing 5000 SP this time near the truck in the street. While crossing the street, check the cars to the left to find another emblem. Continue along the alley until you reach a door. Open it to continue to the next area.

Kill the enemies next and proceed to the alley. Open the door afterward and continue forth to the marketplace. More enemies will flood in so take them out. Attempt to open the door but quickly jump back to since there are enemies waiting there as well. Once done, kick the next door open.

Continue upstairs and open the chest along the way containing 4000 SP.  Once you've reached the top floor, check the cabinet to the left to find a Shotgun.

Climb over the ledge then jump to the scaffolding. After falling down, check the area behind to find another emblem. Fight your way along the street then try to open the next gate.

Next, boost Sherry up where the small flashing sign is and follow the bamboo walkway up. Jump across to the other side then drop down behind the bolted door. Open it to let your partner inside.

Follow the alley until you find the next ladder. Before going up, peek through the opening to find another emblem. Continue along the walkway then kick the next door open.

Continue towards the bus for a scene. Defeat the B.O.W by using high powered weapons. Just remember to keep your distance and evade as necessary.

Chainsaw BOW

Once done, go inside the new opening and proceed until you make it to the double-door. Destroy the crates and open the door for as scene. You'll have to fight Ustanak afterward. If you finished Leon's campaign, then you should know how to deal with this guy. You can climb up the container vans and push the gas tanks then lure him in. Keep doing this and firing at him until he goes down.

Not so indestructible after all

Drop down to the underground corridor and destroy the crates along the way to replenish ammo and skill points. After the scene, you have to take out your pursuers. Shoot them down until you reach the seafood restaurant's fiery ruins. You'll need to fight the chainsaw BOW again this time. Like before, keep your distance and take out the enemies as they come.

Once defeated, go down the ramp and take the other boat. Start the engine and follow the prompts to evade the fallen towers. Eventually, you'll have to face the chainsaw BOW again. After reaching the rendezvous point, Sherry will still be in danger. If you're playing as her, you have to resist the BOW's attack until you're saved by a familiar face. Climb up the ladder then open the next double-door for another scene and to complete the chapter.

Chainsaw BOW part 2

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